Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Greatest gift a garden ...

Perhaps the greatest gift a garden can give us today is to change our perception of time. If we feel rushed and overloaded, just stepping into the garden allows the plants to work their magic and dissolve the stressful sense of haste

When the mind is relaxed and open, it allows our creative energy to bubble through, and we begin to experience new inspired ideas ~ philosophical lightbulbs flash, mental adventures unfold and solutions to problems materialize. ~ Author unknown

Below is a partial view out our bedroom window taken this morning, looking west. This garden is still a work in progress. It is my main garden. Click on the picture for a larger view.



God's girl said...

I love your pictures of flowers. I can't believe that is your view right now. I look out my window, and all I see is mounds of snow and slushy roads. lol

Thanks for giving me a little spring here in WI. Heaven

Sharon said...

That's absolutely beautiful :) I told my dear husband, whether it would be fruitful or not, I need a garden this year so I can get my health back. I'm just not healthy if I don't garden. I wonder how many people feel that way?

Thank you for sharing your blog :) It is lovely every day :)

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Heaven ~ Glad you enjoyed a little bit of spring during the winter. It is very warm here the past few days and we've had the a.c. on again. It doesn't feel like winter at all. This is the time of year when our gardens down here in s.e. Fl are at their best. Summers are brutal with the heat and humidity and the threat of hurricanes for six months, so we are enjoying this.

Pretty soon, you will see spring in all it's glory.


FlowerLady said...

Thanks Sharon ~ I've more work to do as the garden is a never-ending work in progress, especially down here where I am able to garden 365 days a year. Gardening is very healthy. It is great for our bodies, spirits and souls. No matter how small, humble, large or grand a garden is it will have healing properties.