Thursday, January 10, 2019

Flowers, books, yarn

Hello Friends ~ Here it is the 10th already. It’s been a beautiful day today. The ‘scullery’ window was fogged up when I got up this morning which told me it was ‘cold’ outside. I stuck my head out the door, and brrrr, yes, it was cold. I checked online for the temp and it was 50 with real feel being 43 I think. Right now the sun is shining in the late afternoon sky and the temp is 69, real feel 70.  I so appreciate the cooler temps we get.  The other day I was ‘sweating’ while working outside.

Yesterday morning I went out to do some errands, one of them being to stop at the Good Will thrift store since it was Sr. Citizen’s day and we get 25% off.  I found one shirt, and 6 books.

These three all look great.


I realized after I got home, that years ago I had read the book by M.Scott Peck. I don’t really remember what  it’s about so will continue reading it. DH and I both read his books ‘People of the Lie’ and ‘The Road Less Traveled’, and then I have also read ‘A Bed by the Window’.

I am looking forward to reading the book by Max Lucado. I’ve started the historical fiction ‘The Road we Traveled’ and it’s pretty good so far.


I then shopped at Aldi’s for certain things and was too pooped to do any more shopping so came home. This morning I headed back out on the road again, going to Walmart and then to Publix.

At Walmart I used two gift cards that I’d received and bought yarn for crocheting the comfort lap blankets that I make and give away. I love the colors I bought this morning.

Left – Anemone

Top - Macaw, True Blue, Mirage

Bottom – Spearmint, Scuba, Grape Purple

I’ve alread started using two colors and want to get them all started so that I can switch to different blankets to keep my interest up. I’ll take pictures when they are done. The bigger skeins are Red Heart and the two smaller ones are Caron Simply Soft. The bigger skeins are a great price.


I also used some gift $ to buy Sombucol tablets and syrup. This is a great homeopathic remedy for flue and colds.

The other morning I went out to work outside, planning to work in one area and ended up in a totally different area. Isn’t that the way it goes sometimes?  This back garden area is totally overgrown, roses, a vine or two, weeds and other stuff. It needs a total overhaul. I had to prop up the lattice fencing as I went along. Winking smile There is a huge cactus right behind that rusty vent on gray pole. All of a sudden that cactus took off and became a thick monster. The hurricane we had last year, blew it away from the pine tree beside it, so that it’s now into the space that used to be a potting area. This  whole area will be a work in progress for awhile.


I ‘love’ that metal frame stand that holds a trash bag for putting weeds, cuttings, etc. into. We found it years ago and it is a favorite tool of mine. It folds up when not in use. Little by little I am making forward progress.


I want to scatter flower seeds into this bed and have already put a potted knockout rose in it.


It’s a start, lots more work to do.

If you want to see one hard working lady in her wonderful cottage/country gardens, check out Jeri Landers of Hopalong Hollow. Here is a link to her Winter Garden video on you tube. She is an author, an artist in several mediums, has wonderful gardens and a lovely old home. She inspires me. I wish I had half of her energy. She also has a wonderful blog.

Now, here are some flowers from Plum Cottage gardens.  Enjoy. They make my heart sing.

Look at how large this hibiscus bloom is.


This is a scented begonia.


Ground orchids, I love the coloring of this orchid.


A knockout rose.


Morning glory.




Wild petunia vine


Now for some pictures of the sweet little rose called ‘Mozart’.







That’s it for now. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend, wherever you are, whatever you do.

Thank you again for your friendship and your kind comments. I am blessed.



Debbie Harris said...

Beauty upon beauty upon beauty!! I so enjoy my visits with you as you share the beauty of your gardens. On these long winter days, your posts are always refreshing and inspiring giving one hope that brighter, warmer and sweet smelling days are just ahead. :}
I believe you are also one energetic lady! I stand amazed at all you do outdoors.
Those blues in the yarn you chose are GORGEOUS! After the color pink those blues come second as my favorite color.
Speaking of your lap blankets ~ I love mine and so enjoy using it.

Have a beautiful weekend ♡

Morning's Minion said...

By January I am longing for flowering plants. I had to 'farm out' my houseplants as there is no room for them in the camper. No amaryllis this year or paperwhites. Nursery catalogs have been appearing in the mailbox--wonderful to sit with a mug of tea and plan gardens way beyond my budget or my energy to tend!
I do plan to landscape with some of the Knock Out roses--they aren't as glamorous and sweet scented as others, but sturdy and dependable.
You did some good shopping with your gift certificates. When I give those in lieu of a wrapped birthday gift I always hope the recipient will enjoy choosing something rather special.

Henny Penny said...

Oh yes, I'm bad about going outside to work on something and then get started on something totally different. We do get a lot accomplished though, don't we? Your flowers are just beautiful. I was counting the days today we have left before spring. I do love warm weather!

Terra said...

Your Mozart roses are a lovely shade of rose pink and I like how your Saint Francis statue is becoming weathered and very ancient looking. My Mary statue is aging too.

crafty cat corner said...

I can already see an improvement on the clearing, it will be great when finished. That hibiscus is something else, so big.

Ann said...

So many beautiful flowers.
Between reading, crocheting and gardening you sure have lots to keep you busy. I haven't done any crocheting in quite a while. It always takes me forever to get anything finished because I get bored and have to put it down.

Betty said...

How I wished it was spring. As I get older I do not like the winter. I love the books you got. I read The Road Less Traveled a few years ago and loved it.

Terry said...

Hi Lorraine!

Your flowers are gorgeous! I love Max Lucado! Over the years, I have read so many of his books. I also read "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff." That's a good one! It's quite cold here in NJ. This morning I woke up to 19 degrees but the real feel is in the single digits. It has been crazy windy here for days. I have been spending lots of time reading and crocheting too. I am making a blanket for my grandson to be born in June. Did I tell you that I am going to be a grandma!? I am so excited! I am reading a funny book right now titled The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. I am looking forward to seeing your blankets!

Happy reading and crocheting!

Anne Payne said...

The flowers are all beautiful but the Ground Orchid is stunning!! Looks like some great reading material for these cold winter evenings. {{hugs}}

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Winter finally arrived in Northern Indiana. I hope that doesn't mean that spring will be 3 months late. Love all your flowers. You sure have lots to do in your garden.
xx, Carol

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh Lorraine it is so great you get to see such beauty with your flowers. Ohhh how I cannot wait for our winter to be done and Spring and Summer to arrive for us. I miss the pretty colors of the flowers and so much life outside the windows. The flowers are just gorgeous.
Happy Friday. Have a fabulous weekend.

L. D. said...

Your flowers look so wonderful. I don’t know if this is like your spring weather but they all look so fresh. They look like first time blooms. The color of the hibiscus is great. I have a begonia in my basement blowing right now while it is frozen ground outside. Thanks for sharing your blog. I like seeing the things you are reading and enjoy hearing about the everyday things that take you through your day. Have a great weekend.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I had no problem picking a favourite flower today. I love them all, but the little rose called Mozart is definitely a favourite. I love roses and this one reminds me of our wild roses around here. You picked such pretty yarn colors.It will work up into lovely throws.

Out on the prairie said...

Wow I need those in my yard. I have read all the Sweat the small stuff series

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

I can't believe how many flowers are still blooming in your garden, Lorraine!! We woke up to frigid, frigid temps today, and the wind is fierce. Real feel temps are well below zero - it's horrible out today!

BeachGypsy said...

Just pausing for a moment and looking at your beautiful flowers brings me some peace and quiet. They are so beautiful and wow!--that IS ONE BIG hibiscus!--so pretty! You tackled that job and sure got alot done. Gardens are never really "done" are they? Always a work in progress and lots of cutting back and weeding and trimming and such to do. Just do a little at a time, all that works! Love to see all your doings at your pretty cottage!

Pam's English Garden said...

I love your yarn colors too Lorraine. You made a good start in your garden.
Blessings. Pam x

Rebecca said...

Reading is one of the pleasures I scheduled into the past few days while the men are out of the house. I made quick work of English Letters by Andrea Lucao. Now on the second Marilynne Robinson book..
I finished typing a composition book full of handwritten poems for a friend; had 2 lunches with 2 friend; made potato soup and shared with a homebound friend I visited. A trip to thrift store this morning was my therapy. I've enjuenj my brief freedom and have filled the time with tasks and pleasure.

Your yarn colors are SO pretty! And I'm impressed by your progress in your yard. ❤️

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Lorraine! As always, I enjoyed looking at your beautiful flowers! It was sunny, but only 32 degrees this morning, and I was cleaning perennial beds. I would take your 50 degrees, ha-ha!
Thank you for colorful photos of your flowers! Hugs

NanaDiana said...

It's always so much fun to see a post from you, Rainey! Your yarns are beautiful and I am glad the gift cards are buying you things you love. That yard there looks like a monster to tame but I know you will do it-little by little!!
Off to visit the lady's blog you mentioned. Have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

M.K. said...

HI, FL. Again, I'm catching up on blog reading. Thanks for the gorgeous blooms from your garden. They are such a balm to those of us with nothing blooming in January. I think we have a few confused buttercups in the pasture, but that's it. Daffodil tips are above ground ... but they will probably regret it! Your yard clean up is looking good! I want to be doing that too, but it's just too cold today.

Janneke said...

Lovely blogpost to read again. I see you love reading books like I do and your flowers are always a joy for the eye. I also have the Mozart rose, but one difference: in your garden it's in full bloom, I have to wait for another 5 months before it starts flowering. We had the Tibouchina in our greenhouse, but after I don't heat the greenhouse anymore, it was the end of the Tibouchina. I see you have always plans and work to do in your garden, like me. I call my garden sometimes a jungle, in your climate the garden gets easily a real jungle but I love it.
Blessings and Happy gardening, reading and crocheting.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Lorraine, always love seeing what is blooming in your gorgeous gardens. Flowers just amaze of God's beautiful creations. Your books look so interesting and the colors you've chosen for the yarn are so pretty. I've used the Caron yarn for baby sweaters - it really is soft! It must be quite a job to keep up with the gardening there due to the year-round growing season. Such a good feeling when you get an area tamed, though. I've been clearing blackberry vines - a thankless chore and they like to bite. I am covered in scratches. You be careful out there. Love your St. Francis statue and that needlework - how I love that prayer! Sending you hugs and blessings for your weekend. xo Karen

GretchenJoanna said...

I think of Florida as the place where plants love to "overgrow" and become a jungle. If you want to have more than a lawn, they are something to deal with! I've never been to Florida, but I already know that your garden is my favorite place in the whole state.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi There, Love your flowers... Makes me yearn for Spring since it's only 8 degrees outside today (at least early this morning).....

Looks like you got some great books to enjoy --at a good price.

Love your yarn. That is what I call the Jewel Tones ---plus a couple of beautiful colors.... Can't wait to see what you make with it.

Keep enjoying that Florida weather..... I'd love it this time of year.


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Louca por porcelana said...

Your stunning flowers are feast for the eyes and balm for the soul!

outlawgardener said...

Looks like a lot to keep your mind and hands busy! What a treat to see your colorful flowers while ours are covered with snow.