Thursday, September 19, 2019


 Hello Folks ~ As the title says, P U, which was my sentiment from an awful stench that lasted at the most 2 days caused by Clathrus ruber, which "is a species of fungus in the stinkhorn family, and the type species of the genus Clathrus. It is commonly known as the latticed stinkhorn, the basket stinkhorn, or the red cage, alluding to the striking fruit bodies that are shaped somewhat like a round or oval hollow sphere with interlaced or latticed branches." You can read more here. It looks like something from outer space. I noticed the smell first, which smelled like something dead, then started looking around to see if I could see any flies. Saw some and they led me to this pot of begonias, where the fungus had grown. You can see a fly in this picture.

Had this pop up in another pot of some other flowering plant last year. Not pleasant that's for sure. Scent is gone now.

On to something much better, avocados on my tree. These are really high up, top of roof level. They aren't ready yet.

Can you find Miss Tork? When I saw her sitting there like that I just had to get a picture. She's a sweetie. I have to admit, this is how my living room usually looks, lived in, and not ready for company. ;-)

Below is a felt heart I made, 3 inches wide by 1 3/4 inches high. Making 24 of these to give out at our last GriefShare meeting for this session. I really am enjoying making these as I've not really done any embroidery in quite sometime. I bought a pkg of fabric sheets that you print on, just peel and sew on. I had some other sheets, that you print on, then iron on, but you could hardly get a needle through the material so I tried something different and really like this. I printed out the heart shape with the words 'Love is Forever'.  Now that I am looking at this completed one, I think I will add a rose bud and leaves underneath the word forever.

Last, but not least, I was about to hang out some laundry to dry the other day, and saw this trampled weed and had to take a picture of it. I love finding hearts in unexpected places. 

So far, hurricanes are staying out to sea, here on our side of FL, hopefully there will be no more headed this way. Hurricane season ends the end of Nov. Hurricane Wilma hit here the end of Oct. 2005. Very late in the season. Praying for those dealing with flooding from Imelda, and those rebuilding their lives in the Bahamas.

Some rain is predicted and hopefully it will happen as things need watering, and then I won't have to pay for it, because God will have supplied it for free.

Well, that's it for now. Have a great Friday and weekend ~ FlowerLady


Nancy J said...

We had odd white fungi down here, like a round ball made up of strands, hollow inside, and it smelt!!! There is also a red one here with tentacles, haven't seen that. Love your heart, and Miss Tork, she is a darling.Hope you have no more hurricanes, and the weather stays calm.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your home looks cozy. That PU fungus thing was very strange looking. If your kitty would have been sitting in among the Teddy Bears, I would never have seen her, but the way she was perched on the arm of the couch it looked like she was enjoying posing for the picture.

I'm in Missouri and the bad weather and rain is expected to be here over the weekend. I think the plants need that extra moisture to get ready for winter.

Take care.

Junkchiccottage said...

I am glad the hurricanes are staying out in the ocean for you too. Your kitty is adorable. Your living room lived in look is even beautiful. Happy Thursday. Have a wonderful evening.

Ruth Hiebert said...

In the first picture Miss Tork looks like a statue. Love the heart you created.

M.K. said...

Your beading and embroidery is exquisite. I know those ladies will feel very special that you made them for them.
Your living room looks perfect -- kitty and all! It looks comfy cozy, and if I strolled in there I'd scooch your stuff over a little and find a spot :) Here's to hoping we are DONE with hurricanes for this year.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, what a pretty kitty xx Love your cozy living room and amazing avocado tree! What a strange little fungus, but so amazing. Love your little heart and I'm sure everyone will be so touched to receive one. xx Hugs,

Darcie said...

How amazing to have an avocado tree in your yard!! I would be having avocado for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I often think of you when I see hearts because of your fondest for neat to find the shape in nature!

Terra said...

Those hearts you are making will be blessings for each person who attends griefshare. Miss Tork looks like she is posing for the photo.

crafty cat corner said...

We have a bush over here called 'Privet' and when it flowers I just hate the smell. Tom doesn't mind it at all so why it should get to me I just do not know. Miss Tork is so beautiful and looks as though she knows it. lol
Was wondering what had happened to your needlework, please to see you are back in the swing again.

Ann said...

The fungus looks rather interesting but I certainly wouldn't want to deal witht he smell.
I love your stitched heart, very pretty. I'm sure the people in your group will really appreciate them.

pilar said...

What a lovely Miss Tork! That picture needs to be framed or painted. I agree, your living room looks even more welcoming like this, in its natural state and I’m so glad the hurricanes have left you in peace for the most part. Best wishes to everyone still anticipating more activity or recovering from the previous ones. I must say, you have quite an affinity with hearts! I'm trying to think... the only thing I ever seem to notice is cool cars:the heart-stopper for me being the Saab! But I'm not such a car freak to delight in them as you do in your hearts... Maybe I should develop an eye for hearts instead... oh I do love sightings of cats at windows. Oh cats! Well, all the best to you and many blessings : )

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yes! Hearts are everywhere. The best ones are the ones you see without looking for them. I have a theory about this kind of thing. For you, I think each heart you find is letting you know your husband is near. Now that I have said it, if you don't already, you will think of him everytime you find a Nature's Heart.

Wow, stinky fungus. Who knew?

Your kitty is posing so perfectly for you to take a picture. I love it when that happens.
xx, Carol

Vee said...

Very interesting and obnoxious fungus... 😣

Your kitty looks right at home and posed so sweetly for you.

The embroidery is beautiful.

Terry said...

Hi Lorraine!

Miss Tork is so sweet! How did she get her name? I too love finding hearts in unusual places, and I find them all the time! One day the soap bubbles in my kitchen sink made the biggest heart. It was wonderful! Your needlepoint is stunning! I am sure those who receive one with feel much comfort.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kit said...

Oh look at your incredible kitty! I like your place, I could just sit right down and feel comfortable. Your hearts are lovely. Nice to see you creating. Have a great weekend! 😊 Love, KK

Anne Payne said...

Miss Tork is so pretty and regal looking!! Love the hearts too.
Have a great weekend~

ellen b. said...

Yuck. Glad you figure out what the stink was from. Never heard of that. We have stinky days here in the country mostly from the cattle farms. We also know when someone hit a skunk or alarmed a skunk! Hope hurricane season ends with no trouble for you! Happy weekend.

Henny Penny said...

That fungus really is odd looking. We have some of the most stinking mushrooms. They come up in bunches and are dirty brown in color. Now that it's very dry here, the mushrooms have gone away. I love your living room just like it is and Miss Tork simply adds the finishing touch, She is so pretty sitting there.

Melanie said...

Ugh, that fungus looks so gross and how awful that it smells like something dead! How do you remove it? We are being deluged with rain in northern IL, so I've seen mushrooms pop up all over the place. At least they don't stink! I love the hearts you pretty.

BeachGypsy said...

Oh what a nasty old stinky thing out in the garden!!! Ive never had any of those here. Miss Tork is a beauty, she looks alot like my Beckie! When you get a moment will you do me a favor, you are so knowlegeble about plants, could you look at the vine covering that house in my post, about two posts back I beleive it was? Do you know what that vine is and the pink flowers? Thanks!!

GretchenJoanna said...

The fungi -- dreadful. Did you have to remove it to get rid of the smell? Or does it fade on its own eventually?

I'm so glad you are safe from extreme weather for now, and able to continue with all your productive crafts and work.


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear FlowerLady Lorraine - I found your wonderful blog through Debbie's post. Have enjoyed reading about you and seeing where you live and your lovely embroidery work. Ms. Tork looks like such a sweetie. I am a cat lover and dog lover.

Will be back to visit again soon. Plum Cottage sounds like a place that captures the heart.

Have a blessed day.

Cheryl said...

The fungus sounds dreadful! ~ shudder ~

Miss Tork . . . pretty kitty! She is perfectly posed! :)

Art and Sand said...

I did not find the cat until I moved on to the next photo!

Dewena said...

Your living room looks like the coziest of English sitting rooms, including the obligatory cat posed just so! You have your own avocado tree? How wonderful! That fungus, not so much. Rain, you need. Hurricanes, stay away please!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Ah, Miss Tork is such a pretty girl. She's sitting there so stately, like a Royal! :) I love your "real" living room and would love to curl up there with you over a cup of tea. What a lovely conversation we would have, my friend. You mentioned Griefshare in your blog post. I participated in a local Griefshare after my late husband went home to the Lord and it was a great help to me. It's a great organization. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Lorraine, and rain, too, God willing. Hugs, Nancy

Diane said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments. I went through several of your posts and enjoyed them so much. Love your cat, and your home. You sound like me. I still want to do all I can but some things are impossible. Good for you! The video you posted of the cottage garden was incredible. Too bad we're going in to winter, now all those wonderful ideas will have to wait till spring, Thank you for the inspiration. God bless, Diane

Unknown said...

Hello Rainey, hopefully you're doing well and enjoyed reading this post especially enjoyed Tork. Mennonite friends are headed to Puerto Rico to help rebuild; friends are just back from Texas and helping there as the flooding was tremendously devastating.
Your handwork is lovely and sure to bring comfort. Take care of you.
Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm