Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

Good afternoon Friends ~ Hope you are enjoying your 4th of July celebrations here in the US.

It has been very hot and humid here today. I did work outside for an hour or so, came in around 11 and got potatoes and eggs simmering for potato salad. I had fixed barbecued pork loin in the crockpot yesterday, (loin on sale and in freezer), I used a can of jellied cranberry sauce and some bottled bbcue sauce mixed together, poured over the loin and it cooked all day. For today’s lunch I heated up some Bush’s baked beans, served it with the potato salad, a pork sandwich, and an ice cold Beck’s beer. I was thankful.  Today was a better day than yesterday.

Yesterday I was somewhat depressed early on. Today is 48 years since my dear husband first kissed me, so that was bringing back memories of our early days and then of our life together. I had a mini sob fest, then decided to create something. That made me feel better.


I’m going to hurry up and get some photos up as it’s about to storm.

There is thunder and the sky is dark.













Here is a wonderful song a widow friend of mine, Maggie, from NC sent to me this week.  It really blessed her and myself as well. Last night I woke up to this running through my mind.

‘Glorious Unfolding’

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady


Rose ~ from Oz said...

What a lovely walk around your garden and as always I enjoyed your floral images Lorraine. I'm so pleased today is better for you and yesterday's sadnesses are behind you. Tears and sadness are inevitable when sweet memories come knocking.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

YUM, I have not tried mixing BBQ sauce and cranberry sauce together, I will have to do that as I have the supplies on hand.

I so feel for you and pray GOD will lift your spirits. Praying you will be okay and the storm will pass you by. I do love that hot tub! YOUR orchids are lovely along with the rest of your garden.
GOD bless and keep you safe.

Teresa Schubert said...

Your creative endeavor turned out beautiful, I just love your ribbon embroidery! It sounds like you had a lovely meal for the 4th, hope it was a happier day:)
gorgeous flowers as always!
Blessings to you,
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Betsy Adams said...

Lovely song... I am enjoying listening to it while I answer your post....

Love your flowers--especially the orchids... AND--I love that poppy which looks so happy there...

Your yard is fantastic --so pretty and green....

I can understand being 'down' during special memory times with your Sweetie... That's perfectly okay!!!!Grieving can be good for us.

Your pork loin, tater salad, beans sounds yummy... I had never heard of making BBQ sauce with cranberry sauce... Sounds intriguing...


ladyhawthorne said...

What a lovely embroidered piece!

I love the walk down to your St Francis too.

Debra Howard said...

Such beautiful blooms! Happy 4th of July!

Carol said...

All your blooms are so very beautiful. Restful to my eyes. Blessings!

Julie said...

I'm so glad making something helped you to feel better! It's a lovely piece! Your property is so varied and interesting! Hang tight!
xoxo- Julie

MaryJo said...

I have just found your blog, Lorraine & looking forward to looking around.
Love the song.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Your garden is a sheer delight!

Morning's Minion said...

When one is sad or anxious, I believe it does help a bit to 'make something.' Your flowers are lovely--no Japanese beetles in Florida?

lil red hen said...

I can only imagine what it must be like to be alone on a holiday. I'm so glad you have your flowers to work in and your embroidery work to help ease the loneliness. Both show your love.

Anonymous said...

Your embroidered piece is lovely . . . as are all your flowers, of course.

Have a wonderful week, FlowerLady.

Love and Hugs,


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. I always love seeing your flowers. We have been hot and humid also, though we did have a few days of good garden weather.

Hope you had a safe holiday. You sure ate well ~lol~
xx, Carol

Mary Smith said...

Beautiful!!! I'm in southeast FL. I completely understand HOT!

M.K. said...

You are SO wonderful! See? "I had a mini sob fest, then decided to create something. That made me feel better." You said that -- what a great attitude! Using creativity, such a happy, forward-looking thing, to conquer the sadness. I know that would make your hubby happy to see. Beautiful photos!