Monday, June 20, 2011

Blooms tolerating the heat

Good afternoon Folks ~ It is hard to believe that June is almost over already. The older we get, the faster time seems to zip by.

I took a passel of pictures this morning. It is amazing how much is in bloom in spite of the heat, humidity and drought conditions that we are having. I heard on the way home from work the other day that 93% of our state is in extreme drought. We’ve gotten little bits of rain, but need so much more. You can smell smoke some days because of all of the wildfires that are burning. Hope we get a good soaking soon.

Now here are the blooms.

This is the bougainvillea that so many of you commented on the other day. This was here when we moved in 38 years ago. I love the colors .


This is the bougainvillea that grows up beside and over my shed.


This is a cypress vine bloom.


The next two are of sweet Dainty Bess. I just love her and her scent smells lightly and sweetly of cloves.



Next is a Gulf Fritillary butterfly flitting around one of it’s host plants, the passion vine.



Here we have hamelia paten. I grew this from a cutting. It is now huge and has also grown up and over the lattice covered area onto my shed’s roof. It is humming with life in the mornings as the bees cover this thing sipping nectar and collecting pollen. The butterflies and hummingbirds love this too.





This is a pretty hibiscus.



Maggie growing with humble vincas.


Passion vine bloom, you can see a Gulf Fritillary through one of the lattice openings.




I haven’t grown tomatoes in years. I saved some plum tomato seeds from tomatoes we bought, and decided to see if they would grow. Then I forgot about the rule of not getting their leaves wet, so they aren’t looking so great, but I do have flowers and at least one tomato so far.


Shells collected from the property. I think the brown striped one came off a flower pot that I had found that had shells glued to it.


Spiderwort, one of my favorites.


Texas Sage, another favorite.


I’m not sure off hand which vine this is, I call it ‘trumpet vine’.




The last is a spriggly unknown that grows ever year. I’m wondering if it is a native.



Here is another ‘teaser’ picture for the project we are working on. Smile


This next bit of writing came to my attention again the other day and I thought I’d end this post with it.


It is of the LORD'S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.

The LORD is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.

It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD.

Lamentations 3:22-26 KJV


Have a great week.



Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful blooms. I'm in awe everytime I see a passion vine flower. They are so unique. Do you think God was just having fun that day. Gorgeous hibuscus. Bougainvilla is stunning. The orange is different. I want to plant mine in the ground but probably not a good idea since the winter can be pretty cold here. Dainty Bess is a stunner. Hope you are having a good day.

Lona said...

Wow, what beautiful blooms you are sporting today. The hibiscus is just the prettiest thing. Gorgeous!Dainty Bess is as feminine and pretty as her name.Another teaser. What are you making? LOL! I love the glass windowed panel. Intriguing.

Stacy said...

In my next life I want to come back as a flower in your garden! Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these great photos!

Grace said...

I love the window! As for the flowers, each photo is better than the last. Talk about eye candy. Wish I could tell you what the mystery flower is but I'm not sure. Love that cement birdbath too!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Look at all those lovely blooms and butterflies! I am intrigued by the passion vine flowers. They are so unique and beautiful! Yes, I'm pretty sure those gorgeous orange blooms are trumpet vine.

I enjoyed the Bible passage.

I hope you get a cool down. It's storming here this evening. I'm glad the silver maple wasn't here to get whipped by all this wind.

L. D. Burgus said...

Wow, there is so much here to enjoy. The one hibiscus is almost unbelievable with it's scalloped petals. All of your flowers are doing so well. I have been at my house for 35 years and it has gone by fast. You have a wonderful garden.

Darcie said...

Your pictures are literally breath takingly(sp?) beautiful!!! I feel like I say that every time, but it is because it is true every
time! The colors are gorgeous, and every time I look at your pictures I wish I knew how to garden. Thank you again for sharing your beauty with us!

Karen said...

So many beautiful flowers, I can't choose a favorite. The Passion flower is amazing, though, such a dazzling bloom. Your trumpet vine is much fuller and fancier than ours, love the flowers. The door is going to look great in your new Project!

gld said...

Gorgeous pictures! That salmon pink bougainvillea is one of my favorite colors. I am sorry you are still having drought. We are not considered drought but still behind for the month of June and when we do get rain, we get storms! This has been a strange weather year.
My sis in Iowa has had over 6 inches of rain in the last week or so.

Interesting piece for "the project"!

Bernie said...

Your flowers are simply wonderful. Love your orangey-pinkey Bougainvillea and that Passiflora is a stunner. What a great shot with the Passiflora and the butterfly on the lattice.

That unknown flowers looks a lot like Campsis radicans. Each of the photos is just wonderful. Can't wait to see what this project is!

Darla said...

Flower Lady, everything is so beautiful. I love, love the Dainty Bess...and is that hamelia also know as Firebush? Also fell hard for that hisbiscus. Got me seriously thinking about your project, great window/door! The plants you sent me are doing great, I will be posting about them soon.

Cameron said...

You grow varieties that would be annuals for me. Beautiful flowers and photos.

Getting too hot here. 100 expected today or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...
Your bright vine is Cross vine. Beautiful flowers, all of them. Thank you for brightening my morning.

Anonymous said...

From Amrita

This is breath taking beauty

organicgardendreams said...

You have so much blooming despite the heat and drought, it is amazing! I love your passion flower (have to check if I can grow this one here, too) and the hibiscus especially. Wishing you the much needed rain!

Jeri Landers said...

love it when a vine takes over a roof top! We have a trumpet vine that engulfs our pump house and is so beautiful. OOH, I like that new "project", maybe a door to a skinny cabinet?
So glad you are picking up your needle and thread again, your work is as perfect and those little mice I know . I love my little bluebird!

Susan said...

Dear Flowerlady...we do need rain badly. Hopefully, the showers will begin soon. Love, love, love that delicate cypress vine pretty! Your garden apparently is not missing a beat in this heat. Stay cool!

sherryocala said...

Dainty Bess is so lovely - my favorite single, but I don't grow her. Your passionflower is gorgeous in a scary way. Too many beautiful blooms to mention. Every one was stunning. That hibiscus is breathtaking. Loved the scripture - one to be memorized.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Wow. Your garden is gorgeous. I especially love the bougainvillea, which we can't grow here due to the cold weather. When we lived in the islands, I grew it from cuttings. It just gives everything such a lovely burst of color.
Happy summer.

sweetbay said...

You have a lot of beautiful flowers in bloom! Hot here too and the southeastern part of our state is in severe drought. Our county is in a moderate drought. Yesterday we had smoke all the way from a wildfire at the coast, about 2 hours away.

I love Dainty bess and the passionflower looks fantastic.

Morning's Minion said...

Your flower photos are always a treat--the shapes and colors are beautifully defined, making me feel that I could touch them.
That is indeed a trumpet vine. Our yard is festooned with them. They are on Kentucky's list of invasive plants. I walk past them and I'm torn between amusement and dismay at the way they rampage over anything in their path.

Balisha said...

Your blooms are so beautiful and lush. I tried and tried to get the Trumpet Vine to grow in my other house. Then when I decided to sell my house the thing took off. I go to visit it once in a while...LOL
Have a nice day today...Balisha

Vetsy said...

I love the rich color and the texture of Bougainvillea's they remind me of paper lanterns.

like the "Sweet dainty Bless as well. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.

Masha said...

So many lovely blooms! Your flowers do not show heat or water stress at all... I love the bouganvillea and passion vine, if I had more space I would grow them too, although I can't resist planting climbing roses everywhere :). I love Dainty Bess too, the colors are so lovely.

Darla said...

I posted the starts you sent me.

Nicole said...

We have almost all the same plants! Bougainvilleas are among my favorites for their hot colors. That hibiscus is really very pretty! I have been picking plum tomatoes since March from a plant that grew from the compost.

Rebecca said...

I'm particularly struck by the beauty of all your vines. Except for our clematis, I realize I have none. (I guess I should think about a framework to support them before I take the plunge!) My first introduction to Bougainvilleas was in Burkina Faso West Africa. They grew wildly over the high fence of a Catholic priest's compound. The sight and scent took my breath away!

The verses at the end of this post are so beautiful and calming. Thanks for including them.

NanaK said...

Perfect scripture for me to read today. Thanks.

Dainty Bess is so perfect and I can almost smell the clove scent. Great photo of the passion vine flower and butterfly through the latticework.

We finally got some rain. Hope you are getting some too.

Leslie said...

Oh! I am so grateful for His new mercy to me every morning!
Oh! How I NEED it!
I think the garden of Eden must have looked like your yard!
Each photo of each flower made me sigh in appreciation of God's brilliant design and creativity!
Thank you so much for sharing them, so I could pause in gratefulness to Him!
HUGS, sugar!
Please have a joyful day!

Nancy said...

Your photos brightened my day. You maynot remember me from delphi forums I believe it was called. Wonderful blog my dear.

Seven Gates Farm said...

You have the most extraordinary color in your landscape, and some of the most unusual flowers. Do you water every day? We are in somewhat of drought conditions here too, but had a good store last night and a little rain right now. I love the trumpet vine;I haven't been as successful as you. So pretty. Debi