Friday, October 19, 2012

Some roses

Good morning Folks,

Well, it’s morning here, Friday the 19th of October. It is still very warm and humid down here. We’re having rain and more rain.  We had a really lovely day a week or so back, when I wrote my last post, but it immediately warmed back up and the humidity is thick. Not as bad as August and September, but still miserable.

Ok, here are some of the roses in bloom down here.

Vincent Godsiff, with spiderwort in the background.



‘Cocktail’ rose.


‘Louis Philippe’










This might be ‘Bon Silene’, but I’m not positive.


This is an unknown rose, given to me as a rooted cutting by a friend in CA. I thought she told me had the same name as her grandmother, and I think it was Mary Elizabeth, but I’ve not found any roses that match this one.  The first two photos were in morning sunlight.



These were taken in the afternoon, more the true color. It is nicely scented too.









DH is still healing. Fan on our a.c. unit went caput yesterday morning, so no a.c. for us. Sunday morning I’ll see if I can pull the unit out, (it pulls out of the frame, into the room), to see if there is a place to oil the fan. If not, I’ll shove it back in, and we’ll sweat it out. Smile At least it’s nearing the end of October. We are keeping windows shut to keep out heat and humidity, and have 3 ceiling fans going. We can’t afford to have someone come out to do this. We’re thinking of other a.c. options so checking into those. Hopefully, we can oil the fan and it will be good to go for another few years.  The unit is Friedrich’s very good make and is only 3 years old. We had units by the company before that have lasted years and years.

I’ll close with a verse I looked up this morning.


Casting all your care on him;

for he cares for you.

I Peter 5:7


Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady Lorraine


Leslie said...

I'm sorry about your air conditioner, Lorraine. I hope you can fix it. And I hope it gets cooler soon--I think it will. I really admire your collection of old roses. The rose society up here has an annual sale in February and I'll definitely be looking for Penelope. My favorite picture is the one of the petal on the lichen-covered branch--so pretty.

Val said...

Lovely roses. I hope you can find a way to make yourself and your husband more comfy soon. I'd send you some fall air from Pennsylvania today if I could. ♥

Bernie H said...

Such beautiful Roses and lovely shots, as always. So sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your air-conditioner. I do so hope the problem is sorted soon, so you can have so level of comfort.

mary_smith said...

Our ac went out a few weeks ago when it was 104. We live in southeast FL. The house was up to 95 so we locked the cats in our bedroom with the window unit running. It took almost 4 days to get someone to the house.
At least it's cooler this week.

Karen said...

Dear Lorraine, I've been absent far too long. I'm so sorry to hear about your AC. Though we didn't have air conditioning until the early 1990's, we have both become dependent on it in the summer when the temps go anything above 80 outside, and this is Wisconsin, not Florida! What you are going through right now would be the equivalent of our furnace going out in January here; a crisis. I so hope the oiling works and I wish we lived closer so we could lend you a hand. Don't hurt yourself trying to budge the unit.

I'm happy to hear DH is recuperating and finally able to eat some solid food. Carl has caught an awful cold and had been sitting up nights in the recliner in the living room to alleviate some of the coughing. He's on the mend now, thankfully. Life is so fragile and when our spouses are not feeling the best, it takes a toll on both of you.

I read each and every post I've missed this morning; I LOVE the caravan! Oh, it's a treat! What a sanctuary, and I am so happy you have this space.

The constant rain you are experiencing has to be difficult. We had virtually no rain for so long, weeks and weeks on end, until last weekend. Now that it's started raining, it doesn't want to stop and the days are dark, dank and gloomy. Though I'm happy we've finally gotten precipitation, the gloom is getting to me.....can we humans ever be truly satisfied? ;')
Today it's in the 40's and drizzling. But the weekend is supposed to clear up which is a good thing because we need to mortar on Aaargh again. Carl is all caught up on stonecutting until we run the next batch of mortar.
The extended forecast calls for more rain every day next week, so this may be our last chance this year.

Congratulations on four years of blogging, Lorraine. Your posts have been gentle, inspirational poetry to read and the flowers and lyrical prose uplift me every time I visit. Hugs to you both, and prayers for DH's continued recovery.

Nancy J said...

Lorraine, beautiful close-ups. and I,along with all others, hope your DH heals and is 100% very soon.Hope cooler days will arrive until the A.C. is fixed, Greetings from Jean ( your comments for me/Hugh are so caring and help so much)

sharon said...

Lorraine,Im so sorry about your air...your husband needs to be comfortable..I will pray for cooler weather...but Im sure you can get an older unit if this cant be fixed as people are always upgrading to central..I have bad luck with roses i can believe they do so good for you down south..,that single petal shot is genius! sit in a tepid bath to cool off

Rebecca said...

It's hard to believe you're still needing the A.C. So sorry it went kaput. I'm sorry for your discomfort and that DH is healing so slowly.

What a wonderful verse to find and practice. (Much easier to find than practice, huh!?!)

What beautiful, BEAUTIFUL blooms. Thanks for taking time to share them with us?

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Your roses sure seem to be fine with the humidity. Hope you get a solution to your AC issue. Take care.

Amrita said...

Your pictures brought such freshness to me. I love them.
We are going to prune an d fertilize our rose bushes , then they will be ready for winter blooms.
Its cooler here and that is such a relief

Jeri Landers said...

I love the image of the rose petal on the the lichen branch. My roses are still blooming in the newly cool weather here in East Tenn. Hoping yours cools off soon.

shirley said...

Your roses are always a delight and your photography superb. It is warming up here at last, Enjoy the heat it will soon be very cold there.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It's difficult for me to wrap my head around your being so hot, not that I don't sympathize, I do immensely...

It's just so cold here, my toes are frozen, my hand, is cold, and can't type well,lol.

I certainly hope that the air conditioner gets going, being hot and sweaty isn't fun, it just drains you.

Hoping for some relief.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful roses . . . . which I always admire.

We have had an absolutely beautiful weekend here in Lakeland. Gone are the 90s, replaced with clear skies, a nice breeze, and far less humid 80s. Hopefully you'll get a break in weather soon - especially with your A/C unit acting up. Ours always seems to go out in the summer.

Have a great week, FlowerLady and best of luck with your A/C repairs.


Friko said...

You have some beautiful roses in your garden.
I still have quite a few buds in my bushes but it’s probably too late (and cold) now for them to flower properly. Mind you, the last rose of summer frequently flowers at Christmas, when the winter is mild.

Sorry you’re still sweating, would you like some of our cold and fog?

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...I never tire of looking at your beautiful vintage roses. I'm sure they are loving the milder temps. I do hope you can get your A/C up and running but the good thing is that it broke down now and not back in August. Have a great weekend.

Ami said...

I am so sorry to hear about your AC. Yes, the South Florida is still warm in this fall season, and I hope the oiling could work since we still have a couple of weeks to go before we have all the coolness.

You have so many Roses, and envy that L.P rose. Especially love love that picture with rose petal and the moss on the tree branch. Very pretty and touchy :)

Best Wishes.

~ Ami

Devilish Angel said...

Nice colors...Lovely pics...

tina said...

Maybe the fan is still under warranty? It seems a fan should surely last more than three years. I hope you were able to fix it. The roses are lovely. I especially like the picture of the tree with lichen and rose petal. So serene and perfect for fall.

Skeeter said...

Ah, as if I can smell the scent of roses coming through the computer today! As Tina, my fav pic is the one of the single rose petal on the limb. Have a great weekend...