Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brrrr, winter came to s.e. FL


Good morning Folks ~ I know you’ll laugh when I tell you what our winter temps are compared to all of you up north, but for us this is cold, and I’ve decided to just stay home today, errands can wait.   It is 48 degrees and feels like it is 39, at 8:33 a.m. EST. The heater is in the attic.  I should have had my brother-in-law get it down the other day, but hadn’t checked the weather.  If I don’t go in and out much, and do some cooking and get a loaf of bread going in the bread machine, it will be nice and comfy in here.  It is cloudy and rain is expected throughout the day.  It’s a good day to stay indoors. The high is supposed to get up around 63, by the end of the week it is predicted to be in the low 80’s again.

Sunday a big bad rainstorm blew in and the rains were heavy and the dry ground quickly became flooded.  I was hoping it didn’t keep up and it didn’t, but gave us a really good thorough soaking. We only had a couple of claps of thunder and for that I was very thankful.

Rainy photos ~ driveway flooding







Flowers the next morning

Alamanda and Blue Flax Lily leaves



Clock vine


Cape Coral Honeysuckle




‘Mr. Lincoln’


Unknown rose.


A ‘Knockout’ rose


Here is my dear brother-in-law ready to crawl under the house.  Look at that smile on his face. He still had the smile on his face when he came back up about 15 minutes later, as he saw no water leaks. He think what I am hearing might be the reverse osmosis water system as water is always going through that.  My mind will be totally relieved when I get the next water bill. Smile I’ll let you know.

He bought this suit so he wouldn’t get so much sand in his clothing while crawling around under the house.


We were both so relieved that there was no leak under the house. He worked on finishing the shower plumbing, changing the faucet to the toilet, then we had to go to HD to exchange the faucet we got the other day as it wasn’t the right size. We got the little hoses too, and faucets for them under the sink, and I got the new sink faucet I’d found on their website and that was put in too, except for the drain part.  That will be for another day.

We also got a couple of sheets of the beadboard paneling and got that up before he left, and got the huge cabinet piece back into place.  Yesterday I got the doors back on, then unloaded the bags I’d put everything in to empty cabinet and put it all back where it should be.  It made me thankful for so much.  I’ve got more cleaning up to do, paintings to rehang on the wall.  I asked him to put up a new section of the paneling behind the computer area as I had messed up and had two outlet holes one above the other. We then used the messed up piece, and cut off the boo boo, and used that piece behind the cabinet.  Another piece was cut from another sheet, to go beside the cabinet.


We were both exhausted when he left. We had worked from 8-5:30, with time off to go to HD and about a 30 minute lunch break and a 10 min. afternoon coffee break. I think I was in bed by 7:30 and slept like a log.  Sunday I went to early service at church, ate a tad of lunch and laid down at 11:30 and slept for a good couple of hours.

I took a break from ‘working’ around here yesterday for some needleworking. I cannot help myself when it comes to hearts. I cut the material from a bolt of upholstery fabric from my boss, added a flower I had crocheted, then started adding beads and thread. I used a mother of pearl button, and faux pearls in the crocheted flower, the flower center of daisy like blooms are fresh water pearls, and the centers of leaves at the bottom are abalone shell beads.




I’ve been following a blog called ‘A DAY IN THE LIFE’ by Gary who lives in the UK with his dear wife Amanda. They are professional gardeners taking care of several properties, plus their own home’s gardens and an allotment too. They also follow my blog, and yesterday in the mail came a lovely book from them.  They had air-mailed it on the 16th of Dec. hoping it would get here before Christmas, but alas, it didn’t.  It’s not like I live in the boonies, far from it, so who knows what the delay was.  At least it made it and in good shape too.  It is right up my ally and a gem of a book to add to my collection of books.


I love the inscription.


Well, I’m thinking of making some kind of soup, so I better get a move on before the day gets any further along.

Have a good day wherever you are ~ Hugs ~ FlowerLady


Betsy Adams said...

Yes, that is COLD for you!!!! We have had extreme cold for us too... Was minus 10 this morning... Gads!

Glad you didn't have another leak.. Glad also that you got quite a bit more work done on your plumbing, etc.

Your flowers are gorgeous. I love Mr. Lincoln. We have that one in our yard.


Rebecca said...

Oh, my! I know the Florida chill is as cold to you as Indiana chill is to us who are more accustomed to cold. So glad the leak is probably not a leak....and can't tell you how cheering it is to see the green and beautiful colors from your yard and garden.

The heart you're working on is so lovely...I wish I needed One. More. Thing. here at Gatescroft.

Balisha said...

Sounds like your BIL is a peach. Wonderful to have someone to call on when you need assistance. The flowers look so pretty with the raindrops on the petals.
Enjoy your day...keep warm,

Nancy J said...

No leaks, BIL to the rescue, some wood in place, and my favourite " Clock vine" that photo with the rain drops is superb. And, to add to the glory, a book, yes the perfect gift for you, enjoy, Stay warm, those are cold degrees for Florida. Greetings from Jean.

lil red hen said...

What a relief for you not to have another leak! And I agree ~ your brother-in-law must be a wonderful person.

Your beautiful flowers cheer us up when it's so cold around us. The roses are just gorgeous!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

G'morning Lorraine! How lovely - you've had chilly interlude. oh how I'd love that!
Wonderful progress on the plumbing and house - bless BIL!! I can imagine how relieved you are, such a load from your shoulders.
Your craft work is really exquisite and I always admire it. A lovely book from your friends in the UK, I'll be sure to visit their blog.
Stay warm and dry!

Happyone said...

48 sounds heavenly. We had a HIGH of - 1 today.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Wow, you got a lot done with your brother in law.
I know you're not used to the cold. We were below zero Monday morning. Today 50 degrees. Feels like a heat wave. Ha!
Gary and Amanda are so sweet. Perfect gift!

Meems said...

I wish we would have gotten some of that rain... we only had wind to bring in the cold front. We need a good soaking. Love your beadwork on the heart! I hope you had a wonderful holiday Lorraine! Hugs, Meems

M.K. said...

Oh, good! Soup on a cold day :) You have been so busy improving your home, and I'm not surprised you and B-I-L were exhausted. Your blooms are such a blessing to the soul in January for the rest of us. I know 40-50º doesn't sound cold to most people, but it really is very cold, when your heater is in the attic! Goodness, how did you make it? I'd have had on sweater and coats galore. Stay warm. So glad your water is in good shape. What a relief!

Cindy Cain said...

I cannot imagine having such beautiful greenery in my yard. Living in the desert, things just don't stay green very long. Enjoy your beautiful flowers and your beautiful weather.

Deb said...

Gary is now a follower of my blog too...what a thoughtful gift. Looks like you are staying busy. I love the rain. It is a bit chilly here in Arizona now too, but nothing compared to almost everywhere else (except Florida). So glad you are making progress with your house!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

It sounds like winter is everywhere. Here, where I live, near St. Louis, we have about 12 inches of snow on the ground. I enjoyed seeing the views of your garden. Your flowers are so pretty, and the glimpses of cobalt blue glass really caught my eye. I love that shade of blue glass when the sun shines on it.

Your new beadboard wall looks great. It seems like the perfect time to work on your lovely needlework while some delicious soup is cooking.

Gary said...

Your brother in law looks very dapper in the suit. It looks identical to the type I use for spraying weed killer. So glad the pressie finally arrived. Take care.

sweetbay said...

Cold even in southern Florida! Cold rain too! Great to hear you do not have a leak, and it's wonderful that your BIL is helping you out.

Jeri Landers said...

Oh I am so happy you have that brother-in law, he is a God send! He deserves a hot apple pie for his efforts.
Hey, welcome to winter, yuck! I can hardly wait for Spring, it was 2 degrees last night. Even our great Pyrenees wanted to come inside, and we let them.
I am glad to see you doing your stunning needlework, I think the beaded "leaves are the perfect addition to this piece, Keep those talented fingers movin!

gld said...

Glad you just got rain.

I love the BIL picture. I hope he got to see it. Aren't those lights a great tool; DH got one last Christmas and it is wonderful when you need your hands to carry or work.

I do hope the water issue is resolved and there was no under house leak!

Love the beadboard; I have it on the back porch and plan to put it in the remodeled (if ever we get it done) bathroom.

Sunray Gardens said...

At least something went your way with there being no leak and things are getting done which I know you are grateful for.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Julie said...

oh, congrats on no leaks and all the work you guys got done!!!!! wonderful!!! love that sweet surprise you recieved in the mail! Perfect for you!!!!!!!

jean said...

So glad, Lorraine, you didn't have a leak. That is definitely cold for Florida. I just planted a Cape Coral Honeysuckle plant not long ago and it is already flowering. So pretty. Thanks so much for coming by my blog and for your kind comments. Your loss was so much more than mine and I thought about that when I was so unhappy about losing my goat. I hope you have a good rest of the day. - jean

Mrs. E said...

Your heater is in the attic?? I can't imagine living in a climate where you don't need it often. (I think we could use your rain.)

Terra said...

That is a cute drawing in the book in the inscription. I have a copy of that book too. How noble your brother in law is to crawl around under the house, and do that other work with you. We are concerned about drought here so your rain looks rather wonderful to me.

Annie said...

Keep busy and you will stay warm. It was so hot here today that sweat was dripping down my face as I was sewing. Ready to head back to my cooler climate.

tina said...

That is pretty cold for Florida! I'm not laughing. Geez, it was cold everywhere and we all felt it. Even northerners. So glad you got some work done. Love that beadboard! I have some just like it in my office behind some floor to ceiling book shelves I built. I will most likely try to find a spot for it in the new house too. Stay safe!

Deb said...

Its finally warming up here in central Florida, 20 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday cover all the delicate plants, then warming with lots of rain, thinking if it had rained Tuesday we would have had lots of snow. Your garden looks so lovely and the beading on the heart looks great Happy New Year

sharon said...

wow you sure got a lot done...congats

KathyB. said...

You are truly blessed with people who love you , think about you, and show it in very practical ways . I am s happy for you that you don't have any leaks or problems under the house, and also that things are being repaired. I really know how concerns and worries about these things can weigh you down.

Boy, you did have some stormy weather ! And now I am. I just lost the power to our house for a second and my computer shut off, so I'll be closing down for now.