Friday, October 28, 2011

Freebies, roses, & a dream from last night

Good morning Everyone ~ Here it is Friday morning, we’ve just had a little rain shower, more rain is expected over the next few days. Glad I got the painting of the Gypsy caravan, basically done, and the picket fencing finished too. I’ll be heading off to work soon, but wanted to get a post done before I left home.

‘Freebies’ are a part of our life. We don’t purposely go out looking for them, but we see them when we are out and bring them home if we can use them. Yesterday morning DH had to go to HD to get a toilet plumbing part, and while he was out, found a broken into three pieces 2”x4’x8’ piece of styrofoam, which we needed more of to insulate the Gypsy caravan. He then stopped off at the Salvation Army thrift store, and saw that they had free canned goods, limit three, so he picked out cream of potato soup, cream of mushroom soup, and a can of asparagus spears. Yesterday on my way home from work I spied the magazine holder below, sitting curbside. Whoa, step on the breaks, get out of my car, and look it over and the piece came home.  I’ll just clean it up a bit and then DH said to oil it to bring it back to life. By the way, the concrete bench and the little turquoise piece were also found ‘curbside’ over the years. Actually, DH found two of those benches when he was out one day and loaded them into the van himself.



The two picture up next are my view out of the scullery window where I wash dishes. The white lattice will be coming down shortly. This is looking into the ‘secret garden’. The picket fenced garden is on the other side of the hedge to the right.



Our gentle St. Francis statue that we’ve had for many, many years.  I didn’t notice the extra critter on him until I edited the picture. Fitting.


Now, for one of my dreams last night. I usually have several dreams a night, and I dream in color. Well this one was a short dream but it blessed my heart and made me feel peaceful.  I dreamed I was lying on a sofa or a bed, clothed, and there was a tiny faceted bead of turquoise colors, sending out sparkles of light. Then the words of an old hymn’s chorus came to mind. ~ God will take care of you, through every day, o’er all the way, He will take care of you, God will take care of you. ~ I woke up with joy in my heart and a smile on my face, then fell back to sleep.

Yesterday I read a blogging friend’s post that left my heart aching for her and all  who are going through difficult or troubling times. There is so much going on in the world, and not all is hunky dory for everyone. A commenter had the gall to tell her that she didn’t want to hear about the troubles going on in her life or where she lived.  Can you imagine that? Whether we like it or not, bad stuff is happening all over, people are sick and dying, they are poor and destitute. We don’t all live the same lives, have the same finances, live in peaceful environments.

I have two other friends who are dealing with health issues, one of them cancer.

Hearing these things makes my own troubles seem small and insignificant. It sometimes makes me embarrassed to post about our little blessings, except I am grateful to the One who gives the blessings.

We all have lessons to be learned, reasons to be thankful, no matter our circumstances. Life can and does deal us curve balls, but as a believer in Jesus/God, I believe He is with me no matter what I may go through. He is my strength when I am weak.

I will close with the following presentation of that old hymn that came to mind in in my dream last night.


"God Will Take Care Of You"

Be not dismayed what e'er be tide
God will take care of you
Beneath His wings of love abide
God will take care of you

God will take care of you
Through every day, o'er all the way
He will care for you
God will take care of you

Through days of toil when heart doth fail
God will take care of you
When dangers fierce your path assail
God will take care of you

God will take care of you
Through every day, o'er all the way
He will care for you
God will take care of you.


L. D. Burgus said...

Thank you for this posting. I love your freebie stuff as I do that too. I don't know why people have to be so self centered that they can't have a concern for others. Real pain in our lives is real and if we express it sometimes all we want is someone to listen to the hurt. And of course we can pray for them.

Southern Lady said...

Good morning! Your post was the first that I read this morning. I am so glad. It was very uplifting. Your dream, the hymn, and your words were a blessing to me! Thank you so much for sharing. Carla

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine someone having the audacity to leave such a comment on another's blog. It's not as though we're forced to read somebody's posts. Just makes me think that that is one miserable person. No one is immune to hard or difficult times - but those with integrity handle them with grace and dignity.

Karen said...

Oh, good morning, always a good morning when I start out the day reading your uplifting blog!

What a wonderful dream and the hymn is so comforting. I love your little heart-bookrack, it is adorable. And the little friend on the statue is so fitting, too, I had to look awhile before I saw it, too.

One of the things I've always marveled at since becoming a blogger was the kind comments from readers. Though I've not had it happen (yet) it seems some people just have to be rude, it must be they are filled with unhappiness and it eases their pain to unleash some vitriol. I'm glad we have the power to edit our commentary, but still, how it stings to receive a nasty message.

When I'm confronted by a hurtful person, Carl always says, 'It's more about what's eating them than it is about you' and I know he's right. It's just too bad some folks cannot put themselves in another's place. But, again, it's all about them and where they are in life.

Thank you so much for your friendship and care, dear lady. It means so much.

shirley said...

what a horrible person to leave a comment like that on someones blog. Your friend is fortunate to have you in her life you have such a good heart.
Last year I was so low, and blogged about it and could not believe the overwhelming amount of support and love I received from my blogger friends. There are so many lovely people out there in blogland like yourself who are so caring and loving Lorraine.

Wish you friend well.

I like you freebies.

Denimflyz said...

Dearest FL,
I LOVE what you blog about. Like I told you for over a year now, that your blog brings peace to me, so I CAN cope. God allows you to do this for others.
Please have a peaceful and wonderful weekend.

Susan said...

What a wonderful dream you had. I can see why you woke with such a peaceful feeling. I'm a strong believer in listening to your dreams, and I'm always amazed at how intricate they can be. It's sad to think that someone actually left your blogging friend a comment like that. What would ever possess her to do that is beyond me. Take care Flowerlady and have a wonderful weekend...and keep paying attention to your dreams.

Sandy said...

You have blessed me this evening
as I read your words. The dream
is such an incredible blessing
from God to you. How wonderful.
And as I've said before you are
blessed also when it comes to
finding freebies. Very sweet.
So sad about those hurtful
comments. Can't figure out
people like that.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Gayle said...

There are a lot of mean people out there who don't make sense. You have such a big heart I think your kindness makes up for several! :) Love all the freebie stuff you repurpose. My husband brings me a lot of stuff from his dump trips, but sometimes I just wish he'd leave some of it there as I have so much already! LOL

Debi@7Gates said...

Love getting peeps into your garden. You are so lucky to have all that color still. Little rain for you, a frost for me, and snow further up the eastern coast. Can't believe it. You are so right about many of being so blessed. This has been a sad week for me as well with friends who are very sick. I pray for all these folks. It often gets your thinking back on the real track.

Stacy said...

Love, love, love your birdbath! Wish mine was shallow like that!

What a sweet dream... if it WAS a dream! :)

As for your friend... I hope the harsh comment left on her blog brought to light her many blessings. No matter her struggels... they must not compare to the one who couldn't open her heart and offer up a prayer - rather than negativity. We can be so selfish sometimes. My heart goes out to your friend, your other friend... you (because you care so deeply) and the poor soul who had a lapse in judgement when sharing! :)


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Beautiful post! and beautiful hymn! I enjoyed all your pictures, especially the one with St. Francis and the little lizard.
I can't remember the last time I made curbside find. You're is a great find and I'm sure will look wonderful when you're done with it.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Great finds. I think you have a sixth sense for these things.
The world is not all rosey. I've always thought it best to document the good (the blog, my "happy journal," etc.) but not the bad as time has a way of helping us let go of much of the bad. Why would you want to read about it later. But, it is also nice to have a friend listen when we have troubles. They can lighten the load and send prayers and well wishes our way. One benefit of the comment moderator. I don't post anything nasty (not that I've had any, just spam). I can hit delete! That feels good. You just keep on being the sweetie you are and sharing that with your friends!

HolleyGarden said...

I love freebies! And I really loved seeing your St. Francis. I love its weathered look, and the little lizard on him - it's as though he's looking down at it! I can't believe a commenter could be so crass. What a jerk. We all have problems. That's just life. There is no reason, though, to make someone else feel worse. I hope your two friends get better. We never know what road we will be asked to travel.

Dianne said...

Another wonderful post! I love that song and grew up singing that in the South. Although the new "praise" music is very nice, I do miss the hymns!

I can't imagine saying something so horrible to someone in pain. That person shouldn't have a computer! It's so much easier to be encouraging...

Where my daughter lives in a suburb of DesMoines, once a year they have a day where everyone puts out on the curb things they no longer want or need (but still good)...and then others drive by and pick them up. It was such fun to drive around and see all the treasures put out for the taking. Wish I could remember what they call this day...

Kimberly said...

FL, I'm so glad to read your blog again!! Your blessings are wonderful to hear about...please don't let anyone or "guilty" feelings make you stop sharing them. Your magazine rack will look beautiful...just like your concrete bench and turquiose dish. GREAT finds!!! And your dream is a promise from wonderful! So happy for you!!!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Beautiful photo's of your garden and you and your DH did well with your free finds! Sounds like you've been very busy so this bit of rain is probably a nice change and gives you a chance to rest. I just don't understand how someone could be so thoughtless as to leave a comment like that woman did to your friend. How hurtful and self centered! The words to that hymn are beautiful...what a wonderful dream you had. I hope your weekend has been a good one so far.
Maura :)

gld said...

I enjoy all your freebies. We don't have that type of thing in our town.

I would hope that there are more blogs and people blogging and commenting like you and your blog.
You lift all our spirits.

I look forward to your beautiful pictures, projects and comments.

Rebecca said...

First, re. "God will Take Care of You"...On Friday morning I was leading a hymn sing at a local nursing home. This was one of the songs I selected. As I led from the piano, my heart was filled with such love and compassion for these dear folk. I just wanted to hug each one of them and sing the song straight into their hearts! I've always loved it - and it's special that it came to YOUR mind the same day as to mine.

Next, I love your freebies. As I think you know, we are always bringing SOMEthing home. We either end up using it or giving to someone who "just happens" to be needing it!

God bless your week. May He supply every single need of yours in a unique and and personal way. He WILL take care of you!

Oh. I'm wondering why you're going to be removing that trellis???? Will you place it somewhere else????

Cameron said...

You have such a kind, sweet heart and you're so right about all of your sentiments and observations.

We, too feel blessed and in a world filled with so much sadness in the lives of others, I also hesitate to write about my own happiness. But, then I realize that when I read about good things happening to other people, I'm happy for them.

Just last night at a local deli, we saw several less fortunate and my husband commented by the Grace of God, we've no complaints. Misfortune and illnesses and tragedies eventually visit all of us. We shall make everyday that as happy as possible and share so that others may smile, too.

Bless you,

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

One of my favorite songs. This woman surely knows she cannot make it without my continual praise and worship of my father.
Love your special finds. I like it when it happens to me also :)
Have a good day and thank you always for your special words...

Sissy said...

If God is with us, who can be against us? That thought always gives me great comfort.

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

It is so easy to get caught up in our worlds that we lose sight of the plight of others. Thank you for this reminder to look out and up, to offer grace not judgement. Your post touched me and I will be back to read more. I'm following you now. Patty


What a beautiful post, FlowerLady! Thank you for sharing your dream. It makes me happy just thinking about it. I've got a REALLY good life and I'm so grateful for every second I have here on this earth. But it hasn't always been like this and I need to remember what I've come from and remember with compassion that others are still there.