Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tagetes lucida ~ Spanish Tarragon ~ Thanks Sharon

Good morning Folks ~ It is another rainy day.  It rained most of the day yesterday and the day before, and for the most part it’s just been gentle rain. No bright flashes or loud booms. This is how it looks on the weather map. The yellow/orange areas are full of thunder and lightening, and I’m hoping we won’t get any of that.



I want to thank Sharon Lovejoy for letting me know what type of tarragon I have.

It is Tagetes lucida otherwise known as Spanish Tarragon or Winter Tarragon.

I don’t even remember when or where I got this tarragon, but I love using it and have found it ‘easy’ to propagate in a glass of water. It is great with carrots, fish and chicken.

For more info on it go to Mountain Valley Growers, and to Wikipedia.

You can use the flowers for dye, how neat is that?


Today I plan to fix a turkey.  I will save both breasts, one will be for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas. Smile We’ll have sandwich material and turkey for recipes for suppers too.

That’s it from Plum Cottage for now.  Hope you all have a great day.



Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.

Langston Hughes,  April Rain Song,  1902 - 1967


Morning's Minion said...

Tagetes--I think that explains the likeness to a marigold flower!

Darla said...

Nice of Sharon to help you, she's great. We are supposed to get some serious weather up here. Hope that part of the forecast is wrong. Thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas already, you are smart.

Amrita said...

Aren 't they beautiful. wow!

lemonverbenalady said...

Even if you wanted to FlowerLady I don't think you could grow French tarragon in your climate. I sometimes can't get it through the winters here in southwestern PA. It's also known as Mexican or Texas tarragon.

Darcie said...

I got to admit..I love a rainy day! We are that other green spot, up NW of you. :-) Hope any severe stuffs stays away from you all.

Kathy said...

I am hoping to get rain! We need it soooo badly! I have French Tarragon - LOVE it! Love herbs in the garden!
Hope you're having a great day,

Anonymous said...

I love rain too. The flower on your blog header is stunning.

Anonymous said...

I love rain too. We live in a dry place(Adelaide), in Southern Australia.We are in the lower middle of the country, so rain flies North, South, East...but we get little.We have just come out of 10 years of drought.So lovely to have Normal rains once more.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I didn't know tarragon had such pretty flowers.

Southern Lady said...

Your rain came to us..I love a rainy night! Carla

Autumn Belle said...

The tarragon flowers look dainty and sweet. We are having rainy days here too. My mouth waters thinking about the turkey.

Karen said...

So glad to hear the rain has been kind so far, and now you have me inspired to make a nice supper for tonight, too. The crockpot will be swinging into action.

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog, you are definitely an Inspiration to Carl and I, too. All the projects you and your dear husband work on together and from found objects, which constitutes almost all of our projects' materials, too. Sending a big hug your way.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Rain - welcome rain finally falling on the land surrounding the cottage. So dry and with the clearing of paths in the woods the dust so bad that I have bad allergy symptoms. Should have known better.
Your pictures are a delight to the eye...

gld said...

We cook a turkey now and then for just the two of us too. I even boil the carcass for broth. We never waste a bit of it.

I had the seed for the Mexican tarragon once.....lost it and have never seen it since!