Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hot, humid, wind, rain, hail, granola, needlework

Some title huh? It is 4:22 p.m. 93 and with the heat index feels like it is 103. Yesterday morning there wasn’t a cloud anywhere and I said a little prayer asking for rain. Well, last evening a thunderstorm blew in with plenty of thunder and lightening, heavy rain and some hail too. Yikes! Tork ( our indoor/outdoor feline girl) started yowling like crazy and hid under the chopping block table in the kitchen, next to the freezer’s vent space. It must have been comforting under there. More rain is expected early this evening, we’ll see. The predictions aren’t always right that’s for sure.

Yesterday morning I made homemade granola for the first time. It smelled so good while baking in the oven and it is delicious as cereal in the morning. I will be doing this again.


The other afternoon I drew up another bit of needlework to work on. Haven’t started yet, but at least the drawing is done.


We’ve been working on our ‘project’ in the mornings, and even then it is miserable out. We did have quite a bit of cloud cover this morning and even cool breezes in the shade. It’s just the beginning of summer. Cool temps are a long way off for us, if we’re lucky it will be around Oct.-Nov. Just hoping we don’t get any hurricanes, the season has started and doesn’t end until the end of Nov.

Thank you all for your input on the unknown bird visitors we had the other morning. I do believe after doing research on one possibility that they were Spot-breasted Orioles.

Well, it’s almost time to get supper started. Tonight we are having flounder in a green curry sauce, served over jasmine rice with yellow squash, and white wine. Sounds good to me.

I’ll be working the next three days so not much puttering will be done around here. Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you do.



Seven Gates Farm said...

How do you make your granola? It looks really good. Debi

Beyond My Garden said...

I'm glad you received some rain but I hope it didn't do much damage. We now have had our second day of about 78 degrees as a high. Wonderful!

Stacy said...

Your granola looks YUMMY, especially warm out of the oven! Guess I'm hungry! :) We finally got rain here today in middle Tennessee...and a break from the mid 90s.

Sandra said...

Hahaha I like the title. And yummy looking granola....also, I like your new look :)

I would love some 70 degree weather, it's too hot here, then again it's that dry heat so I don't have to worry about the humidity.

Hope you're having a wonderful day and thank you for your kind words on my blog, as always you make me smile :)


Ami said...

Flowerlady: Hooray for the rain! That granola looks so yummy! Yay, I finally am able to comment! I have been having the problem to leave comments in any blog that has embedded comment like yours (the comment is right on the same page as the post). I finally found that I had to use Google Chrome to overcome the problem.

lemonverbenalady said...

Yummy to it all except the 93. We may get back there next week! Yikes! Cooler than normal summer. I don't think so! Love the needlework. Can't wait for the finished product!

sherryocala said...

Well, gee, I never heard of homemade granola, FlowerLady. You will have to post the recipe. We just had a thunder boomer this evening. I hope it made as much rain as it did noise. Your dinner sounds great - except that I've never had curry. I'm not an adventurous eater.

Karen said...

Oh, the granola looks delicious. I would love to send you some cooler air, I can't imagine such high temps and humidity. We've been in the 60's the last few days but I guess we're looking at the 80's next week. I'm glad the storm didn't destroy anything. You have Carl & I inspired to get at our little cottage project in the backyard, too. Hugs to you!

Kit said...

Glad you got your much needed rain. We are still sprinkly here, and long for some sun. I hear some is coming by mid week. So in the meantime I will work inside my garden house and putter with my photo albums. Have a great weekend! Hugs, Kit

gld said...

Would you believe I made granola yesterday too. My recipe is almost exactly like yours, but I use canola oil instead of butter.

I hope you don't get bad storms too....this seems to be the year for them and it worries me.