Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Heat, humidity & a possible hurricane

Good afternoon Friends ~ Sorry I’ve not posted anything newsy in a couple of weeks. Summer is very draining with the heat and humidity and missing my dear husband is draining at times too.  This is a new way of living, it takes getting used to. I miss having someone to talk to, to share things with, to laugh with, to love. I miss him, he was quite a character, the love of my life.  Last night I dreamed I went into the workshop and there he was and he had cleared the work tables.  I asked him how he did that, but he didn’t answer me, he just smiled. I went out into the workshop this morning to get something and looked at the work tables that I have filled up, after having cleared them off soon after he left this planet. I thought I’m not doing anything with this until cooler weather comes. It will all still be there for me to tackle then and it will be nicer.

Thank you for emails and comments, they mean a lot to me. You care and you don’t even know me except through this blog.

I have days where everything goes along pretty normally, then I get zapped by something that triggers lots of memories. Tears are sometimes because of sorrow, but there are also tears of joy for what we had and I am so thankful for our 43 years together. I laugh right out loud at times thinking of things too.  So, it’s not all gloom and doom, it is just a learning curve and I am doing better than I was in the beginning. God has been my strength, seeing me through each and every day. This morning when I woke up I thanked Him for the new day, and asked Him for strength to get through whatever came up in the day.

Summer is really the pits down here. It can be in the 80’s but with the humidity it feels like it is in the 100’s and you feel like you are in a sauna as soon as you walk out the door. I try to get outside between 7-8 and work for 2-3 hours.  It all depends on how hot and humid it is and if there are breezes or not. With all of the rain we’ve been having, weeds and vines have been running rampant and I’m not keeping up with it very well at all.  My dear husband used to take care of the vines on the fencing and in the back 40, but now I’m doing the work of two and it isn’t easy or fun. I wake up in the middle of the nights thinking of all the work and it is overwhelming at times. I am working on getting rid of the iron and ‘junk’, that I don’t want to keep, but it is slow going.



I did the clearing a week or so ago, and there’s still more to do, but I’ve not had the gumption. The piece of iron is an old clamping device of some sort, very heavy and I think I’ll just let flowers twine up it.  The piece of tree in the background is artistic too so I want to work with that.



I really shouldn’t complain, and I do count my blessings. My little place is paid for, my van is paid for, I am still working a couple of days a week. My gardens bring me joy and make me feel thankful.  I enjoy working with needle, threads, ribbons and beads.

I did buy some needle working tools and supplies yesterday and created two felt hearts this afternoon. The roses and leaves and stems are all created in white ribbon, then colored with my alcohol ink markers.  Such fun!





Below is one of my favorite blooms here in my tropical gardens.

I have a red flowering one two grown from cuttings, but it hasn’t bloomed yet.

Passion Flower


The orange blossoms of the Poinciana tree caught my eye this afternoon with the stormy skies behind, and caravan roof in the foreground.


This is something I worked on in the bedroom this week. I found this shelf unit curbside on my way to work a few years back. I grouped mementos and photos here by the bed and I like it.


So, there you have it. A little of what is going on down here in s.e. Fl.

Hopefully the weather activity they are watching east of here will not turn into a hurricane heading in our direction.

I wish you all peace, love and contentment.



Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I so feel for you and want to say something that will ease your pain but I know the missing never goes away but the pain does ease up. We as believers pray the Lord will come soon so we can be with the ones we love.

YOU sure have done some amazing work with those vines, no wonder you are pooped out. I was wondering if you could spray them with stump killer and get rid of them. its what I have been doing here with the Mint and other vines that were planted here and were taking over. This way you do not not have to poop yourself out with that task and you can save your engergy on other fun things in the garden.

Your handwork is always works of art, have you opened a shop yet on Etsy?

Keep hydrated!!

Darcie said...

You have made tremendous progress with your vines! You should feel so proud that you have accomplished so much!

I can understand about that heat being draining. I don't know how we have got so lucky here, but we have had the most amazing summer ever. I almost forgot what summer can feel like in these parts. So strange.

I am glad you can find joy in your flowers, and hearts...I think your husband would be happy that you can find joy in those things. I often think of you too...what a wonderful love story.

tina said...

Take it easy in the heat and humidity. You are right it all is not going anywhere and soon the cooler weather will be here to relieve the heat. It sure can zap a person. Good job on the clean up!

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hello Lorraine,
This post is so dear. I think you are well grounded and all that you are experiencing shows wise and timely a midst a great and real loss. 43 years is not something that one can move away from with any hurry. As I was reading here I could only feel admiration and hope.

I really like your shelf!

Here in NY I have four types of invading vines and with all the rain we've been having, and a week of me being laid up with a awful neck, my back yard turned into a tropical fiasco! I am having a bit of a struggle to catch up.....and there is poisen ivy too (shutter)

All of your photos of the flowers are just stunning!
And your needle work is so very lovely!! :-D
Blessing and warmest hugs, Linnie

Balisha said...

I miss it when you don't post anything for a while. I realize that you are in that terrible heat and humidity. You really tackled those vines...What kind of vines are they...not kudzu?
We have our grief in common. I think of Tim most everyday. I kept some of his emails and I'm so glad...because I can read his funny jokes once in a while and smile.
Our loved ones wouldn't want us to grieve.....though it's hard not to.
Take care and watch out for that weather,Let us hear from you if you do get a we know that you are OK.

Deb said...

Hello~ I do understand heat ~ we are over 111 today. We don't have as much humidity but it is still uncomfortable. I love that passion flower. How beautiful. Also, I like the little shelf unit with the pictures. I sure admire your creativity. Hugs from Arizona. Stay cool~somehow ;-)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That kind of heat would do me in. I just can't take it anymore. This being alone is HARD,but we must move forward and do the best we can,with God's help.

Nancy J said...

Beautiful garden flowers, and the press " thing" is that for pressing paper or book bindings? it might well be a collectors item and very valuable!! Love that purple passion flower, super close-up. Stay cool if you can, we have had 2 warm days in a row, not looking good for the skiers right now. Hugs,Jean

Sallysmom said...

It's good to hear your blog voice. I know the heat and humidity can keep you from doing a lot outside. Take it easy and don't get too overheated.

Jean Campbell said...

Take comfort in the lovely things said above, Rainey.

The picture of the Poinciana tree over the top of the Caravan filled with memories is just beautiful.

lil red hen said...

I can only imagine how lonely you must feel at times. Please know that you inspire us all and I hope if I am left alone I can do as well as you are doing.
We have passion flowers that grow along the roadsides here, usually white ones. I tried to get one started in my flower bed but it didn't make it. Your purple one is beautiful, and so are the needlework pieces you make.
We're having unusually cooler weather this summer. (so far!)

Anonymous said...

So glad to see a post from you ~ I check every morning. :-)

Your ribbon roses remind me of my Mom . . . she used to make them as well. She was very talented, much like you, when it came to creating things.

Love and Hugs,


Val said...

love to you, Lorraine ♥

Rebecca said...

I "check" on you most mornings, too. When you post, I read prayerfully and am cheered by your honesty, courage, creativity, and grace.

I can't IMAGINE living in that humidity. It's bad enough where I live. I mostly stay inside on the worst days and we run a humidifier all summer. If it goes off even for awhile before we can empty it, I feel suffocated and agitated by the atmosphere.

I love the way the caravan roof matches the orange in the tree behind it...Wish I lived closer to take some of the rusty "junk" off your hands (but then it'd be on MY hands, wouldn't it?)

Hope you have a pleasant weekend. Our little town celebrates Harlan Days every year on this weekend. It takes place in a park just a block away from us and is rather noisy and crowded around here (not my favorite environment). Saturday is The Parade...

Your needlework is absolutely beautiful. You are so talented, Lorraine. ♥

Debra Howard said...

Praying for you dearie! I know it must be so very hard losing him. Hunker down and stay safe if that hurricane comes your way.

sweetbay said...

I am sorry you are hurting. I think of you often.

I love the double roses on the felt hearts. They are beautiful!

M.K. said...

That blue flower looks like it's been electrified! It boggles the mind to think that God's mind invented, designed, and created such a funny thing :)

Looking at your 'before' photo of that area reminds me of living in Mississippi all those years, and how FAST nature grows up and takes over, if you give her five minutes! I can't imagine how it is in S. Fla. where you are -- even worse. Bless you. I'm so thankful your home and vehicle are paid for. That's a huge relief. I do worry about not having a house yet at all.

It puzzles my mind exactly why God has decided that some people must last for a certain number of years on this planet, alone, after spouses die. It doesn't seem to make sense, really, to have this temporary separation. 43 years of marriage. An eternity together. But these few years -- ten? twenty? more? in between. Why? God must have a design in it, a design for you and your good, and I suppose it must be our goal (b/c I fully expect to be in those shoes at some point) to discover exactly what He is doing in it. I don't think it's a random, arbitrary plan. May you discover day by day why God has you here. I know, for one, that I enjoy and appreciate your friendship!