Thursday, August 18, 2011

No phone ~ therefore no internet connection

Good afternoon Folks ~ Just a note to let you know I'm taking more time off from blogging not because I want to, but because we lost our phone Tuesday morning, and when we reported it we were told someone would be out sometime before next Monday evening. This is our third day without. I'm at work right now and just wanted to send a quick note.

Hope you all are surviving the end of this hot and horrible summer. It seems like the worst one ever and I've barely had the energy or drive to do much of anything outdoors. I'm thankful for each day, but truly am looking forward to cooler weather, which unfortunately for us probably won't happen until the end of Oct. or into Nov. September's can be pretty brutal down here too, so summer isn't over for us yet. Although in September I usually get tiny little hints of fall coming and it is always a delight.

I've been reading, cooking and baking, and finished my last embroidered piece.

I love going to the library to see what jewels I might find in the books I choose. I walk up and down the isles looking at titles to see what might speak to me. This past visit to the library I found some good books, fiction, spiritual and for healh.
One book that is really touching my heart and spirit as I read is a book by Sue Monk Kidd 'When the Heart Waits'. For health there is a book called Optimal Healing, I think that's the name of it and it's about Chinese Herbal medicine.

Here is a thought from Sue Monk Kidd's book "One rule of life that keeps us from waiting, is the notion that we must make life happen rather than simply let life happen.

Waiting is the in-between time. It calls us to be in this moment, this season, without leaning so far into the future that we tear our roots from the present. When we learn to wait, we experience where we are as
what is truly substantial and precious in life."


The picture below is one I took earlier this year of my friend Nanci's orchids. Pictures are here in my folder at work. These orchids now reside in our screened room at home, 5 of them, and I hope they keep surviving for me.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Rebecca said...

The books you're reading sound interesting! I'm reading The Lady and the Poet while waiting on Paris Wife...

I've heard of MORE people having phone problems! What's going on?

HolleyGarden said...

The orchid is beautiful. Hope you get service again soon. How frustrating!

Debi@7Gates said...

You will have lots of things to talk about when you get things working again. Love the sound of those books. I try so hard to just live in the moment. It takes lots of practice.

organicgardendreams said...

Flowerlady, I missed your posts! Sorry to read that your phone and the internet is not working right now. Hope you get it fixed soon!

Kit said...

Oh my I would go stir crazy without my internet. Hope it gets fixed soon. We are starting to feel a bit Fallish here. The leaves are starting to drop on the Apple trees and the nitetime temps are in the 40's. Still hot during the day, but enjoyable. Hang in there. Kit

Jeri Landers said...

Oh Dear, I know how it is to be without phone and internet. We lose our power at least 5 times a year due to where we live out in the country. But sometimes, it is a blessing to be "offline", just think of all the good books you can read!

gld said...

I can recall the vague past when they repaired the phone lines within 24 hours!

Hope they get you up and running soon.

I love the quote by Sue Monk Kidd. When we spend too much time looking ahead, we loose the present completely.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hello dear, just figure it is your time to refill and wait!

The library is like a treasure chest.

love Sue Monk Kidd quote.

All joys to you,


Randy Emmitt said...

They must be bringing a specialist from India to fix the phone lines that is it. Hope everything is good before you take to reading more books than blogging.

Grace said...

i hope you get some relief from the heat soon. It would be nice to have your home Internet and phone service fixed too. Nice orchid.

Liz said...

Hi FlowerLady! I've just given you a small blog award over at my blog today, in appreciation of your writing and of all the support you've given me. Thanks for being here!