Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweet Songs of Mockingbirds

Oh what sweet songs the mockingbirds do sing.

Now that the temperature and humidity have dropped somewhat, and the sun is not blasting down from overhead, the neighborhood mockingbirds are singing so much more. It's a sign that the long hot summer is over and we are in store for nice weather for about the next six months or so.

These birds are very territorial so you don't want to get in their space, especially when it's mating season and they have their nests. They are natural pest controllers. They are monogamous. Their songs are amazing. Hearing them makes me feel happy.

Below is a video of one singing.

The sound of birds stops the noise in my mind.

Carly Simon


Defining Your Home said...

There is a regular pair of mockingbirds here. They are always out in the garden with me, but they never dive-bomb me or my greyhound (like they would a cat). The goldfinch and bluebird populations have exploded! They are everywhere. My favorite mourning doves sleep in my garden at night. The hummingbirds left in early October (good, but I'll miss them). The juncos are back already! It seems early for them. I saw a meadowlark on my walk the other day. The piliated woodpeckers have been quite noticeable in my woods behind the screened porch. Cameron

FlowerLady said...

Wow, Cameron, you have a lot of bird activity at your place. We have pileated woodpeckers also and smaller ones too. We also have mourning doves, cardinals, finches, blackbirds, bluejays, and maybe a few more that pass through. Enjoy all the bird song surrounding you. FlowerLady

Jean said...

Nice photo of the mockingbird. We have one who imitates quail. Just when I think there's a partridge nearby, the 'Bob White' call morphs into all kinds of twitters and thrills, LOL, and there's the mockingbird!