Thursday, September 8, 2011

Better Together

"Chains do not hold a marriage together.
It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads
which sew people together through the years. "
Simone Signoret


The piece above is a work in progress. Many threads, many beads, and time. Like a marriage.

I am thankful for all the many threads, that bind our 42 years together.  Through thick and thin, sunshine, and rain, joy and sorrow, our love is a tapestry, woven by God the Great Creator, the Author of Love.

Here is a happy little love song called

Better Together.



For our celebration dinner this is what I am planning.  I am working, so the crockpot will cook the main course, which will be stuffed steak rolls. I will fix mashed potatoes and beets when I get home, and we’ll have wine too.  For dessert we’ll have cherry crisp with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.  To start the celebration we will have Margaritas.


May we all grow in love and graciousness with each new day that we are blessed with.



Sunray Gardens said...

Very pretty and lots of detail there.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Val said...

Enjoy your special night! :)

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary, Flower Lady. You are so right about all the tiny, colorful, sometimes fragile threads that old a marriage together.

Enjoy your evening and each other. The heart project is very, very pretty. (I didn't take the time to listen to the song, but hope to return to it later.)

Denimflyz said...

Have a most wonderful and magical evening.
Blessing to both of you.

Balisha said...

Have a wonderful evening you lovebirds. Your artfull project is exquisite!

Morning's Minion said...

Wishing you a joyful anniversary evening and many more years of gardening together!

Sandy said...

I hope you two have a beautiful
anniversary. Your dinner sounds
delicious and your beaded needlework is just gorgeous.

Annie said...

Lovely detailed work. Congrats on all those years of love.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

So beautifully sewn, so beautifully written. Wishing you as much happiness, joy, and peace possible. It doesn't seem possible another year has come and gone. Enjoy your lovely dinner and special day.

gld said...


The dinner sounds perfectly wonderful.

I loved the song. We have few years on you. We have been married 50 years, lots of threads in our marriage.

We are both lucky ladies.

Debi@7Gates said...

This is late, but I hope you had a wonderful anniversary with your hubby. Mine and your wedding dates were just days apart. May we always have threads. Deb

Gayle said...

How wonderful..I would give anything to spend 40-something years with my love, but we are a second marriage. Another I don't thing we have another 30-some years in our future. You are blessed to have found real love the first tiem around. I hope you had an awesome evening.

Jeri Landers said...

It is BEAUTIFUL, as is your wonderful relationship. I send you a belated wish for the best of times ahead, together

Kit said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow 42 years! You two were definitely meant for each other. Much love to the both of you. Kit

Corner Gardener Sue said...

It looks like I'm caught up! I'm glad you had a nice anniversary celebration.

Larry and I had our 39th anniversary in August.