Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It is hot and humid ~ 83 but feels like 106


Good morning Folks ~ It is a hot, muggy morning, right around 10:30 and just miserable out as you can see by the title of this post. We had some rain earlier, but now the sun is shining. I got a load of laundry in the machine, and hope to get it hung out and dried before afternoon thunderstorms roll in. I mowed yesterday afternoon around 4:30 and was soaked from sweating when finished.  At least there was cloud cover. I’ve more yard work to do but not today.

I took some pics on the 4th, and some this morning, the 8th.  I’ve moved potted roses over to my St. Francis garden, so that I can water them easier, and I love the new look.

Click on photos for a larger view.


Everything is growing like crazy, flowers and weeds, I’ll just show the flowers though not the weeds. Smile Below is my front patio jungle with the main garden at the back of photo with the gazing ball.


Here is the ‘caravan’. My homemade arbor is being covered by moonflower vines and confederate jasmine vines.


A few weeks back I was having a hard time with closing the door to the caravan. Then one morning it came off the hinge.  I thought ‘what the heck now?’ I looked and the hinge pin had worked it’s way out somehow and disappeared. I found it under the step up into caravan, then had to wrangle holding the door while aligning the two parts of hinge, one on caravan and the other on the door.  Finally got it and now all is well again in that dept.  I added the mailbox which has heart cut outs on it, and the other iron piece on the left side, plus the little iron holder, that is holding a heart shaped rock. I’ve not done anymore in the inside, except to put ‘stuff’ in there, neatly in shelves and plastic drawer units.


Here is my favorite hibiscus.  The coloring is more mellow in this bloom than in blooms past, but it is still a beauty. This is ‘Hugs-n’-kisses’.



This is Tahitian Gardenia.  I just love these big wonderfully scented blooms.


This is the dwarf white orchid tree. These flowers have a nice delicate scent.

Bauhinia acuminata.



Here are some sky shots this morning. The first one is looking in a southwesterly direction.


Now this is looking south.  Stormy weather heading our way.


The next three are looking east.




Now here are some rose blooms.

‘Bon Silene’




I think this is ‘Heirloom’.


‘Knockout’ in red.


‘Maggie’ an old favorite with two blooms that I almost missed. I need to make cuttings of this rose as it is an ‘old garden rose’ and one of my favorites, and I’d hate to lose it.


This is an unknown wonderfully scented rose.


Unknown miniature.



This miniature rose is called ‘Picnic’.


This is an old-time favorite, ‘Prosperity’.





‘Louis Philippe’ known as the Florida Cracker Rose. I’ve had this rose for years and years, and it’s a cutting from my original which I had for many years.



Another unknown miniature.



‘that’s all folks’,

as Bugs Bunny used to say.

I hope you all are having a good week so far.

Count your blessings and ask God for strength to get you through rough times.



Nancy J said...

looks like strong clouds your way, and the hibiscus, my favourite out of all your beautiful blooms. Hugs,Jean.

Terra said...

Your favorite hibiscus is very lovely with its delicate varied hues, and your gardenia, wow. Your garden caravan is so cute and I am glad you got the door back on. Stay cool my friend.

Balisha said...

Love, love, love that St. Francis garden.
I feel for you having to work in that heat. I'm sure you know to take it easy and rest.
Your flowers are always so pretty.
Your little caravan looks so cute amongst the flowers and vines. What a neat place for storage.
Have a nice day....hope those clouds don't bring bad storms.


Hi Lorraine, Your garden is so lovely. I just want to sit and gaze at your photos all day. Not just the plants but the many different goodies you've collected make it very interesting and fun. Those two cement pots by your "front patio" are amazing and I love how you've decorated the caravan. Your gardenia blossom, I can almost smell it through the computer screen. It's luscious. ... I have to laugh at your second sky photo. At first glance the tiny palm tree in the distance looked like a spider. :) Have a great week. Don't work too hard in the garden. Hugs.

Jean Campbell said...

I do love the Caravan. I followed its renovation with great interest. Playhouses of all kinds are just magical.

My Alamo Vine is blooming. Last year's 'woodrose' pods on it look great, too.

This year's post about it is not as good as last year, IMHO. LOL.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Loved the stroll through images around your garden Lorraine, but did not enjoy the description of the weather there - I'll be facing the same in the not toooo distant future!

Barbee' said...

Oh, how I love looking at your flowers! As a kid growing up, one of my "chores" was to take a small hammer and go throughout the house once or twice a year and tap all the door pins back down into their hinge.

Antique ART Garden said...

I have never seen a hibiscus that color before, so beautiful. Big hug, luv ya, Gina

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

our weather is being really crazy. Hot and humid for a few days..then cooler and low humidity for a few...then storms move in and the whole rotation starts over again. I can't keep up with the tropical growth!!
Hibiscus are my favorite. I have Rose of Sharon everywhere and several Hibiscus bushes from pale pink to deep red. I have never seen one like yours. It's unique and beautiful.
xx, Carol

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Love your patio jungle, Lorraine!
‘Hugs-n’-kisses’ is from another planet!!!

gld said...

The colors in that hibiscus are just amazing. Love the sky shots.

With all that heat and rain, no wonder everything is growing so fast including the weeds. It all looks very good to me!

Anonymous said...

I sure do love that little caravan - especially the door!

Beautiful blooms as always.

Love & hugs,


Rebecca said...

The flowers are SO beautiful - but (as you might know) my eyes were fastened on the caravan and the latest additions :)

The St. Francis garden is also very beautiful. You have such a talent, Lorraine....

The clouds remind me of the grandeur & power of our God. Our humidity is temporarily past. Today is just beautiful here in Indiana!

My Grama's Soul said...

Love those posies and that PURPLE CARAVAN....OH MY. You know.....I think you should turn that little baby into a B&B. I know I would come stay. LOL



Betsy Adams said...

Hi there, YES---I know about things growing like crazy this time of year --including the weeds. We mulched this year --which has helped, but those pesky weeds can still slip through!!!! ha

Love your blooms especial the multi-colored Hibiscus... I have never seen that one. Awesome.

Love Gardenias --and wore one to my high school prom. Their fragrance is a favorite of mine...

Your unknown rose (lavender/purply/pinkish one) with a good scent looks like ours named Sweetness. Sweetness has a fantastically sweet smell.


Debra Howard said...

Such beautiful blooms in your garden and possible rain too! That is exciting stuff here in Texas...hoping you get some cooling breezes too.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Your favourite hibiscus is a true beauty!

Lona said...

Hi Lorraine. I always love dropping by to look over your roses. You always have some in bloom. The caravan looks so cute. I love the trellis you made there. Great idea. Have a lovely week and watch out for that heat. It zaps one fast.

Flower Freak said...

Hi Lorraine, I'm a little behind on reading my favorite posts. You have some really great photos here. The ones of the storm clouds coming in are wonderful. Your Hibiscus is a real heart stopper!You have so many flowers with wonderful scents that must linger in your moist southern air....how lovely......

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That is an amazing hibiscus. Such a cool color combo.
Why do door pins just come out? It is a mystery. Glad you found it.
We've actually been humid here too. Crazy to have some moisture for a change.
My garden is in a color lull. Spring was good, but the few annuals I have aren't really showing off yet and the summer flowers are just starting. I'll look at all your color!

Consider It All Joy said...

Gorgeous floral photos, as usual! I really love your caravan and that hibiscus is absolutely Beautiful!!! Blessings to you, Cindy

June said...

You have been on my mind lately Lorraine so I decided tonight I would come by and see what loveliness you have been creating in your garden. And I can see---A LOT--
What beautiful blooms and pots and oh my goodness...that caravan is darling! I'm so glad you were able to fix the door before some little critter decided to take up residence.
I read your 4th of July post and loved reading that your dear husband first kissed on that day. Now that must have been some fireworks going off. I love the beautiful sampler you created. It is BEAUTIFUL!
I think about you often when I think about my sister who just went through her 1st anniversary of her loss of her husband. She said most of her grown children showed up at her house for a sleep-over since they were all there when he passed last year in the night from his cancer.
You are loved my dear!

Classes n Camps said...

Nice, beautiful pictures.

Dorothy Adamek said...

So. so pretty! We're in the middle of our winter and what I wouldn't give to smell a gardenia right about now!! Enjoy the best of summer. Blessings, :)

lemonverbenalady said...

Hi FL, is this why Southern belles faint in the heat? Glad it's you and not me! Love the caravan and your beautiful flowers and clouds! Big hugs from The Herbal Husband and me! xo

Ozjane said...

Love the roses, especially prosperity. Mine were all pruned in our Aussie winter this week.
Tis a very cold day today and I just crept out to take photos which are not yet loaded. I did get the first daffodil.

tina said...

Hot and humid?? No thanks! I am quite happy we have had excellent summer weather here in Tennessee. Usually we are much hotter and more humid than Florida-believe it or not we are in the center of all the weather patterns so things stagnate here. It can be brutal but this summer has been good. I hope it cools off for you soon. In the meantime enjoy those GORGEOUS flowers. That hibiscus does have amazing color. Never seen anything like it!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Rainey, hope my comment goes through, lately it's been bouncing back. Your caravan is very dear and I'm glad you were able to get the door back on the hinges...what a bother! There's something called "penetrating oil" that far better than WD40...because WD40 will evaporate a short while after using while the penetrating oil lasts and lasts. It's my new favorite LOL.
It's been hot and humid here, turned the a.c. on for the first time, I think, since Dave died. I'm just slammed with the heat and not sleeping very well, not eating very well...grief has been an (unwanted) companion again; God has a plan, God has a plan. I keep whispering to myself, God has a plan!

Gayle said...

I love your caravan. Such a neat little place to reflect. All your flowers are as beautiful as ever. I can't imagine weather that feels 20* hotter than it is. I wouldn't mind experiencing it, but don't know how I'd like it because I'd want to be out in it. Nice to see that you're doing well as I've been gone for so long. Take care. I hope to be back to blogging soon.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Your flowers and gardens are just lovely and I love your caravan! So sweet!

Darcie said...

Your mailbox is just perfect...hearts. I honestly think of you every time I see hearts now. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers with us.

Sandra said...

Beautiful :)

I can't take humid, I can take dry heat to an extent, but humidity and that clammy feeling drive me insane. LOL

Hope you're having a good weekend so far.


shirley said...

No wonder that hibiscus is your favourite with that wonderful mix of beautiful soft colour.
It is always good to see your fascinating garden it is easy to see why you love it so much.
Hope the weather cools off a bit for you.

Karen said...

Rainey, I've been running around in circles with the garden walks but now that this is over, I can visit my dear friend again. You're never far from my thoughts though, and my prayers, of course.

I love your flowers, they are all so sweet and beautiful. I also love the way you used the fabric to cover your chairs, what a fantastic idea. I was sorry to hear about the door falling off, things are so much harder to handle when you're alone. I want to send you an email later on; I have much to tell you. Hugs to you and much love. Karen

sharon said...

oh 'i wish

i had a hugs and kisses

Rebecca said...

Are you still THERE? Hope you haven't melted away to nothing in that heat :)

We're enjoying a rare, wonderful break in the heat yesterday - today - and possibly tomorrow!

M.K. said...

So glad you got your door back on -- that's pretty hard to do alone. Your ferns look so happy, they are so moist and warm. Here, my ferns sometimes struggle b/c they dry out. It's hard keeping after them. I have a hard time picking a favorite rose blossom. Each one I look at is so lovely, and it replaces the previous one :) Thanks so much for the beauty.