Monday, August 8, 2011

Changed my favicon

Good afternoon everyone ~ Hope you are enjoying the many moments that make up your lives. Each day is a gift. May we appreciate each and every one, and grow in all good things.

My dear DH had an idea for my favicon, so I thought I would see what I could come up with, and I like it. FL stands for FlowerLady of course, and it is also the abbreviation for the state we live in. Favicons are really easy once you know what to do.

Boy oh boy did we ever get a rain last night. It had just started when I was writing my last post. It blew in from the west with strong winds, heavy rains, thunder and lightening. We had some gentler rains this morning and it is somewhat cooler than it has been.

We did our errands this morning, part of which was an eye exam for myself and the dr. said my eyeballs are healthy and she only changed my glasses prescription a little bit for reading and for astigmatism. I used my old frames as they are still in good shape, but even at that, yikes, prices must have really gone up since I last had this done. I’m glad my eyes are healthy though. That was good news.

Yesterday afternoon I worked more on my latest needlework and that felt good. I hadn’t done anything in about three weeks.

This morning I took some pictures after our nice rain last night. Below are the results.

This is Caldwell’s Pink or Pink Pet, it and Louis Philippe were the first roses I bought many, many years ago.


I am inside our screened room off the back of our cottage for the next picture of a caladium with raindrops. In the second picture, you can see the trees and screened room framing reflected in the raindrop.



Next we have a fresh bloom of the Dwarf White Orchid tree.



Here is my secret little seating area at the nw back corner of my main garden area. We bought that Victorian wire bench at a flea market many, many years ago for $10. The heart iron piece hanging above it was part of a chandelier I think we found curbside. The other painted piece is aluminum I think and another found piece. There is lattice above and Phyllis Bide roses are growing over the top from the right and I’m trying to get a morning glory type vine to grow up and over the other side. On the fence shelf is another little iron piece from an old light fixture and seashells.


Guess that’s it for now. I want to thank you all for taking the time to visit and leaving your kind comments.

I’m going to take a little break from blogging to do some things around here. Enjoy this month of August and I hope it cools down for all of you that need it, and I hope that you get rain too.



Rebecca said...

I really like this little secret corner of your garden. I'll miss your posts and look forward to your return....

I still can't figure out what you're talking about with your favicon. I've looked and looked and tried to identify it. Guess that's something I don't need to worry about right now :)

Happy August to you.

Bernie said...

It's a nice touch to add to your favicon. Love that shot of the raindrop on the Caladium leaf! It's great to hear you did get some decent rainfall. That's good news about your eyes as well. I guess that means you've got no excuses to neglect your needlework now.

organicgardendreams said...

Flowerlady, I love your picture of the Pink Pet rose. I have that one, too, and it is a nice feeling that we both can grow at least one same plant, even though the climates we live in are so different :-)! The photos of the caladium with the raindrops are great! Your seating area with the white bench looks so inviting. I could imagine to have a cup of tea there and read a book.
Thanks for sharing!

Autumn Belle said...

Flower Lady, I saw your favicon on my blog. It is very beautiful. This post is also filled with beautiful pictures from your garden. Enjoy your blog break. Miss you and (((hugs))).

gld said...

What wonderful pictures of the raindrops!

We got some of that today too. It is amazing how rain lifts your spirits; the 70° temperature didn't hurt either.

Enjoy you time away. I think we all need that.

Ami said...

It is nice that now you have your customized favicon. I should try that when I got some time. Enjoy your blogging break. We will be here when you return. Oh, your Caldwell’s Pink flowers are just gorgeous!!!

Grace said...

I love that pink rose and the water droplet on the caladium is outstanding. The orchid tree blossom is sweet and your sitting area, so calm and welcoming. Glad the rain has refreshed your garden.

Karen said...

I wish I could figure out the Favicon thing, I love yours! I will reread your previous post about the steps to follow and maybe I'll get it.

I love the raindrop on the caladium and all the flowers you shared, the dwarf white orchid is so beautiful.

Glad to hear your eyes are in good health. I know what you mean about prices, last year I almost fell out of the exam chair when they told me how much they wanted. I also love all your iron pieces!

Take care on your break, you will be missed. I hope you come back refreshed and ready to update us all on life at Plum Cottage.

Gayle said...

You are so right. Every day is a gift and that is something I need to tell myself over and over again.

Your flowers are so beautiful. I bet it is a joy to sit in your gardens. I wish I sat in mine more. It seems I do all this work and then never take time to enjoy it. Now it is getting cool out and hard to find enjoyable.

I hope you aren't gone too long. I enjoy reading about your days.

Lona said...

I really like the favicon. Glad to hear you got some rain too.What a great picture of the water drops.
The blooms of your White Orchid are so pretty. I love white blooms because they always look so delicate. What a sweet little seating area. I love all the old patina on the iron work.

Autumn Belle said...

Flower Lady, I wish to let you know that I have created my own favicon. Thanks for the link to Grace's tutorial. Mine looks a bit blurr but yours look very good.

sweetbay said...

I had noticed those little symbols cropping up beside blogs and wondered what they were. I love the blooms on your White Orchid Tree. They remind me of poinsettias. Your secret seating is so charming.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I so love the rain and I love the close up of the one magnified drop. Exquisite.

Take care dear Flower Lady (love that rose!)


Southern Lady said...

I love your pictures and the bench is gorgeous. What a find for ten bucks! Enjoy your break! Carla

Nancy said...

So glad to hear your yes are healthy. I just love your secret seating! I have never seen an orchid tree, and your bloom is beautiful.Don't overdue now in August. God Bless.

Sissy said...

I love your Favicon! Very customized!
I hope you too have a wonderful August with lots of rain for your wonderful flowers!

Masha said...

I love your seating area, it is so cozy. I remember Louis Philippe from your pictures, it looks so wonderful. You always have such good taste.

Skeeter said...

Now your secret is out :-) What a beautiful corner you created and with some curbside shopping to boot! A great recycled area to enjoy your spoils...