Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank you Sharon Lovejoy

What a wonderful surprise to see that I won your sweet little drawing.  I can hardly wait to read this book.  It sounds delightful, encouraging and uplifting.

For info about this book ‘The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating’ by Elizabeth Tova Bailey you can read it by clicking on the picture below.



"Snails don't walk.
They slither and slide
Along wet pathways
Gleam and glide,
Squeezed between
The grasses green,
Polished houses shell-like gleam."
Theresa Heine




Sharon Lovejoy said...




NellJean said...

Yay for winning the book!

I used to read Sharon Lovejoy's articles in the magazine, back when. What fun that she's one of us now.

Susan said...

Hey are the luckiest person I know...good karma, indeed. Enjoy that book it sounds quite interesting.

Grace said...

How wonderful. Isn't Sharon a gem? :)

Darla said...

Congrats Flowerlady and I am loving the new look of your blog!

The Consummate Gardener said...

Hi hon! It's me, Deb, from all those places we know each other from..GW, former MSN groups (I miss that place), etc. I'm following you now, and I'd love it if you would follow my blog, The Consummate Gardener. Sorry I lost touch. I won't let it happen again. (((hugs)))