Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saw my first hummingbird for this season.

Yesterday morning I was washing dishes, looking out back into our secret garden as I did so. There is a firebush or hamelia patens planted in the hedge that surrounds this garden. Butterflies love it and so do hummingbirds. I get so excited every time I see a hummingbird. Only got one picture last year and it wasn't that great. I hope to get some good ones this time.

I need to plant more things to draw them to our property.

Here is the picture from last year.

A flash of harmless lightning,

A mist of rainbow dyes,

The burnished sunbeams brightening

From flower to flower he flies.

John Banister Tabbs
Humming Bird


Defining Your Home said...

Hummingbirds are here from late April until early October. I suppose they are visiting you over the winter? Great photo! We plant a lot of salvia 'black & blue' for the hummingbirds. Cameron

FlowerLady said...

I believe the hummers will be here quite a bit now since it is getting colder up north. The black and blue salvia sounds beautiful. I'm trying to add more blues to our gardens and to have them attract hummingbirds is an added bonus. I want to have beautiful gardens like you have created. FlowerLady

Sue said...

I very rarely see hummingbirds here. The one I saw this year was on my black and blue salvia. Hummingbird moths like it, too. I hope you see more yet this year.

FlowerLady said...

Thanks Sue. They are a real treat to see that's for sure. The hummingbird moths are neat too. FlowerLady