Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine’s Day ~ Part 2


This is my first Valentine’s Day in 46 years without my dear husband. I am still going to make a special dinner, like I always did in the 43 years of our marriage. I will raise my glass of wine in a toast to Mark and our love, and to God for bringing us together and keeping us together through richer or poorer, in good times and bad.

I am thankful for what we had. As several have mentioned, we were blessed, as a lot of people don’t have what we had. We did not have a perfect marriage, but our love grew deeper and stronger through the years we were blessed with together.

My parents were divorced when I was around 12. It impacted me then, and has affected my whole life. I wanted my marriage to work. I wanted it to be filled with love and laughter. When DH and I were dating we talked about growing old together. We did age together, we just didn’t get to live as old as we would have liked. But, we can’t second guess God’s plans for our lives, and God took my husband home when it was the perfect time for him to go. I miss him terribly, and will the rest of my life.

We read lots of wonderful things about making a marriage work. Our marriage was a continual work of art. Love is like a seed that needs to be nurtured, daily. Showing love isn’t just to be done on holidays, but each and every day, in words and actions, more than gifts. Gifts are nice, yes, but not that important in the overall scheme of things.

We once read this ** Renew and renew your vow - it will do you good - and thereby your souls will grow together - contented in the love which is stronger than death - and you will become truly one.  Anonymous **

We did just that, renewed our vows, more than once. A few years back was the last time and we went all out with this little ceremony. The memories are priceless. There is joy in renewing your vows. You have deeper love for one another because of living together, growing together, learning to understand one another more with each new day.



We found and bought the rose below for this ceremony. A rose with a reverse color on underside.

Red roses ~ love, beauty, courage, respect

White roses ~ reverence, humility, heavenly

The name of this rose is ‘Love’.







Let your love grow and blossom.

Nurture it every single day.

Cherish and treasure it.


Two songs below for us and our love.

Because you loved me ~ Celine Dion


Love of my Life ~ Carlos Santana

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you dear friends, followers and family.



As dew to the blossom,

and bud to the bee, 

as the scent to the rose,

are those memories to me.

Amelia B Welby


Sandra said...

Awww what a sweet post Lorraine. You really did have an amazing love which many people don't ever get to experience.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, Lorraine.

It feels like a special treat seeing photos of you and Mark.



Rebecca said...

♥ Thank you for all these words and the beautiful songs. The "Love" rose is a beautiful one, Lorraine.

organicgardendreams said...

Hi Lorraine, how nice that you and your husband renewed your vows. I feel that is a great way to celebrate a relationship and make it even stronger. I love the rose that you have chosen together for your ceremony. It must be wonderful for you that it continues to grow in your garden like your love for Mark.

Nancy J said...

Lovely words Lorraine, you say it beautifully. The vows, the rose with symbols of love, and your faith. Keep strong on the 14th, DH and his love and memory will be right there with you in spirit. Smiles and hugs from Jean in NZ

Sandy said...

I feel, in being able to share in all of your memories, that I know you personally. Everything is just so special, so sweet and I am honored to have you share these intimate times. I feel much compassion for you, dear friend. My prayer is that our Lord will make Himself known to you in a very real and personal way, as never before, and present Himself to you as your husband now, as the word says--Isaiah 54:5.
Love & Prayers~

lemonverbenalady said...

Lovely post as always, FL! I think I've learned in my sixty years on this planet to make every moment count. You and DH did! Happy Valentine's Day to you dear from me and The Herbal Husband. xxoo

Linda said...

You have some wonderful memories.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Valentine's day is bittersweet. I have award time getting excited about it.Hope your days are filled with love and sweet memories.

Heather said...

Lorraine, I have just gotten around to reading your last two posts, and I must say, beautiful! I have celebrated many a special occasion by myself, but we are never truly alone unless we choose to be, we always hold loved ones in our heart! Celebrate the love you had for it indeed was special and precious! Cheers~

Leslie said...

What a wonderful idea it was to plant the rose when you renewed your vows. It was the perfect way to commemorate the day.

Becky said...

He may be gone but he is still with you in your heart.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So sweet. Love the rose you choose. So much love between you and your hubby.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Some very poignant memories Lorraine, the rose and its symbol is so beautiful and thank you for sharing that so special occasion of your most recent vow renewal. So many tough and heart aching milestones to journey through. Thinking of you with much love on Valentine's Day.
The love you shared was so beautiful, so special.

Antique ART Garden said...

Precious pictures and the expressions on both of your faces says it all. Every holiday, every season is very, very difficult to go through the first few years. Think of Spring, even though it was always both of your busy season in the garden, it will keep your mind and body distracted( from your pain) with the dirt, air and birds. Love you, Gina

HolleyGarden said...

Renewing your vows is such a beautiful thing to have done. Makes one more committed, don't you think? I love the rose you chose for your ceremony. Such symbolism. And beauty. And the name -Love- just perfect for such an occasion.

Karen said...

Rainey, I love this post. We've never renewed our vows formally, but whenever we attend a wedding, Carl takes my hand in church and silently forms the words, "I do."

You're right, Valentine's Day is not about the presents, it's about love and you and Mark shared a very special, precious love. I wish I could ease your pain; just know I'm here for you, dear friend.

sweetbay said...

How wonderful that you are re-living sweet memories at this time. You and Mark had a special bond. Happy Valentine's Day! I will be thinking of you today, I know it won't be easy.

Susan Elliott said...

What a beautiful love and a beautiful rose! That is such a lovely idea...that you could visit your rosebush and it is blooming still...as is your love for Mark. Way to get through a tough day!! Love to you, Susan