Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Cold at Plum Cottage

Good Wednesday morning Folks ~ Well, for the first time in about 3 years, it is really cold down here in s.e. FL.  It got down to 40F last night and with the wind chill factor it felt like it was 27F. When I went out at a little after 7 to head to my little job, it was 40 and felt like 28. It was a 'shock' to my system to say the least. I'm back home and the temp now at around 10 is 44 and feels like it is 35. I haven't gotten my heater out yet, just have a small burner on stove between low - medium to take the chill out. Place is small and it is supposed to only go down into the high 60's tonight. Tomorrow's high is predicted to be in the high 70's. It is very windy, wind chimes have been making music since yesterday. Some rain is coming this way from the northeast, maybe we'll get it, maybe not. It is partly cloudy with some sunshine at the moment. I've got socks on, jeans, a t shirt and flannel shirt too. 

Had lunch and a nap, edited photos. It is now 4:10 p.m. right now the temp is 63F and real feel is 58F. So, it has warmed up, still windy, no rain has happened yet. Winds are supposed to calm down by this evening.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy. The first two were taken on a cloudy morning I think and both sets of blooms are about 8-10 feet high.

A sweet little rose I bought last year, growing like crazy with lots of blooms.

Not sure which rose this one below is. It's fading, but still pretty.

This is either Don Juan or Mr. Lincoln, lost the tag, had both.

 Below is a shrimp plant, a volunteer.

This is 'Yesterday, today, and tomorrow'.

Next we have, Batface, kind of ugly/pretty and fascinating at the same time.

This is a knockout rose, I have two of these, same color and they are great bloomers.

I'm not sure what the name of this  fading rose is. 

'Blue Sage' an old favorite, a Florida native, that I've had for many, many years now. I love the blues and purples of these flowers.

These roses are 'carpet' roses. They are so happy and sweet looking.

 This is an unfurling 'Hugs-n-kisses' hibiscus.

This is 'Mom-of-millions', it spreads by just a tiny leaflet of this plant falling to the ground.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you are all well. 

Love, hugs & prayers,


Junkchiccottage said...

Wow you are really cold. I have to laugh because when we have those temps up here we are loving the warmth. We are so use to the cold. I know you guys are not use to that cold and need it to get warmer. Love always seeing your pretty flowers.
Have a great rest of the week.

crafty cat corner said...

I think I like the little carpet rose this time around, it's sweet.
I was wondering how your flowers like the cold Lorraine.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, the red rose made me smile on this Wednesday evening. 40 degrees is pretty cold. It's been in the 60's, and that's cold for us here in California. Your garden already has pretty flowers blooming. The blue sage is sweet - love the bluish purple color. Bundle up and stay warm, Lorraine.


Ruth Hiebert said...

Stay warm. I know we are many miles apart, but your cold temperatures sound mild and almost warm to me up here. I love your flowers. You have so many different varieties, many I have never heard of.

Deb said...

More lovely pictures. Wow - that is cold for Florida. Stay warm! See you again soon.

ellen b. said...

Our bodies really acclimate to temps. 60's would be shorts weather here where we live. Love all your pretty flowers. That Blue Sage is calling to me. Happy Thursday to you!

Ann said...

I've been hearing the joke about Floriday participating in winter this year. That is pretty cold for you guys. Hope you stay warm until you get back to normal temps.
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful flowers.

M.K. said...

It's been very chilly here too, after a really mild winter. I know we need a bit of real cold for nature ... but it's hard to go out in! :)

Lynn said...

Good thing it stayed above freezing for your lovely flowers. It was actually
10 degrees here Wed. morning and I can't keep the bird feeder full enough.
So I really enjoy seeing your "winter" flowers, Lorraine.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi, That big ole Arctic Cold front hit us hard also.. Our temps got down to about 11 degrees --with a wind chill close to 0!!!! BUT--that's the only cold day/two we have had all winter here so far...

I do remember living in FL in the '70's ---and how those 'few' cold days would happen... It's true--our bodies are NOT accustomed to that change... Brrrrr...

Beautiful flower...

Hope you are doing good these days!

Henny Penny said...

You always have pretty flowers to enjoy. My sister called me from Florida this morning. They are in Orlando for a little vacation. I asked, "is it nice and warm there"? She said they had been freezing ever since they got there. But it is supposed to warm up today. We have been freezing here!!

Melanie said...

I heard that Florida was cold yesterday! Of course, it's all perspective. 40 degrees here on a winter day would be like a heat wave for us, lol. I know that's cold for Florida though, especially with those wind chill factors.

It's gently snowing here right now and will continue through Saturday. Pretty to look at out the windows; not so pretty to drive in or shovel.

Morning's Minion said...

Flowers in January! Thank you for sharing them.
Your chilly day clothing sounds like my every day garb.

Dewena said...

Mom of millions is a new one to me, what an intriguing name! Your first two pictures are special works of art, love them. I hope you'll be warm enough there in Plum Cottage the rest of this winter and that none of your beautiful plants get burnt from the cold.

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm said...

Rainey, when it gets cold, I live in layers; it's the only way to keep warm. That and sleep with 2 dogs. It's been cold here but starting today, supposed to be warm...40's during the day with sunshine. That's enough to work outside. I brushed one of the horses this morning because I played hooky from church. For whatever reason, I'm exhausted and the thoughts of dressing for church, then sitting through SS, service and a biz meeting was simply too much to handle. Not today.
Be safe and well this week.
Sandra at ThistleCove.Farm

Rose from Oz said...

The photos are stunning Lorraine! And I love your header photo. My climate in humid tropical north Qld is very very similar to yours and when we get some chilly days here I rejoice! I love the cold, but.... when family live in the tropics (children, grandies etc) what choice does a girl have! I've been missing for a few months...and now I'll catch up on more of your older posts. Much love

Hootin' Anni said...

I love flowers. Any flower. One of my favorites is my Don Juan climbing rose. But, I must say...the Mom of millions is a new one for me. Now, I'm wondering if the nurseries here in Coastal Texas has them.

By the way, I feel that chill factor!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Beautiful flowers, Lorraine, so nice to see them all. The bat-face flower is amazing - wow! Love the shrimp plant, too. Heard about the cool weather you are having and how iguanas are falling out of trees in the south. Hope it is warmer now, and that your week has a few sweet blessings. Hugs xo Karen

Leslie Kimel said...

Today is a cold, gloomy day in Quincy--it really cheered me up to see all your flowers! Thanks!

The Wykeham Observer said...

The carpet rose is really nice. Phil/MN

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Your flowers are just gorgeous Lorraine! I can imagine it was very chilly weather for you there, and especially if you don't have any heat in your home! I hope it has warmed up for you by now. Your roses and flowers in bloom are gorgeous! What joy it must bring your soul to enjoy their beauty! I was blessed to see all the lovely color today. Much love to you!

Jillayne said...

I'm shivering thinking about it (though we're a bit colder here, I know these temps are not that common for you!), and hope it stays mild for you. I love wind, the swirling uplifting kind that makes the trees move as if they were dancing... I know it can be such a destructive force as well, but facing into a strong wind makes me feel so alive.
Your flowers look amazing, and reading the post below, where you had a bit of extra money and went straight to the nursery made me smile - so like you. Flowers clearly bring you such joy and it was a pleasure to stop here today and read these posts.
Have a lovely weekend.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Lorraine - it sounds like it is unusually cold for you. Although 63 degree weather sounds good to this Ohio lady who is in the 30's. Wow your flowers are fabulous...I would love to come see your garden. Your roses are outstanding. Right now I am still enjoying my Poinsettia from Christmas. Thanks for sharing your flowers. Have a super weekend and try to stay warm.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hello Lorraine,

What a wonderful flowers! Your garden is really a paradise!
Thanks for sharing such beauty! And you are a great photographer too!

I would like to tell you that I was so grateful when you wrote so beautiful words of comfort to me when ny dear husband passed away in August 18, 2018. You told me that your dear husband passed away in 9 December 2012 and you miss him every dayly.
Me too, I miss him every day too....

Thanks again for your lovely words to me.
Sending to you lots of hugs and much Love!


Rebecca said...

Snow on ground here now---as if proving to me it's February 8! Slowly comes and goes Indiana's winter. Content am I to spend it in my blue recliner with books.📚😄🙋

Buttons alias Grace said...

Well, this is a welcome sight. There is a foot of snow here. Your flowers are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Hugs B

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hope this finds warmer weather for you soon! Your flowers are always so lovely!

Friko said...

What a wonderful collection of interesting plant, none of which would grow in my climate. I’d love to have some. Would they grow indoors?
Not the roses, obviously, the other kinds you show here.

BeachGypsy said...

Lorraine are you doing ok down there--you haven't posted in a long time. Hope you're doing great! Love the pretty flower pictures......spring is so so so close! So much in bloom here........but such A COLD SPELL WE'RE HAVING!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Hi Lorraine, how unusual for the spell of real cold youve been experiencing. also I hope you are well and ok, its a little unusual for you to missing from blogland for a month.
As usual love the gorgeous photos of your remarkable flowers. You really did aptly name your blog!
Sending good wishes and hoping all is well.

Red Rose Alley said...

Just checking in to see how you're doing, Lorraine. I hope February has been good to you so far. Spring is showing up around my neck of the woods. It's almost March, can't believe it! : )


Anne Payne said...

I have Orchids in my east facing kitchen window that are starting to bloom! This year there are 16 buds!!! I'm so excited. :-)