Monday, February 4, 2013

More winter blooms


At 6:26 this Monday morning, it is 49 degrees and feels like it is 47. For us that is COLD. I don’t know what the temperature is inside the cottage, but I’ve got a flannel shirt on, my fingers are a bit chilly as are my feet, which are bare. I just put the coffee pot on and the heat from the stove will add a little warmth in here. The heater is still in the attic as it’s not been cold enough to bring it down.

It’s been beautiful out during the last few days. Yesterday I worked on cutting back some jasmine that was about 3’ higher than it should be. Trying to get everything down to a certain level on the front hedgerow. It’s been months since we did it last. I’ve still more to do, but that’s for another morning. It felt good to be outside working in God’s beautiful creation.

I had some overwhelming moments yesterday but made it through another day and am thankful to God for ever being present with me. You can read more here.

Today is a new day, may I rejoice and be glad in it.

Here are the blooms. I sure wish you could smell some of them. Especially the one below.


This next is a beautiful orchid, a gift from my friend Nanci.




This is my climbing Maman Cochet rose. The scent of this is so wonderful.



And here is something I made for a new little grandniece. I didn’t want to show it earlier because she hadn’t received it yet. It was a joy to make for this new little life. They have it hanging on the mirror over her dressing table. The lace butterfly, the bird and the center heart/flower on the trim are laces I won in a give away from Nicki Lee at Ravioli Dreams.  The white lace flowers, the trim with pink edge were in the boxes of crafts that DH found curbside a few years back. I had the flower button in my button collection, and I crocheted the little baby girl. The little white enameled heart was also from Nicki Lee’s give away.



That’s it from Plum Cottage this morning. Have a wonderful week.



Life holds so many simple blessings,

each day bringing its own individual wonder.

John McLeod


Rebecca said...

O, Lorraine! The gift you made for your grand-niece is absolutely precious! I've never seen ANYthing like it...

It's cold (and snowing) here, too - quite a bit colder than down there :)

Praying that you experience God's grace & comfort in new and personal ways today. His steadfast love never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning...

Sunray Gardens said...

The blooms are lovely. I love Orchids. It's nice to see that one doing so well. the sampler is really pretty.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That little girl has a keepsake she should treasure for a lifetime. Have a good day and enjoy those beautiful flowers. Take an extra sniff of them for me. :)

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely precious gift!

And I'm jealous of your gardenia. Mine took a hard hit with black-spot last year and I had to do some severe pruning . . . no flowers so far.

Enjoy this beautiful weather of ours.



Betsy Adams said...

Hi Lorraine, Love that little sampler.. You are just so talented. Emily Clara will keep that as a treasure her entire life...

Your flowers are gorgeous.. I could almost smell that first one.

Love the little orchids and that pink rose. Now that I've had my snow--I am not ready for spring... ha


Nancy J said...

A beautiful gift to be treasured forever. Your photos of the flowers are superb, such wonderful close=up details. Take care, heed my families' words. "Do less, rest more " Greetings from Jean.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Your creation is beautiful
The Lord has gifted you
with such talent.
Have a good day
special online friend.
I think I have picked up a stomach
bug :(

Susan said...

The gift for your grandniece is adorable. What a treasure. We had a cold weekend up my way, too. Fortunately, no frost. Have a wonderful week.

Heather said...

What a sweet little keepsake for your grand-niece, very pretty indeed! Now, gee whiz, I only wish my "winter blooms" looked half as good as those... you are getting stronger each day! Cheers~

Friko said...

Everything here is beautiful, all of the blooms and your gift to your grandniece. She will treasure this forever.

Bless you.

Cheri Farnell said...

My Sweet Sister ,The gift you made for our granddaughter is beautiful. I love reading your blogs, sometimes I laugh with you and sometimes I cry with you. Your flower pictures are beautiful, I wish I had the time to take more photos, I love taking sunsets and have quite a few, these are another of God's masterpieces. One day maybe I will be able to come and walk in your private gardens with you. It was cold here this morning also, 34 actually the last two mornings, but warmed up nicely in the afternoons. God Bless you sister ,in all you do. You're in my prayers.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Your grandniece's keepsake is truly beautiful, something to last a lifetime.
You are truly blessed with gardening fingers - your flowers are stunning. I'm struggling with a pot of portulaca!!
Have a peaceful day Lorraine.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So funny. It's 47 degrees here right now and we think it's warm for January!
That is a great orchid. I have a gift card from a friend and am planning to pick up one this week. Maybe a purple or speckled one.

Leslie said...

I just love your embroidery piece. What a treasure for your grandniece! All the little details are so wonderful--the crocheted baby and the button and all the lovely tiny beads. Great job!

Mrs. E said...

Just beautiful flowers--and that embroidery piece. Let's just say--everything reminded me of something a bride would carry! (That piece of embroidery would be a cool piece for a wedding day someday years from now!)

Sissy said...

Something made by hand will surely be treasured by this baby and her family! What a sweet gift!
Hopefully it will warm up for you, soon!
Take care,

Lynn said...

You manage beauty and creativity in one gift. It’s a keepsake for always, Lorraine.


Hi Lorraine, I'm sorry the weather has been on the chilly side. Our weather here was in the 40s this morning too but this is WARM for us! Or maybe average since it is February now.

Your blossoms are beautiful. I'm glad you were able to get the Jasmine cut back. I bet in your mild climate it really likes to take off.

Your stitchery for Emily is beautiful. I love all the PINKS!

I'm glad you're doing okay. I'm sure it's one day, or one moment at a time, isn't it? Take care and consider yourself hugged. :)

HolleyGarden said...

Your orchids are beautiful! But it's the gardenia that I wish I could smell. Mmmmmm.....

Antique ART Garden said...

Precious, terribly beautiful gift you made for her. get your heater down from the attic woman!47 is cold enough for Pete's sake! Big hug, Gina

Balisha said...

Hi Lorraine,
Hope you are doing well. I love that precious gift that you made. Thanks for sharing.
I've never had luck with gardenias. I wish I could grow them.

Georgianna said...

Hi Lorraine,

It's amazing to me that these beautiful flowers are blooming right now. We have absolutely nothing yet!

I wish I could smell the jasmine, too. Maybe my favorite scent.

Very, very sweet and precious gift you made for your grand niece. I'm sure she will always cherish it.

Wishing you a week filled with beauty, Lorraine.


Julie said...

Dear Lorraine, I heard about your DH through another blog I visit, and just felt compelled to come by to say hello and give you my condolences. He was very young, and I am so sorry for your loss. I wanted to tell you that I am also in zone 10, PB County, and that I also love roses and embroidery! I adore this beautiful creation you made your grandniece! The granddaughter of mine, who lives with me is Emily June, and I love her to pieces! God bless you!

Julie said...

Dear Lorraine, I wanted to come by to give you my condolences and say how sorry I am for the loss of your DH! He was so young. I believe he is with Jesus as well. He has beaten us to the streets of gold! I am also in zone 10. PB County. I love roses and embroidery! This lovely creation you made for your grandniece is just gorgeous! The granddaughter I have that lives with me is also named Emily. She is Emily June. She is 4 y.o., and a sweet little thing!!! Congrats on your newest family member! Take good care of yourself!
xoxo- Julie