Saturday, January 24, 2009

Loving where I live

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all doing well. It has warmed up here again, is right around 50 right now and it's close to 6:30 a.m. It is supposed to get up into the mid 70's today and that's great! For the most part my gardens survived our few nights of temps in the low 30's with a wind that made it feel like it was in the low 20's. We aren't used to that kind of weather, so it feels good to be warming up again.

I was inspired by a blog I read, I don't remember where as I've been reading a lot of them, if I find it I will add the blog addy later. The blog posting is Love Where You Live. The story isn't the same of course, but the end result, of loving where you live is.

In 2004 and 2005, we went through 3 hurricanes, Frances, Jeanne and Wilma. With Francis and Jeanne we were right on the edge of the eye with both of them, trees down, fencing down, without power not long with one, and around 11 hours with the other. Then at the 'end' of hurricane season in 2005 along comes Wilma who we thought we were going to miss, then she makes a right turn and heads straight for us. She was horrible! Of course, she was nothing like what the people went through with Rita and Katrina, but she was still a horrible storm, that people haven't recovered from yet. People lost homes, businesses, we were without power for 13 days. I was horrified during the storm as the winds roared over, we even had a little tornado go over and it is true what they say about it sounding like the roar of a train. It was different from the winds of the hurricane, in sound and feeling.

We did survive, we cleaned up the messes, and I started looking at real estate out of this state, especially after my boss treated my DH and I to a cabin in NC for my working for him for 10 years. I would browse through country homes and properties and saw some we might like. We aren't ready to move yet, as something would have to happen to make it so, but it's fun to look and see what's out there. It made me start appreciating what we already have. Recently I found a place and got in touch with the owner for more pics and info. We emailed back and forth, and they were even willing to trade, and wanted to come look right now. Whoa, wait a minute. We aren't ready to move just yet. Trading wasn't quite right, because our home would be worth more if we sold it. We emailed back and forth and then politely just told them we weren't ready to do that. (They had already had 50 or so responses and didn't take anyone's offers, etc.) After the flurry of activity and adrenaline flowing, we started to calm down.

Our little place may not be much in today's standards of living, but it is ours. It is paid for. We are close to grocery, bank, gas stations, home depot, p.o. etc. We've worked on our place, making it our haven. When we bought this place it was an open big lot with our small cottage sitting on it. We've fenced it in, built with permits a workshop, a storage building, and a small barn. We also have two small sheds. We have gardens. We have much to be thankful for and this little episode really brought it home to me.

Yes, other homes are larger, (which we could use as ours is only a little over 700 sq ft), yes the area is nicer with country and views, but this is where we are, what we have been blessed with. Just seeing places online, doesn't give one the whole picture either. We do not want to get into debt, we're out of debt.

We are getting older, people retire and move here, and here we are thinking of moving away. Not just because of hurricanes either, add over population of the area also. If we moved to a quieter area, smaller town in the country, we wouldn't be able to get all the ethnic cooking ingredients that I enjoy using. There would be other things we miss also, being able to drive 10 minutes away and see the ocean. I would miss gardening 365 days a year. We would have to learn about taking care of things for 'winter', so that pipes wouldn't freeze etc. Yikes!

DH's workshop is really nice. The remodeling we've done to our house has made it nicer too and we've still more little projects in mind. I haven't looked at property again since communicating with the owners of the other property. I feel more relaxed, more content with what we have and want to continue to work on our little compound with love and happiness.

~ Home is where your heart is.
Bloom where you are planted.
Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. ~

In today's uncertain world, we are doing well, with what we have. We are working on decluttering, rearranging, it's a continual work in progress. It is our haven from the crazy world that we live in.

I will close with the following from the book 'Simple Abundance ~ Daybook of Comfort and Joy' by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

"Today, no matter where or how you live,
look upon your home through the eyes of Love.
Walk around the rooms and offer thanks
for the walls and roof that safely enclose you and yours.
Pause for a moment to consider
all the women who have lost their homes
through death, divorce, debt, or disaster.
Be grateful for the home you have,
know that,
at this moment,
all you have is all you truly need."

Sincerely ~ FlowerLady


Marla said...

I like the photo of your house, I think it looks great. My house is paid for, but it really needs some work. Well honestly lots of work. I hope that when I get Pete's life insurance money, to do the work that we needed to do for so long but couldn't because of the medical bills and him not feeling well enough to do extra work, after coming home from his work. People have asked me if I thought about moving. I don't want to start again with house payments. So I will invest into sprucing this place up.

FlowerLady said...

Thank you Marla. Way to go with your idea of sprucing your place up. I think too many who have lost their loved ones move when they shouldn't. I'm glad to hear you are thinking of staying in the home you both lived in, where you shared love, laughter, and tears and have lots of memories. I think Pete would be proud of you.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Plant Lady said...

Good Morning Flowerlady,

What a nice post! I'm feeling the same way about my little abode here in North Carolina. We purchased the house a few months before we were married, moving in after the honeymoon. Mr. Plant Lady's job provided the opportunity for a lot of travel to far off locations and whenever I got the chance to tag along, I took it. It provided us some time away from home together, but after two or three days, I found myself longing for "our little cottage".

I have traveled a lot- to many cities in different states, but I have never had the desire to live anywhere else. Being "born and raised" here, my roots run deep! I have taken to heart the phrase, "Bloom where you are planted" and I havetried to do just that. When one is rooted down as deeply as I am, it is hard not to bloom. All my family and friends are a constant nourishment to me and God is my Provider of spiritual nourishment all of which makes me "Bloom".

Encouragers are always appreciated and I have found much encouragement from your post today.
Thanks for visiting and conversing with me. I consider you one of my new "bloggy" friends which I treasure.

Plant Lady

P.S. I think I will allow the beading studio to display my gourd art. Thanks for your input.

FlowerLady said...

Good afternoon PlantLady ~ Thank you for your kind words. They bless my heart. NC is a beautiful place to live, and don't get me wrong if ever the opportunity that was meant for us to move happened, we wouldn't hesitate, if it was the right thing to do.

For now, we go with the flow, and are thankful for what we have. We do not know what the future holds, each day is a gift from our Heavenly Father. May we enjoy and live each one fully and consciously in each moment.

Glad to hear you are thinking of considering the owner of the bead shop's offer.

Friendships made on line are treasures to me also. The friends made are more family to me than real family. I feel God leads people into your lives for many reasons.

Thank you for your friendship.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I LOVE your post. I can so relate. We also have a small house and with the four of us in it, we are squished. Most of my friends have nice big houses. We also considered moving a few years ago. But, this is our first home and my heart is here. We've also done a lot of work inside and out. It's close to my daughters school, and even though it's not fancy, it's perfect for us. I loved the quote from Simple Abundance too.
I'm glad you made it through all those hurricanes and continue to love where you live!

FlowerLady said...

Hi Catherine ~ If you can, pick up a copy of Simple Abundance, as there is lots of good food for thought in it. It's one of my favorite books to re-read.

This is our first home also. We got married in 1969, DH was in the US Navy at the time, we got stationed in Spain where we lived in an apt., until the beginning of 1973 and we came home and bought this house.

We had family and friends tell us we ought to tear it down and build new, but we didn't want to do that and certainly couldn't afford to do that either.

A fancy house does NOT make a home. Love is what makes a home and that's the important thing.

After our little foray into looking at that real estate recently, I see lots of reasons to love our little place.

Thank you for stopping in and commenting.


*** Kelly Maria said...

Boy! God has a way of speaking..and I believe He spoke through your blog right to my heart.
I have been going through all kinds of emotions about my home. Parts of me would like to move, then I have this sense that God has me here for a reason. Your entry made things clearer. For that I say THANK YOU, and give big cyper Hugs! xoxoxoxo

Beautiful Blessings~
Kelly Maria

*** Kelly Maria said...

Cyber hugs --not CyPer hugs.
Sorry typing to fast!!

Sunday Girl said...

I am happy for you, Flowerlady. I love my home too, I am just not able to have the other things in life that I want here, such as my little farm. However, I am making the best of my situation and am doing what I can with what I have. I am saving money and being hopeful. And I would like to say that reading positive blogs like yours has helped me tremendously to be patient and to believe.

FlowerLady said...

Kelly Maria ~ Thank you for the cyber hug. Hugs are very nice.

God does speak to us in all kinds of ways. I'm humbled that He spoke to your heart through my blog. I have been blessed by so many blogs I've read. They give hope, encouragement, ideas, and love.

Thanks again for visiting. Enjoy your lovely home.


FlowerLady said...

Good morning SundayGirl ~ I understand what you mean. Our dream is to live somewhere quiet with a view. It it's meant to be, it will happen in such a way that we will know this is 'it' our opportunity, so go for it.

Until then, I want to be content each and every day as much as possible otherwise I will miss out on all the blessings that come my way.

Hope you are feeling much better.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Sue said...

I would love to be 10 minutes from the ocean, but I am clear in Nebraska. I guess God has us here for a reason. I am so thankful to be living in this country. I just hope the people who are greedy and taking advantage of others will lose their power over others, and our economy recovers.

We just got our house paid for last month. You and I have talked about how our homes are not what people now a days are looking for. Our rooms are small, and there is no master suite. We also need to save money for repairs now.

I can tell this was written from the heart. If you did move, it would be an adjustment. I am sorry the area gets hit by hurricanes.

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Sue ~ Hurricane season is something we do NOT look forward to every year.

I also pray for our life in this country. Things are definitely not the way they used to be, and some of our freedoms are going by the wayside. It's kind of scary. We just have to live each day and ask for God's strength and peace to surround us and flow through us.

I've been reading different blogs and there's a trend starting these days, of people looking for smaller, older homes to live in. They are tired of keeping up with the expense of larger, more expensive homes with all the modern conveniences/toys/gadgets.

Congratulations on paying off your home. Doesn't that feel GREAT! We did that years ago, and it's such a good feeling! We are working on repairs and some remodeling and it feels good doing those things as well. Our homes are our little havens from this crazy world that we live in.

Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady