Saturday, September 26, 2009

A 93 Year Old Woman Salsa Dancer

A friend sent me this little video this morning, and I had to Google it to post here. This was fantastic, exciting and inspiring. A great way to start the morning and weekend.

~ Live your life and forget your age. ~
Norman Vincent Peale

A 93 Year Old Woman Is A Hell Of A Salsa Dancer ::

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


L. D. Burgus said...

My wife liked the comment that Meryl Streep used when asked about her dancing and singing in Mamma Mia. She said that there wasn't an expiration date stamped on her forehead.
I like the window scene. Those are impatience plants aren't they. You metal bird is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

She's fantastic! Has great legs too! Guess she isn't worried about falling and braking her hip!


LeSan said...

Holy smoke! Well that's all I need to see for the rest of my life. It is clearly not over till it's over. I have a new goal, to live like that.
thank you, thank you.

Alea said...

My kids(19 and 16) love ballroom dancing, so I called them to watch the video clip. They loved it. My daughter said, "that is what I will be like at 93". What a wonderful and inspiring video!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

OMG! I have goosebumps on my skin and tears in my eyes. She danced for all of us, not-so-young women. Thank you Flower Lady! And thank you for your kind comments on my blog!

Debbie's Garden said...

That was unbeleivable! She was so flexible!

gld said...

This video just made my Day!
It ain't over til it's over.....

Maybe I need to take up dancing!

FlowerLady said...

I am so glad you all liked this video. I laughed, cried, clapped, and hooted through the thing. She was/is such an amazing inspiration.

L.D. ~ Will have to see about renting Mama Mia ~ I love Meryl Streep. ~ Yes, those are impatiens, no longer there though as that picture was taken in 2007. We call our bird, shovel bird. Got him at a roadside place in GA in 2006 on the way to NC for a week's vacation in the mountains. DH picked him out. I got some lovely Corinthian windchimes at Toccoa, GA. They both bring back pleasant memories of a nice vacation.

Jane ~ She sure was something and didn't seem worried in the least. She's probably been dancing since she was a tiny tot.

LeSan ~ She was inspiring. I'll never catch up to her, except maybe in my mind and heart. I loved seeing how her great-grandson gently held her in the beginning. They were great together.

Alea ~ How cool that your kids are into ballroom dancing. Who knows, maybe we'll see them on stage one day.

Tatyana ~ I know what you mean. Her vitality and love for what she was doing brought tears to my eyes also. I was thrilled watching her.

Debbie ~ She sure is flexible. Me, only in my dreams. :-)

Gld ~ Seeing that made my day also. It made me want to get up and go, even if it was just outside to enjoy and work in my gardens.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week.