Monday, August 22, 2011

I’m back ~ Hurricane Watch

We just got our phone/internet connected this morning, it was a problem at the main office for Pete’s sake. Anyway, we’re glad to have it back.

Last night I woke up and started thinking about the possible hurricane that might be coming our way, and could hardly get to sleep for thinking about it.  We’ve not been tracking it since we didn’t have a connection, and the last we’d seen was when I was at work on Sat. morning.  We checked first thing after being connected, and YIKES! Hopefully, she’ll make a northeasterly turn but who knows.  All of us on the east coast will be watching Irene.  It was the first time to see M as one of the symbols.  They’ve always said H before.  M means Major with winds of at least 110.  Wilma blasted us with maximum sustained winds of 110 for hours and I was scared I can tell you that.  Our 4 felines have never been through a hurricane, all being born since Wilma.  They’re going to freak if she blasts us, instead of skirting us.

We filled up jugs with water this morning and stuck them in the freezer in case we lose power, we’ll at least have some ice to keep things for a bit.

My stomach is doing rumbles and my mind is remembering Frances, Jeanne and Wilma, the three hurricanes that we went through within 16 months. Frances and Jeanne were back to back like a week or so.  Wilma was at the end of Oct. almost the end of hurricane season in 2005.

We will have to batten down the hatches, especially is Irene looks like she might hit us.  We’ll be putting up our homemade hurricane shutters which DH cut heart cuts outs into so that we’d be able to see out. They’re made of different bits of plywood etc. that we had on hand and used.  We have them so we can bolt them to the windows. We have them all marked as to where they go. It is a lot of work and I don’t look forward to it.  But alas.

I am embarrassed to admit I am afraid, especially since I believe God takes care of us.  But, I’m human and err every day.

Do keep the east coast and even the islands south of us in your thoughts and prayers.

We keep having rain and more rain, so are definitely not in drought conditions any longer. We should get a LOT from Irene also, even if she skirts us.

Ok, here are three pics, this first one is one of my passion flower vine blooms.  I just love these flowers.


Here is spiderwort.


I took a pic of myself in this mirrored piece that DH curbside shopped across the street when people moved out. It does have a couple of chips on edges, but is pretty neat looking anyway.  It is supposed to hang horizontal.  We do NOT have any walls big enough in the house for this, not sure what we are going to do with it. The pieces of mirror have beveled edges, and are glued to a piece of thin interior plywood. I’m hoping they will fall off, so that I can have individual pieces of mirror to hang here and there.  Right now they are stuck tight.


That’s it for now.  It’s time to get some lunch.

I’ll post again later.  Just wanted to let you know we’re back online.  I called the phone co. and we got a whopping $6.95 credit for not having service for 6 days.

Hope you are all doing well.



Sunray Gardens said...

I do hope the hurricane turns before it gets to you. The Passion Flower is gorgeous.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...It is getting to be the peak time for hurricanes. Hopefully, she'll skirt the east coast. It does look like Charleston might be in for some action though. Love your purple flowers!

L. D. Burgus said...

Fear is healthy when you are respecting the power of the storm. I hope it does turn. I have seen gardens where mirrors were a part of garden spaces. Your flowers look wonderful and do take care.

NellJean said...

Seal the back and hang that mirror on a fence after the hurricane threat passes. You can get nice mirror pieces at the dollar store, they're used under candles and that's the department you find them in.

Jean said...

It pays to be protected during a hurricane! There are many who have lost their lives but not taking precautions. I hope that it does not hit the US. I would suggest putting the cats in their carriers...and put in a safe place with you. Your passionflower is beautiful. I have one but it has never bloomed and I want it to!! Isn't spiderwort the happiest little flower?
Good luck on the will be in our prayers!

Rebecca said...

I am praying for your safety and protection, and energy and wisdom to make/take appropriate precautions.

Not to fear would be quite unnatural. Even with our Supernatural Heavenly Father, we are not rid of our human natures, are we?

Val said...

You guys will be in my thoughts, FlowerLady. And being scared is human. Love you.

organicgardendreams said...

Dear FlowerLady, I really hope that Irene will spare you and all the others on the East coast. Don't not feel guilty because you are scared of a hurricane, I think everyone would be. It is just human. I never get tired of seeing pictures of your passion flowers and the spiderwort has such a lovely shade of blue, too. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts!

Gayle said...

Funny how you could be late on paying your bill and they wouldn't hesitate to charge a fee, but when they don't provide their service they aren't going to compensate you fairly. Life is sure off-balance.

I'm so sorry about the storms. I'm not sure I could live like that. I'm a worrier anyhow and an impending storm would send me over the edge with the stress of the unknown. I hope you get things battened up fairly easy and end up not really needing it. Here's to more sunny days soon.

Darcie said...

Dearest Flowerlady,

We all will be praying for you, and your safety. I know it's hard not to worry in times like you said you are human. Thanks for the gift of your beautiful flower pictures...always lightens my day. Stay safe.

Elephant's Eye said...

A hurricane is something you are entitled to be afraid of, I'm afraid just of the word.
I've missed a bit here, last seen you were out of work. Now it seems you are back at work. I'm so glad!
Stay safe.

lemonverbenalady said...

Keeping our fingers crossed in the north that you in the south don't get a visit from Irene! Loved the pics of your flowers as always! Take good care. Stay safe!

Autumn Belle said...

I'm glad to have you back here connected with us. I hope and pray that the hurricane will not cause damages to lives and property. Stay save, Flower Lady and may the coming days be as beautiful as the passion flower for you and your DH.

Sandy said...

Praying for your safety and
protection as you watch and wait.
May God speak peace to you and
your husband and to the storms
and send them out to sea.
Love & Hugs,

Denimflyz said...

You are in my thoughts. I pray you will be spared the storm, but get the rain that unfortunatly come with storms.
Please take care my dear friend.
Battan down your hatches, as my dad would say from his Navy days.

NanaK said...

Sure hoping that storm turns out into the Atlantic where all hurricanes belong! That mirrored piece is quite unusual. I think it would look great in the garden reflecting all the beauty you have planted there.

Stacy said...

Sending prayers and peace your way. Hold tight to your hubby and your faith! We'll keep you in our prayers.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Oh gosh I can certainly understand why you would be afraid after going through those 3 hurricanes way back then. Those shutters your husband made sound wonderful and they should help keep your windows protected...that's a great idea! I'm afraid we don't have hurricanes here and we certainly wouldn't have time to put shutters on if there was a tornado coming but I bet they'd help as long as the tornado wasn't going to hit us dead on! That's too bad you lost internet for so long but at least you're up and running now and you can keep an eye on that hurricane. Good luck to you and your family and we will be watching to see how you made out. Take care!
Maura :)

Kit said...

Keeping you in my thoughts with the hurricane coming. Batten the hatches! Kit

emily wierenga said...

i love your transparency, friend, and am praying God's angels around you...

Darla said...

We are watching the weather too. Daughter is in Daytona Beach....

gld said...

I have been worrying about you all.
I heard on the weather this morning more about the hurricane. I sure hope it misses everyone! How smart to have the shutters ready to go.

That is a very interesting picture of you reflected! You do have an 'eye' for things.

As always the flower pictures are spectacular.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

shadesofidaho said...

Prayers for you. Just saw on the news about your weather. Hope it makes a big turn and stays out to sea. What a great way to start the season. NOT. Great idea on the water jugs in the freezer. Please keep us posted as you can. Hugs XOXOXO Chris

sweetbay said...

Who wouldn't be scared of a hurricane?? I wasn't too happy to see Irene's path either. I hope she stays away... far, far away..

Gorgeous picture of the passionflower!