Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two of my favorites ~ another hurricane?

Good afternoon Folks ~ Boy Irene sure is a slow mover. She’s gained strength and I really feel for those up along NC’s coast and then New England. Now we’re watching another area that has come off the coast of Africa and there is a big possibility it will be the next hurricane. This is the busy time for the formation of hurricanes, and hurricane season isn’t over until the last day of Nov. But, we’ll just keep living each day, and keep watch on the track of this next one.

This morning I mowed and did some tree trimming, and when I came in my clothes were wet and I was bushed. I’ll be so glad to have cooler temps and less humidity.

The drought of the past few years certainly seems over. We’ve had so much rain that we’re turning into a jungle. I’ve got work to do, but it’s just too awful to do much outside. Even going out early it’s like walking into a sauna. I’ve got ideas but they’ll just have to wait until it cools down some.

Here’s the first of my two favorites in this post, the wild vanda orchids are growing like crazy and they are in bloom here and there all around the property. I love them. They are easy peasy to grow, hardly need any care. No pests.


Another favorite is the rose Climbing Maman Cochet. I bought her several years ago, and have rooted three new plants of her. I need to do some more as she is so delicately colored and her scent is wonderful. Plus she seems to like it here. She’s pretty easy to root too.

I have two in pots right now and the other rooted one that I made awhile ago is in my shed’s garden.



Life is not lost by dying;

life is lost minute by minute,

day by dragging day,

in all the thousand small uncaring ways.

Stephen Vincent Benet


May our days be filled with more caring about what is important and letting go of what isn’t.



Rebecca said...

It sure is a beautiful jungle you're taming there!

Thanks for the reminder to care more about what is important and to let go of what isn't!

Cameron said...

That's a gorgeous orchid!

We're watching Hurricane Irene. It's a big one right now and we're hoping all the of the US will dodge the damaging winds and rains... but, an inch or two of rain would be greatly appreciated here.

Take care.

Balisha said...

Oh, to have orchids blooming in the garden like yours. We are watching Irene too. We have relatives on the east coast.

Andrea said...

Oh you got a very beautiful header! I love that butterfly, which glides slowly but doesn't seem to alight on something for me to shoot. We have some species here looking like that. Have you seen my butterflies post before the last, try to peep, maybe you will like mine too. You are so lucky to have that vanda, is it really wild or domesticated before and gone wild! You are lucky to have it around, untended.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

The rose's color is very delicate and elegant!!!

Ami said...

Did you say those vanda orchids are WILD? Wow. Beautiful! The rose is beautiful too. Glad to know it likes our climate. Hope Irene won't make too much of damages to the NC and new England. Let's all hope we won't have major hurricanes come to us this year.

Karen said...

So good to finally have time to stop in for a visit. Hurricane season must be so nerve-wracking, I'm hoping there will be no damage. We had a very violent thunderstorm go through last night and were very lucky it didn't do any damage here, but with all the sirens going off in the two little towns west and east of us, it was scary.

I love your gorgeous orchid and to think it has no pests? How wonderful! The rose is beautiful too. I hope the humidity drops for you soon. Take care, dear friend!

Darla said...

Nice Orchid. That vine you gave me seed for is blooming, it has fern like foliage but the bloom is marining glory like and white? We are watching the weather too.

gld said...

Glad you are missing this storm.

The orchids are simply beautiful.

I am just not working outside. First not much to do since most things are way past prime and it is still too hot and humid for me.