Saturday, January 11, 2014

It’s a beautiful day


Earlier when I went out a pair of redbirds were chirping away.  They always make me feel happy.  The weather is mild, there is a gentle breeze, and there’s been a little rain and we may get more.  We had a LOT night before last, some areas got 7 inches in three hours.  The ground is still saturated in areas.

As I was sitting at my computer awhile ago, I remembered a sale going on in my neighborhood, so quickly got dressed and headed over there.  I’m on the looks out for laces, ribbons, threads, beads, buttons, etc.

Here’s what I got today.

Fresh baked whole grain bread and cinnamon rolls along with the other goodies.


Close up of 4 lace curtain panels, a little over 6 ft. in length, and wide, $3

the other little round needlework bits were 5 – $3.

The crocheted little butterfly 25 cents. I want to figure out the pattern so I can make my own.

The necklace I bought for the beads $2.


Isn’t this frame sweet with the little roses?


More embroidery and beading done on this heart. I sit here listening to soothing music as I work, and think about life and love.


Here I am at work taking photos.

Caught myself in the mirror.



Didn’t see myself in this one until editing. The frame on this mirror is glass, it’s maybe 3 ft. in diameter. There are a pair of these and there were only 8 pair made.


I have a confession to make. Yesterday as I was looking at blogs from ‘Where Bloggers Create’, where I like to go visit for inspiration and ideas, I started feeling down instead. That’s awful. A lot of these studios are whole rooms, filled to capacity with gobs and oodles of deliciousness and I let that get me on a downward spiral for some reason.  Shame on me. 

This morning I woke up feeling better. I am truly blessed with what I have and am grateful. I am who I am, have what I have. I am working on making my whole little cottage a better organized place to create, ideas are whirling.  I am thankful to friends who have sent me ribbons, beads, etc. for creating with, and I’m thankful for goodies my dear husband found me in the past (and for all of his love and encouragement), and I’m thankful for goodies I am finding now.  Every day is a gift from God.  What we do with it is up to us.

My new little gifted rose from Deb & her husband is putting out green growth and it’s exciting.  Orchids are sending out flower spikes, other things are blooming too, but my batteries needed charging so you all will have to wait until later for more flower candy.

Have a good weekend whatever you do, wherever you are.



Rebecca said...

Oh, my! That mirror is amazing! Have I seen it before? Glad you heard the birds sing! I'm ready...but I think it may be awhile :)

Barbee' said...

Flower Lady, I think you are super talented. You know, not everyone can do what you do, myself for one. I find it fascinating what you do. Your cottage reminds me of one of my dear friends who inherited her mother's tiny little house on tiny yard. Norma was so talented and it was the most comfortable and charming place where I loved to visit. I thought it was just perfect in its coziness and charm. You know, Tasha Tudor did her precious drawings and paintings in a corner of her winter kitchen. She called it her chipmunk nest. Keep up the good work!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

With all your talent,you will turn those new purchases into something beautiful.

Balisha said...

I'll add to Barbee's comment...and remember Grandma Moses...She would sit on an old, battered swivel chair, perching on two large pillows. The Masonite on which she painted would lie flat on an old kitchen table before her. There was no easel. Crowding her in her "studio" were an electric washer and dryer that had overflowed from the kitchen.
All things are possible even in the most humble place...Keep doing what you are inspire so many.

Happyone said...

You found some nice things there at the sales. I'm sure you'll come up with great ideas. : )

Jean Campbell said...

I briefly visted the link, Rainey. What I saw was collections of 'stuff' and some assemblages of 'arty things' -- maybe I didn't see the ones you were browsing.

We're past the collector stage and you are doing beautiful needlework. Enjoy where you are; I am trying.

Anonymous said...

Oh FlowerLady . . . I can so relate about feeling down after visiting some of those blogs. I think that's the reason I've deleted my blog time and again ~ I am so average with an average home, average life in general. Who is interested in average?! But I just can't resist taking pictures and wanting to share. And having people like you to share it with makes it worthwhile (you may be my only blog visitor).

And anyway, you are so far from average. . . you, my dear Rainey, are an artist!

Love and hugs,


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Oh my
through my eyes when I look at our blog
I see nothing but beauty and talent.
Close your eyes and look again.
Now here by the woods
a lot of mud, limbs down everywhere, a lot to do for one

sharon said...

I went to that site and saw charming creative people but truly Lorraine...their homes and creations where no better than yours..some were way organized and some crazy messy...but no gardens like you have just craft can get some ideas and do it too.......dont get dont have to do dishes outside.right
..haha sharon

Deb said...

What a great reminder -- every day is indeed a gift from God. So glad the little rose is growing and doing well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend - my friend!

Bernie H said...

I don't know why you would be feeling down about what you create. There's simply no way I could create the gorgeous things you make. It's a talent I'd be very thankful to have.

I just adore that mirror. What a magnificent piece it is. I also love that stunning little photo frame you found. It's beautiful.

Becky said...

WOW! Lauraine you found some lovely items at that sale. We stuck pretty close to home the past two days except for this morning when we were out and about getting things for our son taken care of. I will look forward to your "flower candy" I always adore your garden shares.

Sunray Gardens said...

It has to be wonderful to be able to grow Orchids in your yard rather than the house. They are such lovely flowers.
Cher Sunray Gardens

M.K. said...

I remember looking at that "Where Bloggers Create" thing once, and I felt the same. We have small living space, and I simply don't have any kind of studio. I'm doing good to just cram stuff into bags and into closets or cabinets. Space can be a luxury.

But the important creative space is the little room between our ears, yes? And in that little room,we can make a mansion full of all imaginable beauties. I think you have a mind like that, and you clearly enjoy making every inch of your living space comforting, beautiful, elegant, and a joy.

Your finds are lovely -- very nice beads!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Love the photo of you in the mirror!
That is a lovely gift of yourself to others. You got some nice items.
A lot of rain for you. Send some to us. :-)

Kit said...

Glad you found some treasures! And you got some rain too. We had a rainy day too, but I would have rather had had snow. :) Craft away my dear lady. Love, Kit

Mrs. Mac said...

You are inspiring .. and the bits of lace and snips of this and that are turned into beautiful handcrafts. Hope you are feeling more positive today. Your 'self' portrait was a nice surprise. Have a blessed day.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

It was fun seeing the pretty things that you found at the sale.

As you are looking at the places in which others are creating, don't discount the lovely place where you are creating. When I think of your site, I think of the wonderful pieces that you have designed and hand stitched, jewel-colored glass sparkling in your windows and glinting in your yard, your beautiful plants and flowers, and this past summer a night time photo of one of your plants, looking magical, blossoming with sleeping zebra butterflies.

The posts that you have shown us where you create are always an inspiration to me. Your yard and garden, your challenges, and your home repairs and redecorating; you are always real and down to earth, to me that is real-life inspiration.

Deb said...

You found some nice items at the sale, no doubt you will craft some beautiful pieces. The beads look like hematite. I think we all go through low periods, and I like looking over some blogs for a little inspiration too. I enjoy seeing what others create, and honestly looking at most of those "craft rooms" to me is a mess of clutter to much stuff to dust. I use the free butterfly crochet pattern for here:

Betsy Adams said...

Great post, Lorraine. Looks like you did well at your neighborhood sale… You got a lot of great buys!!!!! Congrats.

We ALL wish for more than we have at times… But then we come back to reality and appreciate all of the blessings in life that we do have…. I think all of this is just human nature ---so don't feel guilty about your feelings… I'm sure that God understands!

Have a great week and enjoy those blooms (which we don't have now).


It's Just Dottie said...

I am smiling with you and praying for you every day, my friend.

Mrs. E said...

Totally awesome mirror! What a lovely addition to any home! Keep smiling...makes the world beautiful!

Maryann said...

You found some lovely treasures, I can't wait to see what you create with them. I am always on the lookout for items at thrift stores and yard sales that I can use to create something. I am also looking forward to seeing some flower candy, it can be such a dreary time of year here.Blessings to you

Maria said...

What wonderful buys! I look forward to seeing what marvellous things you do with those purchases :-)

Susan said...

Hi FLowerlady...You find some nice items at your neighborhood sale. Being joyful and happy with what we have is definitely a human struggle, but all of those "things" can get in the way of what's really important and sometimes can be a salve over deeper sadness or issues. The Lord always gives us what we need . . . and many times some of those gifts can surprise us and be the most joyful of all. You have a splendid day and enjoy the warm sunshine.

Terra said...

I like those 2 mirror photos with your reflection in them, and all those bits and bobs you bought. I know what you mean about some blogs featuring "perfect" studios, gardens or homes. I admire them but that is not my style. The world has many people and many styles and I applaud that.