Sunday, January 23, 2011

Old Blush and Smith's Parish Roses

Here are two more roses that are really putting out the blooms right now. I love them both.

These two roses were given to me by a gardening friend who lives about an hour south of us. I met her through a gardening forum, and she no longer wanted these so asked if I wanted them.

The first is Old Blush, and the second is Smith's Parish which is a Bermuda rose.

Click on pictures for larger view.


Like the musician,
the painter,
the poet,
and the rest,
the true lover of flowers is born,
not made.
And he/she is born to happiness
in this vale of tears,
to a certain amount of the purest joy
that earth can give her children,
joy that is tranquil,

Celia Thaxter, An Island Garden, 1894


Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Dave said...

Beautiful January at that!
And, what a wonderful quote by Celia Thaxter.
Thank you.....

Rebecca said...

Catching up ('though I'll never catch up with your beautiful roses...) Happy to hear you may have more hours at work & that you enjoyed time with relatives.

I can identify with your realization about "stuff". I haven't been thrifting for a few months now for the same reason. ('Course I've not been feeling the greatest as my shingles just seem to go on and on.)

Too cold yesterday and today to put my nose outside the door! I DID go to church this morning, but that was enough. Just enjoying some books & the comfortable couch the rest of the day.

Hope the coming week unfolds as beautifully as your roses for you...

sweetbay said...

Old Blush is beautiful isn't it? I love those ruby streaks on Smith's Parrish!

Karen said...

Oh, the roses, what can I say? To see a rose on a January day is such a blessing. I've been coming back again and again to your posts on your roses, especially, because I am starting work on a stained glass rose lamp and your pictures help me visualize which petals should be light and dark. Such beauty!

Carol said...

Your Old Blush is so lovely FL! I just want to walk up to your photo and breathe in the delicate fragrance. Thank you for that and for the wonderful quote. Enjoy your roses!

Masha said...

Such perfect roses in January, how delightful! My garden is full of naked prickly canes... Old Blush is lovely, and isn't it fun to see those red streaks on Smith's Parish?

shadesofidaho said...

OH Those are so pretty. Love the blush. We used to have a wild rose that color.


gld said...

I have Old Blush and have had it for about 15 years which is near miraculous in our climate. I had to prune it severely last year due to a tree sapling growing up through it. I may have killed it. I hope not.

Darla said...

Score! and they look quite happy in their new home.

Floridagirl said...

You are so lucky to have acquired these beautiful roses! I've long wanted to find a Bermuda rose, as I've read that they are tough in Florida. Beautiful photos!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I wish we could smell those roses through these computers. LOL! I love the Parrish rose. How beautiful. It looks like a fairy painted the rose blushes on it and that red spot is so unique. I would love to have a bouquet of them in my home to look at.

leavesnbloom said...

I really like the Smith's Parish with the little blushing cheeks though I've never heard of Bermuda roses before. I've never read that little poem before either and I think it's a beautiful prose to go along with the photos.

Susan said...

Two beauties! My sister used to have a Bermuda rose...can't think of the name of it, but it was one of the best roses she ever had. What a nice gift!

Vetsy said...

I like them both. They are so pretty and dainty, your roses always make me smile. Thank you once again for your tips and advice in response to the comments I left here on your blog about roses.

Sandra said...

Beautiful as always :)

Hope you're having a wonderful week!


Corner Gardener Sue said...

What beautiful roses! I love that quote, too. I've heard of Thaxter, and may have a book by her. I'll have to check it out.