Sunday, October 23, 2011

Picket fence painted :-)

Hi Folks ~ I’m about ready to get horizontal to read before sleep but wanted to show the picket fencing. It took me from 9 –12 this morning. There was a nice breeze, it was partly cloudy and I’m glad to have that project done. We both love how it looks with the Gypsy Caravan. I’m going to paint the hinges and latch plum color. You can see the uneveness of the pickets at the bottom, these were recycled. I’m going to try to scrounge up some more rocks from around the property to put at the base. I painted from the gate to the caravan.

I moved potted plants to beside the inside of fencing so there are periwinkles peaking through fencing and some Spanish moss hanging from one of the potted Texas sage shrubs. I need to prune and feed them. I’ve got Chrysler Imperial and Don Juan both in pots here too, among other things. We’ve got a pile of ‘curbside shopped’ broken patio stones that I’ll be using to make a patio from the back of caravan to the clothesline. Another project for another day. My right arm and wrist were really aching when I quit painting today. This is the arm that was broken and wrenched in a car accident in 2000. The doctor said it wouldn’t be the same as before the accident and he was right. I just try to do what I can and not over do it. Easier said than done.


DH has been working on the space for the propane gas tank that came with the original camper. He had to make sure it was sealed so that there will be no possible leakage into the inside. We got that done this morning, except for one little place and he’ll fix that next time he’s out there. He’ll be getting the little propane refrigerator set up too and then we can see how to make the counter top over the area so that we can install the little stainless steel sink that came with it too. Then DH will paint the floor with terra cotta colored thick roof paint, then mark it out into tiles. Pretty soon I’ll be painting the outside wood plum color and really look forward to that. I really enjoy painting, have since I was a teen, it’s just that I have to take it easier these days. It doesn’t all have to be done at one time. The ‘caravan’ is coming a long little by little. It is a fun project.

Here are some flower pics from today.

Louis Philippe or Florida Cracker rose.


Mm. Laurette Messimy rose in the next three photos.




Rain lilies.


We had some excitement in the neighborhood yesterday afternoon. DH captured in photos with my camera, three teens throwing rocks from behind a 6’ high cement fence at cars and pedestrians. This has happened three times now. The first time was at night and they hit a bicyclist in the face with something so that he had a bloody nose. But they ran away and didn’t get caught. The next time was in broad daylight, and they ran away too because they had a look out who told them via cell phone that cops were coming. Well, this time DH had a plan. When he heard what he thought was rocks being thrown at vehicles, he got up on our roof with the camera and got some great shots as they were firing rocks, eggs, bits of cement, etc. He didn’t get them hitting a fire truck, but he saw that happen. The fire truck is the one who called the cops this time. We called the other two times. Well the cops and the firemen were thrilled that DH had pictures. The one cop had to go through quite a few flower pictures on my chip, before he got to the pictures of the crime, which I thought was funny. He told DH ‘your wife’s chip is just about full’. I did delete everything off of it this morning.

We found out recently that a gang of teens stole the hot water heater and room a.c.’s from this apt complex which is being remodeled and stripped them of the copper. The cops are watching them and who knows maybe this event yesterday will help with the whole deal. From the pictures, the cops rounded up the main suspect who lives down the street, and then he gave the info on the other two. They were all rounded up, had to apologize to the firemen, and to their parents, and the one who had thrown the rocks went off in handcuffs to the police station. Hopefully they will learn a lesson but who knows. Kids are so unpredictable and out of hand these days. This kid was clean cut and his parents looked like decent people.

I am a bit concerned about retaliation, but am trying not to worry about it.

Anyway, we sure hope things will quiet down around here. There is a property manager now living next door, so hopefully no more shenanigans will happen. Although this did happen yesterday afternoon and she was there, but the kids have been sneaking in at the back of the property and leaving the same way. The owner is going to put up chain link fencing, and a motion light and hopefully that will help too. We have 6’ high privacy fencing all around our property.

It would be neat if we could ‘beam’ our little compound to some quiet country piece of property, but that’s not likely to happen, so we do the best we can here in our little haven.

Hope you all have a great week.



The difficulties of life

are intended to make us better, not bitter.

Author Unknown


Bernie said...

Well done DH! While I applaud his efforts in trying to capture evidence of the crime these kids were committing, I'm so sorry to hear all this is happening in your neighbourhood. That's a real shame. This is one of many things I don't miss about living in the city!

On a much lighter note, your picket fence is looking sensational! You've done a great job there. It all looks like a professional job. Loved the lovely flowers too!

shirley said...

Love you picket fence Lorraine, and with the white chairs it makes a lovely area. When the caravan is painted this will be a nice spot to sit and probably is now among all your beautiful flowers.

Pity about the kids throwing rocks, do they think it is funny to injure people or destroy property. Hope that is the end of it for you.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Oh goodness I can't believe people can do things like this and think it's funny! Thank goodness your husband thought to take photo's or this may have kept up and maybe even got worse. He did those boys a favor! This makes me VERY glad we live in the country.
Beautiful photo's of your fence and flowers. That's a shame about you being in an accident ...glad you've healed well enough to do what you enjoy though even if you have to take it easy. You did a lovely job.
Have a wonderful week!
Maura :)

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The fence looks great!!!!
You are amazing with all you do. You certainly deserve a little down time to rest your arm. Having had some injuries from a car wreck, my hubby and I understand. So glad your husband got the photos on the teens with the rocks. Sorry you're having to deal with all that. Why causing harm to others has become acceptable sport for many these days, I do not understand either. Would some well placed prickly plants help your neighbor???

Sunray Gardens said...

I don't understand what goes through some kids or even adults minds sometimes. Hope they catch them.

That first Rose is really lovely.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Miami, but eventually "had" to leave because of the crime and gang problems. . . Now, here we are in central Florida and I see some of the same problems creeping into our town. I hate the idea of living in fear again (bars on the windows), but moving is not always an option. . . So we carve out a piece of paradise and do the best we can, right? And you certainly have a piece of paradise!

Balisha said...

Sorry to hear about the problems you are facing with teens. They seem to have too much time on their hands today. Maybe a job of community service would be good for the ones who are caught.
I love picket fences and yours looks so pretty and the plum accent is very nice. Have a nice day today...Balisha

Becca's Dirt said...

I hate dealing with unruly teens. They are so hard to deal with and so unrealistic. I think parents are not responsible enough these days and aren't minding the kids. Beautiful blooms. The fencing looks good. My hands would be all crimped up from holding a paint brush.

HolleyGarden said...

Your picket fence looks fabulous! And the broken stones for a patio will be perfect. Be careful with your arm and wrist. I'm like that with an ankle. It's easy to forget and do too much!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Love the fence. I wanted a picket fence by my cottage. After being here a while I like it open. There still might be a place I can put one. I like all your plans..

Sissy said...

Left to their own devices, children and dogs will find the naughty in everything, I am convinced. A good child is a tired child. Mine were involved with sports and academics from morning till night. Someone always needs tutoring, or practicing, somewhere. Those parents allowed those children to walk out the door without a direction and they found the naughty. Shame on the lazy parents.
What a smart hubby you have!! How would anyone know that it was he who took the photos? Surely the cops didn't spill the beans??
Your fence is wonderful! Your hard work is rewarded with such a beautiful fence!

Skeeter said...

Your fence looks wonderful and a job well done by you both! You are such an inspiration to me with all you do around there even with aching arms. Kudos to DH for snapping pictures. I am so glad he did not fall off the roof while playing Private Investigator. I know this incident must have been a bit nerve racking. I try to keep a look out for my neighbors and wonder about retaliation when I step in as well. But someone has to speak up. I remember the days when it was okay for a neighbor to snatch up a child and scold them then send them home to arrive to more scolding. Today, One would be put in jail for scolding someone else’s child. I so miss those days….

gld said...

The fence just makes that area shine!

I would love picket fencing but I don't want to have to maintain I don't get the enjoy its beauty and I refuse the new plastic fencing.

Tell DH to be careful of these kids. I know he did the right thing but I worry.

The country isn't always as serene as you would imagine. Recently in an area fairly close teens were setting fire to stored hay just for fun....and this is in time of drought and hay shortages! I think they destroyed over l00 large round bales.

Lovely roses.

Autumn Belle said...

It was very brave of you and your DH to come forward and furnish the evidence to the police. It helped the authorities solve the menace. Because of caring people like you, many others are spared of the agony of such disturbances or further injury.

Both of you have got a lot completed with the DIY jobs. The fencing looks very nice and your blooms are lovely.

emily wierenga said...

so much loveliness in your home, dear friend.

tina said...

I like the picket fence very much. Make double sure the trailer is sealed so no fumes get into it. We had five people die here in a trailer due to carbon monoxide poisoning recently. A generator was placed too close to a vent into the trailer. They had 45% saturation of the poison. It has been terrible for our community.

The kids, oh my. I think teens get bored and get stupid. I have one here at my house and I see it daily where he gets bored. Unfortunately kids are desensitized to others and how others feel. Perhaps some trouble with the law will wake them up. I would be so proud of my husband to be brave and get pictures. I hope no retaliation. Think positive! Neighbors can be awful-even in the country where I kind of live.

Jeri Landers said...

My goodness, I have missed much! The caravan reminds me of one my dad purchased back in 1968... it was at least 20years old when he bought it. But Oh, do I wish I had it now! Yours is quite special.
Pickett fences are the best, and as you say, a few stones placed here and there will hide the uneven bottoms.
(You would be proud of my roses.. they are still blooming even in the chill air.)

Karen said...

Oh, the fence is beautiful, how well it fits in with your gentle, gorgeous garden! I'm sorry to hear your wrist hurts, old injuries are so hard to heal...I have a few of my own and know just what you mean.

Every time you write about how populated your neighborhood is, I am always stunned because your home and garden is so peaceful and serenity just abounds from the lovely pictures you share. Good for you on having photos to provide proof of the hooligan's damage. Throwing rocks.....gads, what else? Too bad they have no interests other than destruction. Maybe I could interest them in dressing some rocks for my project? At least that way, they'd be burning off their anger and accomplishing something all at the same time.

Hugs to you, dear lady!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Now I know what you were talking about when the frond fell on your house. Oh, dear! Good for your DH in taking photos of those hooligans.

Larry and I are sitting in a coffee shop, and I have been showing him photos and reading bits and pieces of what you've written. Of course, I read through my laughter, the part about your flower photos being with the ones DH took.