Thursday, January 29, 2009

More of our Cottage Scullery

Our cottage scullery January 2009, early in the morning with sunlight flooding in.

Here are some more pictures taken soon after we finished the scullery project in 2003. Things have changed since then, lace curtains, a new red microwave and other little things. We used a lot of curbside shopped pieces in this project and bargain priced items also. One curbside piece is the little one drawer, one door cabinet under the left side of the sink.

The hutch we found 'curb side' many, many years ago. Homes were being demolished and these were being put out. We have another one like this and a bead board one also, from the same area, they are both in DH's workshop. I'll have to take a picture of what's inside as I've changed that around also.

To the left of that hutch, you see one drawer, that came from across the street when they did a kitchen remodel. DH partially stripped it, to let colors show through, we like that look, and we put a found old enameled top on it and that's where my bread machine is. Underneath is a little area where some things are stored. Next to that is an old enamel topped metal cupboard, also found curbside many years ago. The sink is a double, older, enameled cast iron sink that we bought from a salvage yard for around $40, I think. The window over the sink we bought from a junk/tool shop, not sure what we paid for it.

Here's the breadmachine, with my spice rack that DH made for me when we were newlyweds living in Spain. He made this out of African Mahogony in the Navy base's woodworking hobby shop.

This is a Spanish water jug, made from clay, the handle was broken on the top, we found it on the beach near our apt. there in Spain, painted it the yellow of our cabinets there. The little cement chicks we bought at a local flea market many years ago here.

This is the north east corner. You can see some of my bird collection, ruby ware, and some of our many paintings that we've collected over the years. The aqua glass vase, is a beautiful piece or art glass with a huge crack in it, that we paid $1 for.

I love this painting of geraniums in a cup.

This is another favorite.
The birds and flowers are a raised material then painted.

This is the northwest corner. The small grandfather clock was DH's gift to me for our first anniversary. It is a wind up clock and he got it in the little town we lived in in Spain.

This is a watercolor of a flower covered cottage.

These next two pictures are of the shelves just next to the northwest corner. This is a sidelight that DH put into the wall for light, and he made the shelves to fit and of course I proceeded to fill them with colored glass. Top three shelves and then bottom two shelves. They no longer look the same as I've changed things around since these pictures were taken.

The next picture shows another cupboard curbside shopped from across the street when renters moved out as we were doing the project. Then next is the fridge space, bumped out into the pumphouse area. Just to the right of the fridge is enough space to store my ironing board. DH made the pull out shelf that is over the fridge.

Here are a collection of teapots that are over the entry into the scullery, on scullery side. A plate collection is on the kitchen side, which you can see in the first picture.

I will close this little session with the cross stitch needlework I made for my late MIL when we lived in Spain. This was one of her favorite prayers. When she passed away I got this from the estate.

Have a great day.



Sunday Girl said...

I love your "scullery", very creative use of space, I love the little shelves and your displays. I will have to incorporate some of your ideas--if you don't mind!

FlowerLady said...

Thank you and of course I don't mind. That's part of what blogging is all about, sharing ideas for living, and thinking.

I 'need' to take things down from shelves and give them a good cleaning. Dust sure does accumulate. Unfortunately.

Hope you are doing well.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Plant Lady said...


I love your scullery! You have done such a nice job in your arrangement of items-it's nice to hear all the stories of the object you have collected.

I notice that we have some similarities-particularily the blue "glass" objects you have on the shelf. I have the same type of arrangement in my kitchen window. I move the blue glassware from time to time to my mantel -always trying for a new look!

At some point, I will give the tour of my happy home and tell some of the stories I have of the objects in my collection. It's funny how people gravitate to some things and not others, isn't it?
The old saying, "One man's junk is another man's treasure" is very fitting! I have found a lot of treasures.

Blessings Today~
Plant Lady

sweet bay said...

I love that space -- so beautifully decorated and such wonderful use of every centimeter. :)

Sue said...

I enjoyed this segment of your scullery posting. You have gotten some cool used things, and are blessed to be handy enough to put them to good use.

I had put up a couple posts about things I collect, and meant to post more, but haven't so far. I keep getting sidetracked.

I recently dusted in my living room and took pics of a couple shelves that had "designs" in the dust from the bases of my flower frogs, but decided not to post those. LOL

Take care,

Sue said...

I forgot to say I like your vases and pictures, and I'm glad you got the stitched pic. I think the geranium in the cup may be my favorite, though. I have some old flower prints I enjoy.

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Plant Lady ~ If I had a mantle I'm sure I'd be moving my blue glass around also. We have a lot of 'treasures'. We just 'found' another treasure in the form of a piece of furniture that we are going to use in our bedroom, at least temporarily. I look forward to having our remodeling done and then I'll take more pictures. I would love to hear stories about and see objects in your happy home.

Have a nice day ~ FlowerLady

FlowerLady said...

Thank you SweetBay ~ Living in our tiny cottage, has been a challenge in using every bit of space in the best way. We are still tweaking and decluttering to make it even more efficient. Since the room was so tiny, about 7'x7', we decided to leave the studs exposed so that we could gain that extra space in the wall.


FlowerLady said...

Oh Sue that's so funny. 'Designs' in the dust, I have them too. It's awful how fast dust can accumulate. I need to do a good spring cleaning soon, so that everything will be sparkling once again.

Using found pieces that were destined for the dump is so much fun. There are so many things that get thrown out that are perfectly usable.

You have some wonderful collections, I saw those posts. Look forward to seeing more.


Marla said...

Such nice pictures, with all of your beautiful things.

FlowerLady said...

Thank you Marla. It's part of our little cottage, and it makes me feel happy.

Have a nice day ~ FlowerLady