Friday, August 26, 2011

Embarrassing Gardens

This morning I decided to show you all how my gardens are looking at this time. After a summer of no energy and no ambition with all the heat and humidity, then a LOT of rain, weeds, and rapid growth have turned it all into a jungle.

After Irene’s passing us yesterday afternoon to the east of us, we still have winds this morning, and I noticed a hint of fall in the air. Just a hint mind you as we’ve still the month of September to go through, which will still be hot and humid. I was itching to get out and work some, but I’m working at my job again today and don’t feel like getting into garden mode.

I’m embarrassed to show these pics, but it is what it is. I do look forward to working in these areas soon.

Some of you may just want to pass this post up, as it is NOT full of pretty flowers.

Although, this first shot I couldn’t resist. A cluster of the Vanda Miss Joaquim “Agnes”.


Now for the embarrassing stuff.

The first picture is of the back garden. Yikes.


This is the garden that is west of the picket fence garden area, and as you can see where I hang out the laundry also. They Gypsy Wagon work has been on hold also.



My shed garden’s path is almost non-existent. I started the other day then rain happened and I didn’t finish.


This is the path that goes across the front inside the hedgerow. The gate to the street is on the right side. Orchids are hanging out into the path, along with other vining material. Smile


What an overgrown mess this all is. Sheesh.







Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all this, I’m actually looking forward to tackling it all and getting it back into some semblance of gardens.

I hope you all will still come back to visit after seeing this disgusting bit of disarray.



"What dreadful hot weather we have!
It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance."
Jane Austen


Darla said...

You are not alone with overgrown gardens right now. I'm waiting on a slight cool down before I tackle any outside jobs....

Lona said...

Like Darla said you are not alone with the gardening sore spots. My garden has been a disaster this year and I am ready to just start all over with spring again and forget this whole summer. LOL! The heat has stressed the gardens and me this year and I have just not been in it like I should have.Yoursummer has been a whole lot hotter than ours too. I am at the point of just throwing my hands up and cutting most of it down for the summer.Time to do those moves anyway. LOL! This has been the worst year for my container plants and roses also. Glad you escaped the brunt of Irene. I wish it would turn right and go out to sea for those along the coast.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Skeeter said...

It does not take long for the weeds to take over. I am just finised with the last garden weeding then it is time to start all over again. A never ending things they pesky weeds.....

Ami said...

Don't need to be embarrassed. I am in the same wagon :) With school started, now I even have less time in the garden, my garden is now a jungle too! Good luck and take your time. It is still very hot out there.

Stacy said...

Never fear... spring will be here before you know it and we'll be back living out our gardening dreams!

Nice of you to share though... makes us all realize that we're not the only ones with less than perfect gardens! :)

Susan said...

Hey Flowerlady...No need to worry as I think we can all relate to this post. It seems like the garden just has a way of getting out of control once August arrives. I started my clean=up project this week in the front yard. So glad Irene missed us!

Val said...

You post just shows what what a garden set-aside-awhile a bit due to a job and the rest of life looks like and what a great thing rain can be--and that's a GOOD thing. :) It reminds me of the "Thank God for Dirty Dishes" poem, do you know it? My grandmother always had it on her wall above the kitchen sink. "Thank God for dirty dishes--They have a tale to tell: While other folks go hungry, we're eating very well...." :) Maybe if you look at a slightly overgrown garden the same way, you'll feel better. :)

Southern Lady said...

I'm glad to know that I am not alone in the overgrowth department. I am waiting for cooler weather to get out there and do something about it! Carla

organicgardendreams said...

FlowerLady, thanks for a brave honest to the bones, showing it as it is garden post! I actually like your garden jungle a lot. It is romantic, wild, natural, and very lush and green, and has so much character. The Vanda orchid is absolutely gorgeous!
PS.I am so glad the Irene spared you!

Antique ART Garden said...

Mine's mess too. Who wants to work out on the high 90's-100's , high humidity and mosquitoes that we have ? I'm going to hire my 25 yr. old son to help me soon get this garden in shape. Good luck, we are hot until October, like you, take care ! Gina

Bernie said...

Don't be embarrassed! My garden looks so so similar after a horrid wet season. When the torrential rains hit and I can't get outside for weeks on end, the garden looks like an overgrown jungle! Like you, I rather enjoy the task of getting in and clearing it all out.

NanaK said...

Well, you now know that you are in a lot of good company with the overgrown gardens. It has been just too hot to do much but as you say, there is a hint of fall in the air. I look at all my jungle and am thankful that it is there because in December I wasn't sure it would be. Enjoy the anticipation of getting back to it.

gld said...

I loved this! Thank you. I need to know not everyone in the world is keeping a pristine garden. I finally tackled a weed filled bed and felt so good about it.

I think yours looks very good; at least it is green!

Shirley @ The Gardening Life said...

Well, one thing for sure is your garden is very lush. With your great attitude and green thumb you'll have it in great shape in no time! Happy Gardening!

Thanks for visiting today! I love the company!

Jeri Landers said...

Oh, I got outside the other day and pulled and pulled and pulled weeds. I had a truckload when I was finished and my poor gardens looked naked! The gardens have really been neglected in this heat.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I have no overgrowth in this new garden. It looks rather empty at the moment.
I liked your images.
Looks very natural.
Do not like a severe
groomed garden :)

Sissy said...

We're all in this together! You never have anything to be ashamed about with your friends!
You have such a good attitude about it, saying you're looking forward to cooler weather when you can get out and get some work done.
An hour or two of weed pullin looks like all it would take, especially easy after the rain, in the cooler weather. I am glad Irene missed you.

HolleyGarden said...

You're not alone when you say you've been unmotivated by all the heat this year. Parts of my garden are embarrassing, too. I loved that you said you were not overwhelmed, but looking forward to tackling it. I know once I get out there, I'll feel the same way. Now, if only we could get a day or two under 100 degrees!

sweetbay said...

You know what, sometimes it's just too darned HOT to keep up with the gardens. And that's a fact!

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

I have garden sore spots aswell. I've just finished tackling the biggest sore spot with plants that had outgrown their boundaries but my front garden needs alot of clearing aswell. It will be great to look back on the before and after pictures.

Karen said...

Oh, not to worry about weeds, it hasn't been all that hot here for quite awhile and we have weeds everywhere. I'm always amazed at their capacity to just take over and so fast, too! I'm glad Hurricane Irene spared you any damage, I hope it just goes back out to sea and leaves everyone alone.

shadesofidaho said...

Whelp I am right in there with you only mine is struggling from grass hoppers eating it down. Course they leave the weeds behind. Wonder why that is?? ARGH!!

I pulled a huge cart load of weeds a couple weeks ago and need to do it again.

We are on the other end with hot and dry. Can barely keep up with the watering. Your yard looks cool and lush to me. I would love orchids drooping into my walk ways and ferns growing like weeds along my paths. Oh Wait I do not have paths. Only in my dreams. LOL

Hugs dear and so glad you are ok from the hurricane.


Anonymous said...

What a refreshing post. . . gardening isn't all about the perfectly manicured beds and your post is perfect! It's always a work in progress - sometimes better left to cooler weather!

cheri said...

Are you serious? I LOVE this overgrown garden! It is gothic and gorgeous and romantic! cheri