Sunday, January 27, 2019

Rain, rain and more rain

Hi Folks, it is late Sunday afternoon, around 3:45 EST. It has been another wet and dreary day. I can see why people get depressed living in the northern parts of the country where winters are long and dark.


Above is our weather radar taken a few minutes ago from AccuWeather, this weather system is covering almost the entire state. Here where I live, I've had mostly light rain, with just a couple of really heavy showers that didn't last too long. No thunder and lightening so far, and hopefully there won't be any and this rain will move northerly and off out over the ocean.
I am in Blogger writing up this post, and still have to relearn how to use this program.  I just added this photo from my archives on blogger, The flowers are buddleia and the butterfly is a Daggerwing.

Open Live Writer is a program for writing up blog posts offline, then uploading them. Super easy to use with great results for me for the past 8-10 years. My husband found this as an alternative to bloggers Windows Live Writer, which was also great but Blogger did away with that. I was so glad to have the Open Live Writer program to work on posts off line, then upload them when I was ready. I will just have to get reacquainted with using blogger. Blogger is not going to allow OLW to be used with them any longer.  Maybe something can be worked out, but so far, that has not happened and doesn't look like it will.

Had a nice break from the rain, now it has started back up. I've done some crocheting, reading and watching house hunters on you-tube.  One thing about my little Plum Cottage is that it is a little wood house with some awnings and I can hear the rain, the wind, etc. In a cement block house you don't hear all of that. When it is stormy weather I really hear it in here and it sometimes can be quite daunting when it is really bad.  

But, I am out of the weather, it is comfy and dry in here and I am thankful. Tomorrow the rain is supposed to be less and I am looking forward to that. I did get some laundry washed, hung out to dry and brought in before the rain we had the other day. Not having a dryer, I have to keep my eye on the weather. Have not had a dryer except for a very, very short time when we had found a stackable curbside. When we saw the electric meter whipping around when it was on, and how long it took to dry the laundry, it just wasn't worth it to us. I actually enjoy hanging the laundry out to dry, and then taking it in and smelling the scent from being line dried outdoors is just wonderful.  I can understand having a dryer though because of inclement weather, and perhaps where you live which won't allow one to have clotheslines.

You can see the whirly clothesline in this photo.  Oh my, this was taken a while back, as all of the plants along the picket fencing has grown up so much it almost covers it. It looks so neat and orderly here, now now.

Ok, my stomach is starting to tell me it is time to fix something to eat for supper. Miss Tork is telling me it's time to feed her a little something also.

I pray for all of you who are having severe winter weather. I had a friend email me saying it was -8 or -9 but with the windchill factor it was feeling like -30. I can't even imagine that at all.

I have started posting again to my blog The Continuing Journey, if any of you would like to read there or know a widow who might need some encouragement.

That's it for now. Have a great week. 




M.K. said...

I'm thankful we won't get that horribly frigid weather that's coming. I guess we dodged it, here on the coast. Your little cottage plot looks so sweet and peaceful. Stay warm and dry inside, FL, until the weather passes.

Ruth Hiebert said...

You have the rain, we have the snow. I have been enjoying today, sitting in my nice warm home and watching it snow outside. Makes for a beautiful world. Have a great week.

Dewena said...

Thank you for explaining all this better, Lorraine. I've learned something new and I hope this will all work out for you. Sun dried laundry smells so good! I miss that. We could put up a line now but I feel less inclined to carry it all out and in than when I was younger. But there is nothing better than sleeping on sheets that have hung in the sun.

Ann said...

Rain is nice but too much of it can bring me down. Same with the long winters we have here.
It snowed today and we're expecting temperatures like what your friend told you they are getting. Not looking forward to it.

The Wykeham Observer said...

I remember my mom would hang out the sheets to dry and if the temp dropped to below freezing, she would bring them in as stiff as a board. As they warmed up, they smelled good! I use a dryer in the winter, but hang as much as possible outside in the warmer months. Nothing like line-dried wash to freshen the house. Phil/MN

Debbie Harris said...

It's nice that you have things to keep you busy while having to stay in the house.
The moisture will be a nice welcome once it's over.

Have a great week ♡

Nancy J said...

I have a clothes dryer that our daughter gave us, maybe some 22 years old. Last winter I used it occasionally, and that would be the first times in over 15 years,Yes, the power meter chugs up some numbers. Here, we have a big covered verandah, and under the plastic polycarbonate roofing, the washing dries so well. Cold, we are longing for cooler days, having had from 28C or so and next, it will be winter and frost on the lawn. I,too, am back to using Blogger, and had forgotten how it worked. Wordpress is what many use, but to get good value you need the pay version.Keep cool.XXXX

Nancy J said...

p.sI forgot to mention, some ladies grow lavender by the clothes line, for an even lovelier smell.

Farida JT said...

Dear Lorraine,

Thank you for your warm message in my blog though I only discovered it today. Having a strong mindset is essential especially during the cold months to overcome feeling blue. I'm glad I live in a tropical country.

Please take care and God bless,

Anne Payne said...

We've had a lot of rain lately and it does get depressing after a while. The sun is out today though.

Blogging frustrations seem to plague me at times too. I always post direct from blogger but sometimes it doesn't want to cooperate. It's a finicky thing.

Hope you have a good week, Rainey!

Out on the prairie said...

I have a couple rain suits and rubber boots to not let it slow me down. It offers a different perspective and sometimes enjoyable time outdoors. Once camping I it rained the whole week. The fish didn't mind.It is suppose to be up to-52 wind chills this week, it is 7 right now with a strong wind.

Zaa said...

I remember hanging out the clothes to dry ..They always smelled so fresh...But that was another lifetime ago...I now live in winterland ... and wish I was back in Florida swimming in the swimming pool( ha Ha)..It seems that you have many interesting past-times to enrichen your life..I so enjoyed reading your blog. I’ll be back to catch up with you at teatime... I’m one of your new followers...Hugs

Karen said...

Dear Rainey, always so good to hear from you! I don't have a dryer and love hanging laundry outside. In the winter, I hang in the basement but because the furnace runs so often, things dry overnight. I do love outdoors the best, though. We warmed up to -2 this morning! Hurray! It felt downright balmy out. The weatherman is calling for temperatures in the +40F range by Sunday, wow, that will be almost a 70 degree difference all in a few days, but by Monday, we'll be back in the low teens. There is one thing about WI, the weather is ever-changing, it is not uncommon to go from short sleeved shirts to a winter coat all in one day.

I'm so glad you like the stained glass window. I drew up the design with your great love story in mind. Very, very few people have had marriages filled with as much love as you and Mark shared. Sending love and hugs to you, dear friend.

outlawgardener said...

We also live in a wood house that is very noisy (and sometimes frightening) during storms. I hope your weather warms back up again soon. You can write posts in blogger and save them as drafts that you can go back and tinker with until you hit the publish button. In addition, if you want to change something after it's published, you can open posts from the "design" window, edit and then hit "update." Also if you want you can hit the "revert to draft" button and it'll pull down your post, you can tinker with it and then hit publish again.