Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blooms and a big spider

Good afternoon Folks ~ It is Tuesday afternoon, 87 degrees but feels like it is 93 with the humidity. There is somewhat of a breeze though, and we’ve had cloud cover off and on all day which really help.

I worked outside this morning doing a little trimming, weeding and cleaning up a couple of piles of trimmings from a week or so ago. I procrastinated, heat, etc., etc.  Now it’s done, then I swept the patio and the sidewalks and it looks nice again.  Well, except for the brown and dying plants and grass here and there.  We are desperately in need of rain down here.  We keep having it predicted and get nothing.

I’ve grouped all of my potted plants in a couple of areas so that I can hand water them and I hand water the rest to keep from being stressed or dying. No using the sprinkler around here, not since we lost our well a little over a year ago now. So I do what I can to keep my plants alive, and my mood lifted. Water is nourishment to plant life, plants are nourishment to human life. Not just as in being edible, but in their beauty and their scents.

Here’s a little funny story from the other day when I was working on my blog template.  I wanted to see if I had any pictures to upload, so took the card reader, stuck it into the USB port and nothing happened. I thought ‘what now’.  I took it back out, nothing.  I called DH in a little later and told him and he asks is the card in the reader, I said yes, well, DUH, no it wasn’t.  Good grief!  I was so frazzled from hours of reading html code, etc. I wasn’t even thinking straight. Sheesh!  Throughout the evening we would look at each other and laugh. Laughter is good medicine.

Moral: Try to stop and think before speaking or you may be saying the wrong thing.

Here is our Queen Crepe.  She’s just off the kitchen entry in her own little bed with some other plants at her base. St. Francis is in the background in my shed garden.


The other day I was out front in the main garden when DH came to me and said there is a really big spider you might want to get a picture of.  I grabbed the camera and followed him out back.  The guy was up high and I didn’t get very good shots but here he/she is. UGH!  I do NOT like spiders, especially big ones.



Here is another shot of Chrysler Imperial.


I will end this post with some sweet pictures of Kathleen, a hybrid musk.





I want to thank all of you for your kind comments and words of encouragement on my new blog look.



Val said...

You're such a nature-lover, it makes me smile to hear you say you don't like spiders. :) Ha ha. :) Praying Mantises are what completely creep me out. I read about them and watch videos of them and really just try not to be freaked out by them, but they scare me.

Your flowers are lovely. The buds are at least as pretty as the blooms too. :)

Have a good evening, :)


Nell Jean said...

Ninety-five in the shade here. The bedskirts I hung on the line were dry before I got them up there. Hoping for some rain.

Nice spider. The bigger ones I like better than the little ones you might miss. We have some teeny ones whose bite is not venomous like a black widow, they just make you itch.

The Crape and Kathleen are lovely. I have Night-blooming cereus buds again, hope I can remember to water diligently.

Rebecca said...

I'd never think to take a picture of a spider, but I MUST say - this picture is quite striking! I hope you get your rain soon. Though we had an extra lot of rain a few weeks ago, we're very dry here, too. Ground is cracking,...temperature AND humidity is very high. Miserable.

Balisha said...

I love that last rose...so simple and pretty. My step son was just bitten by a spider and his face swelled up so fast. He's on antibiotics and it's better today, but the swelling hasn't gone completely. Balisha

Seven Gates Farm said...

Spiders make me think of "Charlotte's Web" which was my best book growing up, so I don't really mind them at their distance. I can only imagine what a full landscape photo of your home must be like; just popping with color everywhere. You do a fantastic job. Debi

Masha said...

Funny about your being frazzled from changing your blog - I can't read html code at all, you are way ahead of me!

I hop you get some rain soon. We'll have to wait till about October for our rainy season to begin and I will be hand-watering every other day from now on....

I love your pictures of Kathleen, absolutely gorgeous, and you chose some great angles. It was a treat to look through them.

HolleyGarden said...

Pretty flowers. I can't tell from the picture, but we have a black and yellow spider that we just call a garden spider. (original, huh?) It's supposed to be one of the good guys. Unfortunately, we don't have as many as we used to. I wonder if the birds have been eating them.

Mrs. Mac said...

I'll be sure to steer my daughter Laura clear of the spider pictures .. she'd die of fright ;o( You are so blessed to have roses, roses, roses! I can't wait for our wild roses to bloom .. as that's all we have due to deer and moose that like to munch for their lunch on certain plants.

gld said...

Looks like a lot of us are in the hot and dry weather pattern. I am grateful that we are on a deep well and I am able to water often.

The spider looks scary! I finally have made myself accept the yellow and black garden spiders that we see in late summer, but it's hard.

I like hybrid musks. They do better here than most other roses. Kathleen is lovely; reminds me of our wild roses only they are a darker pink.

Darla said...

I believe that might be a Banana Spider...your blooms are so pretty. Glad we weren't in the triple digits here too.

NanaK said...

Good story about the card reader. I, too, love the new look of your blog. I'm glad you ended with those beautiful roses instead of that big ugly spider. It looks like what we call banana spiders. I don't mind them except when they get in my HAIR! EEEK! Those spiders and lubber grasshoppers often cause me to make my neighbors laugh.

Kit said...

Oh how I wish I could bottle up my abundant rain water and send you a crate. It is about 60 degrees and pouring today. I am hoping for some clear skies this weekend. But until, I will putter about my house. Stay in the cool. Kit

Lona said...

LOL! It is so good to know that I am not the only one who forgets things. LOL! I am not crazy about spiders either. But snakes are my absolute most hated critters.
Your Kathleen rose is such a beauty and your pictures are so good of it. I hope you get rain soon. Your rain barrel must be empty by now.

Karen said...

OH, it's in the 90's here and I've been thinking of you. I'm such a pansy when it comes to hot weather. We actually could use some rain now, too, believe it or not, the heat really dries things up.

Oh, that's a BIG spider....ew...I don't like them much either, but I know they're good.

Your story about the card reader had me laughing, I do stuff like that all the time. I love coming to read your blog, your stories are so uplifting and gentle.

Thank you for the kind comments today, I really, really needed to hear them.

Hugs to you!

Becca's Dirt said...

Look at you girl. I'm jealous. It looks so good. Stunning rose. If I didn't drag my sprinkler around almost everyday my flowers would be dead by now. But I got a good rain last evening and my flowers are singing today.

Floridagirl said...

Oh, Golden Silk Spiders are my favorite spider of all. They make the prettiest golden-shimmer webs. I read your post title and thought it might be one of those giant wolf spiders that try to live in our houses with us. So glad it was a garden beauty instead.

My garden is dry as a bone too. We've only had one rain in two months' time. I thought it might come today, as we had a lot of dark clouds roll in this morning. Oh, well. Still waiting.

Grace said...

Creepy spider! But the roses and crape are lovely. I so hope you get that much-needed rain soon.

Sunita said...

That spider really is big! I love it when they snatch up pests but they do make me feel a bit uncomfortable. I think I've watched far too many sci-fi movies where they played the villain's role :P
That Lagerstroemia though is beautiful!I have one in my garden too.

L. D. Burgus said...

You have such beautiful photos of the flowers. The Banana spider is an interesting character.