Friday, October 10, 2008

Another New Day

Good morning, it's Friday, a few minutes after 6 a.m. and I'm not quite awake yet. I'm sipping on my coffee, listening to the sounds of 'traffic' out front as people head off to work or school, plus the garbage collectors are out this morning. The birds aren't awake yet to add their sweet music to the mix.

I am still pooped from working in and around the main garden yesterday. I've not worked in it much these past few months because of the heat and humidity and it shows. Ferns have overgrown paths, vines have overgrown their boundaries and beggar-lice abound in all the beds. Beggar-lice have little tiny purple flowers that then turn into sticky little seed pods that stick to you like glue. I came in yesterday and DH said 'You've got beggar-lice in your hair'. Sheesh. They weren't that easy to get out either. Years ago we had a sweet little terrier called Pup and when he saw beggar-lice sticking to our pants he would come up and start biting them off and then shake his head to get rid of them.

This morning I may go back out and try to tackle the overgrown vines. Notice I said 'may'. I'm not getting any younger and things wear me out that didn't a couple of years ago. I try not to stress about things left undone and try go with the flow of each day. It makes life more pleasant that way. My gardens are humble, cottage style gardens, where everything happily grows together, weeds included until I get around to pulling them. They are not manicured into straightness and orderliness, heaven forbid. They are a riot of growth bumping into each other, spilling over onto paths, climbing fences and other objects, and make me happy.

I am trying to add more color to my gardens as I have way to much green. I love the purple/blue colors and am going for more of those. Have quite a few already. I need some more yellows/oranges also to complement these purple/blue colors. Have lots of seeds to plant and I'm looking forward to cooler weather when I can plant seeds for some fall/winter/spring color.

Here are a couple of pictures of main garden area. Below is the center path. I was getting tired of weed-wacking the paths so thought of laying roll roofing for paths and it works great and is pretty dang cheap also. This is looking north.

This is looking south while standing on the cement bench that is at the back.

This is looking into the garden from the east side.

This shot is looking down the west side path.

May your morning start you off in your day's journey
with hope and a song in your heart.



Morning is the best of all times in the garden.
The sun is not yet hot.

Sweet vapors rise from the earth.
Night dew clings to the soil
and makes plants glisten.
Birds call to one another.

Bees are already at work.

William Longgood

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Sue said...

Hi Flowerlady! I remember some things about your photos, and can place you better from Cottage Gardens. I forgot to go look for your posts and pics. I am having a little trouble keeping up now.

Your gardens are lovely! I never would have been able to tell what your paths are made of. They look good.