Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today’s happenings and pizza with kale

Good evening Friends,

I want to get this out before ‘Survivor’ comes on.  This is the only show we watch on TV and we’ve been watching it since the beginning.  We are NOT fans of TV.  Did not have it as newlyweds living in Spain for a little over 3 years, and did not have it for about 15 years after we got home.  Then we found a couple of TV’s curbside, brought them home plugged the best one in and saw that ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ was coming on so watched that, then saw Survivor and Big Brother advertised and watch them too.  For awhile we were watching TV every night for several hours.  As the years progressed, we watched less and less, until now we are down to ‘Survivor’ twice a year and that is plenty.  I will be making a bowl of popcorn, slathered with butter and sprinkles of herbs, etc.  We are looking forward to it.

This morning I made a ‘list’ of things to do, I ended up doing probably 3-4 of the items.  I wore myself out weedwacking, using the electric hedge trimmers, cutting other things back, raking and bagging for about 3 hours, sweating buckets as it has not cooled down any and will most definitely be ready for bed tonight.

The other day I read about kale and it’s benefits, so bought a bag.  I first made cannellini beans with chicken sausage and kale, scrumptious, and will definitely be making it again. 


DH suggested making a pizza using kale as part of the toppings.  Neither of us had heard of that, but he thought it sounded like it ought to work.  I decided to do this for supper tonight, and googled to see if there was anything out there, and there was.

I cooked up our usual 2 Italian sausage links, set that aside, then cooked up onion, garlic, and Italian seasoning in some extra virgin olive oil and added several handfuls of kale, put the lid on and cooked until limp and bright green.  We tasted the kale before putting on pizza and both loved the flavor and texture. We kept saying how delicious it was while we enjoyed half of the pizza tonight with some red wine.  We will have the rest another night when I’ll be working the next three days.

Here are pictures.







That’s it for now.  I’m ready for bed already, but that won’t be for another 1 1/2 hours yet. Smile

Weed wacking always wears me out. I ache, had a slight headache earlier before dinner. I think I did a little too much today.  Sometimes it is just so hard to quit.

I’ll be working at my job for the next three days so won’t be exerting physical energy, just mental and dealing with people energy, which may be worse, if you know what I mean.

May you all be blessed with love, peace and well being.



sweetbay said...

The pizza looks excellent. I'm not that big of a TV fan either, but DH loves to have it on when he's home.

Karen said...

I hope your headache clears up and leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning. Weed whacking in hot weather would be exhausting for me, too. Your pizza looks so delicious. TV is really sad nowadays, so little is on that's worth watching. I think it's neat you have your favorite show to watch with a bowl of popcorn and your own good company. Hope your work week goes well, I know how it can be dealing with people, lol.

We're trying hard to stay warm tonight, the furnace is already purring downstairs, it's 35 right now at 12:30AM. Where did the summer go?

Georgianna said...

Hi Flower Lady! I'm impressed that you do the weed whacking! My hubby won't let me do it although I've offered. I do sneak in some lawn mowing when he's out of town, though. :) But regular weeding keeps me plenty busy.

I agree with you about TV. We don't own one and don't miss it. If there is something we must see, I have a little one in the attic that we'll bring down but that's only for something like the Wimbledon final and now you can see it online anyway.

– g

Becky said...

I certainly do understand about the people energy zapping you! I'm anxious to just get done at work and I haven't even left yet. I've just wanted to stay home all week.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of using kale on pizza, genuis!

Sandy said...

I am a big kale lover though no one
else in my family will eat it. The
pictures look so appetizing.
I gave up TV years ago but my husband
still watches news and sports. Give
me a good book any day over TV.
Have a lovely rest of the week.

Balisha said...

We both love kale...although we don't have it in a bag here. My vegetarian daughter introduced me to it a couple of years ago.So good for you.

HolleyGarden said...

I really like kale. Never thought about putting it on pizza, but it looks scrumptious! Yum - you're making me hungry!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Sounds perfect .. except for over exertion and sweating buckets (LOL). We use kale as a pizza topping too .. tell your DH he's got good taste :) Enjoy the day.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

The pizza looks wonderful
I have a garden full of turnip
greens which I can eat daily.
I can no longer use the weed eater
(what they call it in my area)
Have a good day....

Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

Adding Kale is a very interesting! I bet it tasted great! Hope your working days go by quickly :) Cheers, Jenni

Andrea said...

Flower Lady, those are too much for the two of you, now you make me very hungry. I wish i am nearby, i can give you a massage in exchange for some slices! Will you share with me!

Debi@7Gates said...

You and I are on the same page with the kale. Just bought some this week from the Farmer's Market. Anything you pick up to read talks about the health benefits of it. Thanks for the idea of putting it on the pizza. I bought a big bunch of it. I guess you are sore after all the weed work. With the heat, all that work can really knock any energy you have right out. Get some rest and hope you enjoyed the popcorn and Survivor.

Amrita said...

I am not fond of TV. Only news and talk shows, few of them, political analysis mainly and progs. of natural history.

Love all that food. If only I could eat with my eyes.

gld said...

The title of this one caught my attention!

I tried to grow kale, Dwarf Blue Curly, but barely got a taste. Some critter loved it and each morning it was chomped to the ground.

I think this sounds very good indeed.
I bet I could do the same with spinach or mixed greens.

BTW, I made my own Italian sausage the last time I made pizza and it was very tasty. I don't have a lot of variety in my local store. Kielbasa is about it.

Hope you are feeling well rested this morning.

NanaK said...

It is really easy to overdo when out in the garden isn't it? We've been getting a respite from the heat and rain and I have enjoyed being outside a little bit more myself.

I've added kale to beans and soups but never thought about pizza. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

The rice, beans, kale, and sausage dish looks amazing (as does the pizza)! I could eat beans and rice with greens nearly every day of the week.

And I totally understand about the weed-whacking - it's the one thing I hate to do. . . always makes my back ache.

FlowerLady said...

Hi everyone ~ Thank you for your kind comments. I do appreciate you taking the time to read and leave your messages.

We will be buying kale again, and DH wants me to try recipes for other greens. I did NOT like collards or turnip greens as a kid, but maybe I will as an adult. After all we do like brussels sprouts and liver now.

I have always enjoyed doing the mowing and weedwacking, etc. I enjoyed mowing when I lived at home as a teenager. DH mowed lawns as a kid and at home and does not like to do it. He has taken to mowing what we call the back 40, even though it's not that at all, it's just what we call the back areas of our 1/4 acre. I don't want him to weedwack because he'll wack stuff down that I don't want wacked. :-)

He does the heavier work of tree trimming using his sawsall. He also does the hardscaping and other outdoor projects.

I love to cook and bake and enjoy trying new recipes. It is a joy to fix a delicious meal, and having leftovers for another meal is great.

Glenda ~ I would love to see a post from you about making your own Italian sausage.

Have a great weekend one and all.


L. D. Burgus said...