Saturday, October 4, 2008

Coffee grounds for our gardens

Good morning everyone. We've had some rain already this morning, great for the gardens, and I don't have to move the hoses around to water.

This thread is about using 'used' coffee grounds on your gardens. I've been saving up the grounds from our morning coffee and have a large yogurt container filled to the top with nice dry grounds. Will be putting them around rose bushes, and sprinkling them into flower beds. From what I've read they are wonderful and there is nothing like recycling something that's good for your gardens.


Using coffee grounds in the garden is a great way to add organic matter to your soil. Coffee grounds are also a good source of nitrogen for your garden soil. Being naturally acidic in nature, used coffee grounds are wonderful for acid loving plants such as roses, blueberries, camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and even viburnum. Should you want to use coffee ground in the garden on plants that do not appreciate the acidity, you may need to add a limestone supplement.
Don't add too thick of a pile of coffee grounds or mold may develop. A nice thin layer of coffee grounds around the trunk of the plant is all that is needed. One more added benefit of using coffee grounds in the garden is that earthworms love the used coffee grounds. They will feed on the coffee grounds and in turn aerate and fertilize the soil around your plants. You'll always enjoy the rewards of using coffee grounds in the garden.


The link below will take you to the website where this info came from.
Using Coffee Grounds

I'm looking forward to seeing more flowers and healthier looking plants by using the grounds. I've read many places that you can get 'free' coffee grounds from places like Star Bucks.

Here's to happier, healthier gardens ~ FlowerLady

I have found, through years of practice,
that people garden to make something grow;
to interact with nature;
to share, find sanctuary, to heal,
to honor the earth, to make a mark.
Through gardening we feel whole,
as we make our personal work or art upon our land.

Julie Moir Messervy, The Inward Garden, 1995, p.19


Val said...

My roses always loved coffee grounds. And that kind of recycling/re-purposing always feels good. :)

FlowerLady said...

Hi Val ~ I'm just getting into using coffee grounds and look forward to having healthier roses, etc. Recycling/repurposing always makes me feel good too.