Monday, September 19, 2011

Latest needlework and life

Good afternoon Folks,

It is Monday afternoon, partly cloudy, still hot and humid, but not as bad as it has been.  Fall is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later.

As to the ‘psychic vampire’, she was very subdued Saturday and that was such a huge relief.

We did our errands this morning and it always feels GREAT to get back to our little haven. 

I really look forward to the next few days off from work to putter around here.  I need to do some homecaring, I want to make a cobbler using star fruit that someone gave us.

I am eager to get out into my main garden to do some much needed weeding.  I want to work on the patio area that I see when I look out the window from my little space where I create.

Yesterday I got in the mood to do something with some quilt batting that I have and ended up finishing two sachets by last night and started on the third.  I finished the third a little while ago.  I have the materials cut out to make another two and can hardly wait to start. DH has started calling me Bead Lady now, as I sit for hours with needle, tread and beads.

My workspace is a wreck as you can see in the picture below. Beads and thread etc., covering every inch of space. 


Speaking of beads and thread, I want to thank the ladies who have sent me both from their stash.  I greatly appreciate it and think of each of them as I embroider and bead.  I also won a $20 gift card to use at Amazon and bought more beads there, plus these wonderful beading needles. They have a long eye from one end to the other, except for the ends, so that you can open it up and slip the thread in, very easy to thread.  The needles are very thin and just right for beads.

So here are my latest efforts, stuffed with a bit of fleece and dried lavender that I bought in bulk, I can’t grow lavender down here.  I love the clean, fresh, wonderful scent of lavender.  I’d like to get some balsam for that wonderful Christmas scent, need to look into that.





These are for sale. Will keep you posted when the next ones are done.  Can’t wait to see what color schemes they turn out to be. Smile

I ordered some melt and our goat’s milk soap earlier, to make up bars of soap for us with different essential oils.  I’ve read how goat’s milk soap is very good for your skin.  We already have a collection of essential oils so I’ll make up some with tea tree oil, some with floral scents, and some with sandalwood and other ‘manly’ scents for DH. I don’t think he’ll want to be smelling like ylang-ylang, jasmine, roses, etc. Anyway, I look forward to making them up and stashing them away, not to mention using them.

Guess that’s it for now.  I need to look at beads and thread to start on the next sachet.

I want to thank all of you again for taking the time to visit and leave  your comments.  They are greatly appreciated.  It is a real pleasure getting to know so many of you and I enjoy visiting your blogs too.

Enjoy your week.



Needlework is a way to capture

Love, Beauty, Peace & Time



Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

You think your workspace is a wreck. I call it an artistic mess! I love the first picture - so cozy, lovely and inviting... Have a great week!

Denimflyz said...

See what a little prayer can do to deflate someone....Everyone was praying and sending it directly to you. Amazing! A shield of the Lord.
Love your wonderful sachets, they are stunning.
Please take care and I will visit with you later.
Love and Hugs

Karen said...

I love to stop in for visits at your blog, it is so peaceful and I too, live vicariously through your wonderful baking, cooking, gardening and creative artwork posts.

I love the hearts, they are so pretty! I'm also glad to hear your co-worker calmed down a little, I used to work with one of those too, and can attest to how much they wear on your nerves.

Thank you for allowing me a peek into your private haven, as always I come away refreshed.

Becca's Dirt said...

Your beading looks so pretty and I know it is relaxing. I used to do cross stitching and still have all the thread from the early nineties - might be too old now huh? Beautiful work. I'm ready for some nice fall weather too.

Darcie said...

I like how you think of your place as your little "haven"...we all need a place like that! Your beading looks beautiful, Flowerlady...simply beautiful!

Sandy said...

Beautiful little hearts. What are
you selling them for? And where do
you buy your goat's milk soap? I
have been thinking of getting some.

HolleyGarden said...

Oh, my gosh! Those are just gorgeous! So detailed - they are beautiful.

Your being called the "Bead Lady" got me to thinking. We had a "Bead Lady" here several years ago. She would get birthday parties, girl scouts, etc. to come to her home and they would put together beaded necklaces, bracelets, etc. for a small fee for each. If they wanted more, they could purchase beads, thread, etc. I'm not sure how much she made, but she had parties two to three times a week. For adults, you could teach them how to do sachets like that - sunday school classes, family get together, etc. Just an idea I wanted to throw out there in case you might be interested.

Anonymous said...

The sachets are beautiful! You must have the patience of a saint to sow all those tiny beads.

And I think your workspace looks quite cozy - I can picture a cup of herbal tea just off to the side.

You seem to be a woman of many talents - thanks for sharing.


L. D. Burgus said...

Your do such great work. I really like the beading.

Marti said...

What beautiful hearts. They look like the kind of wedding dress I always wanted.

Your workspace doesn't look like a mess at all to me.

gld said...

You know I love your work space and the rest of your cottage that you have shown us.

No wonder you can create such charming pieces working in that space and looking out on your wonderful garden.

I think lavender and rosemary make a scent that is very manly. I remember smelling English Leather that my nephew used and it was mostly lavender I think. So far those are the only two EO's I have used.

Darla said...

Love your workspace! Your beading is so beautiful...

Rainforest Gardener said...

You should see my workspace! That reminds me... I have some cleaning to do! Anyways, I love the stitching.

Lona said...

I just love the new sachets you are creating. My fumble fingers would have an awful time with those little beads.LOL! I hope you enjoy your week off and get to work in the garden without melting.

Sissy said...

How wonderful, your little sachets! Needlework is such an art, you must be a a very caring and patient person! I know you will do well, selling your handiwork.
I hope it cools off for you very soon...

Becky said...

Those Sachets are BEAUTIFUL! I'd love something like that on my Christmas tree.... HHHmmmmm.... I have beads and thread and a "little "fabric". Perhaps I will make some up cat shaped for the pets Christmas tree. Gotta finish the items for the basket to send to NY for the flood recovery event first.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You do such amazing bead work. They are beautiful!!!!