Thursday, October 23, 2008

Space Transformation

This project started the beginning of 2000. It's amazing looking back on pictures, because with time something new comes to be. We took down the old metal shed, ordered a new one getting permits for it and a larger one at the back of the property.

The old metal shed had a thunbergia vine with beautiful blue flowers growing up over it and that I had to dig up and plant somewhere else and it hasn't bloomed since. I am still hopeful though.

This is a picture after the shed is gone.
We also moved the clothesline pole, and the heavy cement base that it sits in.

Here is the new shed. It is 6x8.
The rocks are going to be a border for the garden
and as a deterrent to keep critters from going under the shed.

This is the back side.
You can see that we put an awning out over the door going into shed.
The rocks were left over from drain field work. We used some elsewhere and moved the rest.

You can see the other shed right back of property.
You can also see into the secret garden and the old siding on the house.
DH laid all the rocks. We eventually took out that metal section of fencing.

Here is a picture of the back in 2004.
We made a lattice ceiling and walls and call it a grotto,
where orchids and other plants are growing.

Here's a picture taken in 2004. We changed the color of shutters
when we painted our cottage a plum color, a year or so later.

The next two pictures were taken in 2007.

You can see the door leading into the 'secret' garden.
It is really nice and peaceful back there.

I will post more pictures of the door side of the shed
and some of the secret garden as well in another post.


The home gardener is part scientist, part artist,

part philosopher, part plowman.

He modifies the climate around his home.

John R. Whiting


Sunday Girl said...

I love this project. It is so neat to see the progression of things. You have a nice little area there and a secret garden, lucky you!! I love the idea.

Sue said...

That really was a transformation! You really have the area looking beautiful, not that it wasn't before. I kept thinking how I liked what I was seeing in each picture, but then when I saw the next I realized it was getting more and more full and colorful. It is so lush, and I do want to see more pics.

FlowerLady said...

Sunday girl ~ Start thinking about a secret garden for yourself. By the time you get your farm you'll be ready to create it.


FlowerLady said...

Hi Sue ~ thank you. It's amazing looking back at pictures. Sometimes we don't see the difference until going back. You forget and only see what bothers you now about the scene. Taking pictures is a great way to keep track of what you have done and when.


One Woman's Journey said...

Have enjoyed looking at so many of your past entries this early morning. At homes in the past I have had beautiful gardens now I am so excited about creating here at my country property.
Will have everything smaller this time. Cannot pick up the heavy things like in the past.
Your roses are beautiful. Never had much luck with them in the past. In my area you have to spray constantly.