Friday, January 7, 2011

A Thank you, more faux tile work, and a fingerless glove

Good evening everyone ~ Hope your day was a good one and that tomorrow is better.

I came home today to find 2 pkgs sitting in my chair, and DH had painted the last section of the faux tile floor. Plus I had a crockpot that had been cooking while I was at work a big pot full of black eyed peas, Jimmy Dean pork sausage, celery, onion, garlic, carrot, cumin, cayenne and chili powders, oh yeah and turkey broth from the turkey carcass. Dinner was almost ready. I cooked up some rice to serve the beans over and forgot to make a salad, dang. We LOVE black eye peas. They remind us of boiled peanuts. YUMMY!

My two pkgs were from Susan of Simply Susan. She is another FL gardener who has lovely gardens with gorgeous blooms, do check out her blog. What she sent is so me and I was thrilled to see what she sent. I've loved working with ecru colored thread for years and years, plus she sent me Magic Crochet pattern books, which I also love and have 3-4 copies of myself. Oh yea, she also sent me a pattern book of crocheted angels and stars. :-) Below is her generous, sweet gift. I look forward to crocheting something from these threads and the patterns. I've already got patterns marked to try. I love that persimmon colored thread too and look forward to making something with it.

Here is DH's latest work on the faux tile flooring.

The first picture was taken before we cleaned the cement.

Below is a picture taken earlier this evening. There is an opening under the house to the right which is a way to get to the crawl space from outside. There is a screened panel that blocks the hole. The cement is raised at the front to keep water from going down under the house.

What a difference this paint job has made in the looks of this area. I look forward to setting it back up with chairs and little tables. There's still another coat of paint to put on and a sealer, then we can set it back up.

Here is a fingerless glove I made today for my right hand/wrist. Ever since our car accident when this wrist was badly wrenched with a chipped bone, and my arm was broken eleven years ago, the cold weather has really bothered me. When it gets cold, my left hand automatically covers that wrist to warm it up. Today I made a fingerless glove, part from a pattern for a wrist warmer, then I added the rest for a fingerless glove. I love how it turned out and it works great for keeping my wrist warm.

I love working with threads and beads.

Today I am thankful for the generous gifts I have received,


I am thankful for all of the work DH does around here in caring for our compound.

I wish all of you a nice evening, and a great day tomorrow.


Creativity is inventing,



taking risks,

breaking rules,

making mistakes,

and having fun.

Mary Lou Coo


Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Marti said...

OMGosh, I completely forgot to eat black-eyed peas on the 1st. We're doomed now. ;)

I love the faux tile. It looks completely natural!

gld said...

The tile is just looking great.

You may have to post that recipe for me! I am planning to use the crock pot more this winter and I got our daughter a large one for Christmas. She works full time and I think it would be such a time-saver for her. If you have more crockpot recipes that are real winners, I would love to see them.

I am sure you will make some real beauties with that new thread.

Great idea on the wrist warmer.

Have a super weekend!

Rebecca said...

What a great idea and super job your husband is doing! I can't wait to see the completed project, furnished as you describe!

I envy your talent with threads....and admire your fingerless glove. I'm gong to have to try the black-eyed pea concoction. I've not used my crock pot in over a week. It might be feeling a little lonely :)

Darla said...

Your dinner sounds right up our alley! What a generous package you received, bet you could sell those fingerless gloves...need bigger photos of the steps and floor, it's looking wonderful!

denimflyz said...

Your steps looks fabulous. What a great gift of steps and threads. You will be bursting at the seams, FlowerLady, literally.
Take care, have a great weekend. Stay busy, which I am sure you will.

Val said...

Beautiful work, both of you. The tile job looks great, and I love fingerless gloves. 'Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

Karen said...

I love the tile floor, it has completely transformed the area! What a clever idea. Your new threads and books look like so much fun, too. The fingerless glove is a great idea, but I am sorry that you have the pain to deal with, though. I love cooking with my crockpot, too, so handy!

Anonymous said...

Your DH is doing a fabulous job on that faux tile. And this compliment is coming from a tile mans wife! Your fingerless glove looks very chic and warm. How creative you are!

L. D. Burgus said...

DH is a very good craftsmen. It looks really great.