Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another gray and windy day

Good afternoon everyone ~ Hope you all are having or have had a great weekend.

We were ‘supposed’ to get rain last weekend, got a few sprinkles, more rain is expected over the next couple of days and I do hope we get some.  We’ve had a few light sprinkles today.

I was able to get the picket fencing washed down with TSP and what a difference.  Now when the weather is not so iffy I can paint it. Yippee!

DH has finished framing the pair of little stained glass windows for the back/east wall of the gypsy shed, and has the lines marked out ready to cut.  That will be done in the next day or so and then the windows will be inserted.

I’m going to be raking out smoothly as possible the area between the clothesline and the gypsy shed so that I can lay down some tar paper before laying down broken paver stones fit together as much as possible.  The paper will keep ants and weeds from wreaking havoc with the area.

I have been visiting the Stitchin’ Fingers website and am being inspired left and right.  I just can’t get over all the wonderful needlework out there. My mind is reeling, my fingers itchin to start a new project.

I haven’t done much in the way of gardening this past week. Although, wait a minute, what’s this fading blister from? Ah yes, we trimmed some tree branches that were hanging over the fence from the apt. complex and I trimmed the front hedgerow too. We have more limbs all along the driveway to take care of, a little at a time as we are only allowed to put out so much a week for them to come pick up, to take to their facility and ground to mulch. It is free to the public any time.

So, here are pics from the week.

I’ll start off with an early morning picture the other day, just before the sun started coming up.


French tarragon


Philippine violets


Louis Philippe roses



Back of the gypsy shed with window lines drawn on.


One of the waiting windows.



Fall decoration in the kitchen porch entry.


Our weather is a tad cooler and I saw predictions for the end of the month where the temps are supposed to get down into the late 50’s.  That is really going to be nice, if it happens. Smile

Hope you all have a great week wherever you are, whatever you are doing. If any are going through rough times, may you feel God’s love and peace surrounding you. He is with us always, it’s just that we sometimes do not notice.



"Winter is an etching,
spring a watercolor,
summer an oil painting

and autumn a mosaic of them all."

Stanley Horowitz



Anonymous said...

I love how you mention other blogs and websites on your blog - I've really enjoyed visiting these sites.

I also enjoy the comments you leave on my blog (they make my day) : ).

And finally - I love to watch the progess you are making!

Kit said...

I have one of those ceramic pumpkins too! Had it for years. Raining here today all day. Feels good and I don't mind since I am inside and doing projects. Have a great week! Kit

Becky said...

As always lovely photos. HMMmmm... if I took a picture in the morning it would still be quite dark - perhaps I could capture some stars for my blog. Tomorrow I have to be in the car by 3:30... UGH! I can see the start time getting earlier and earlier as the "Season" progresses. I would love to get out of this retail Environment and into a small retail outlet... maybe one day. I have sewing backing up so I better make some time for it soon... somehow.

Rebecca said...

Your flowers were beautiful (as always), but it that shed and window and surroundings (pavers, etc.) that I am REALLY excited about!

Bernie said...

It's a grey, but not windy day here and there's a thunderstorm crackling overhead. I can actually hear the faint tinkle of teeny tiny raindrops hitting the roof.

Unfortunately, it's not really raining, more like the sprinkling you mentioned happened your way last weekend. Still I just love the smell of rain, and as we're still in 'dry' season officially, it's nice to see the promise of decent rain.

Love the stained glass windows and I think they're going to look fabulous in that wall. The Roses are gorgeous, as usual.

Darla said...

Would love to have a few sprinkles here. The early morning temps have been real nice, but it heats of during the day.

Annie said...

LOVE that beautiful rose, and the morning shot is glorious

Sharon said...

I've grown tarragon but never seen it flower--I'm thinking the blossom looks very like a single marigold.
When I ponder the variety of roses which flourish in your Florida garden I wonder if I need to do some study of what would be more suitable here in KY--my rugosas, so hardy in New England---don't seem to like this much warmer climate.

HolleyGarden said...

Oh, Louis Phillippe is gorgeous! I have some tree limbs I need trimming up, too. Sorry about your blister! You must have clipped a ton - and you have even more to go! But the free mulch sounds wonderful.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

May the gentle autumn sun shine sweetly on you and your lovely garden!


Sharon Lovejoy said...

P.S. That "tarragon" looks like Tagetes lucida, which certainly has the tarragon scent and the taste, though a bit stronger.

True tarragon doesn't flower.

Love to you,


Sandy said...

Your flowers just astound me. They
are so beautiful, like a garden
in some far away place of make
believe. Love everything else
around your place as well.
Hope your week is wonderful.
Love the quote.

Karen said...

Love the stained glass window, can't wait to see it installed. You've been so busy, I wish I had your energy. I'm off the statin now (by my own choice) and hope for better health soon.

Hope your week goes well!!