Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No more 'stuff', company, etc.

Good morning everyone. It's been almost a week since I posted. We went on a short day trip last Thursday to visit relatives that are down from NC. It was great seeing them. They were to have headed back home this past Sunday but there is still snow where they live so they decided to stay another week at their RV campground. So, we invited them down to visit us for a day, which will be tomorrow.

I worked Friday and Saturday at my job, Sunday I did some home caring in preparation of our guests, yesterday morning we had a tree trimmer here, then we did the clean up from that, then it was more home caring, this morning we'll do errands, and this afternoon more home caring.

One thing I've realized while getting ready for company, is that I do NOT want any more 'stuff'. We have enough. We were talking last night about how we're glad we don't go to yard sales or the flea market anymore, because we know we would bring more stuff home if we did. It's better not to shop, than to go and be tempted. :-)

Stuff needs to be dusted and cleaned, moved, rearranged. I don't want to get rid of it all, but have been weeding out things. I love the colors, shapes and memories attached to pieces. Enough is enough though.

FlowerLady loves being outside, working in the gardens, or inside embroidering and beading, so our little cottage is not spotless, like a photo shoot with everything looking perfect. So, when company comes, so does the panic to have it all look nice. For the most part, I'm just about done, and I feel comfortable. It isn't totally spotless, or arranged perfectly, but, it is what it is and how we live in our humble abode. We've still got remodeling projects that we are working on too.

We do look forward to another chance to visit with these two and to having a continuing relationship via email.

Yesterday morning while we were working outside with the tree trimming, the bread machine was making a loaf of Parmesan, black pepper, onion and garlic bread. Oh boy, did that ever smell good.

We had a little rain yesterday afternoon, wish it had been more, because we need it, but a little is better than none. Yesterday I saw some video clips of the flash flood in AU and it made me very thankful for my life. We never know what is going to happen from one minute to the next.

From Plum Cottage to all of you, don't sweat the small stuff, relax, and be yourself. Count your blessings, live, love, and laugh. Be gentle, kind and patient.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Southern Lady said...

Enjoy your company. The bread looks yummy. I agree with you about the stuff. The older I get the more I want to live simply. Carla

Antique ART Garden said...

You are always an inspiration.

denimflyz said...

Glad you are home and safe, I was getting worried.
I am going through "stuff" too, you got some of it with the beads and threads, lol.
I am sort of waiting for a break in the weather, the snow on the ground melts and then freezes and I have a ice skating rink to the garbage bin and a fall which I don't want.
Take care, enjoy your company, enjoy your bread, it looks wonderful.

NanaK said...

You always have the most delicious breads. Makes me want a bread machine. Glad you have enjoyed being with friends and 'home caring.' I I like that term.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I've been whittling the stuff out of my house since I moved it in here. I spent two days last week in the basement. I gave more things away last night. Stuff that I bought and will never use. I plan to lighten my load before I leave this house. The bare necessities will be all I take with me.

That bread sounds delicious. I need a machine. I'd love to bake my own.

Kimberly said...

FL, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful visit with your company...they love you, regardless of how spotless your home is! :D Your bread looks absolutely yummy! I think I can smell it!

gld said...

I need to post that last line on the wall above my desk!

I do the same; I don't keep our house spotless and have to do a complete run-through when company is coming....I am getting where I don't go absolutely crazy though. We have way too much stuff too!

The bread sounds delicious...now what are you serving with it?

Tom, you don't need a bread machine to make bread! Get adventurous, be brave. You will be happy with the results.

Sandy said...

Enjoy your time with your guests and I'm
sure they will feel the love and care you
and your husband put into this visit.

Susan said...

Your bread sounds absolutely delicious. One good thing about company coming is that it does force one to clean their house really good once in awhile. If my mother-in-law didn't come once a year...I know I would procrastinate on getting it done. Enjoy your company!

the Goodwife said...

That bread sounds amazing! I just took two loaves of whole wheat out of the oven and my house smells marvelous. I so know what you mean about "stuff". I don't like to yard sale or flea market either, unless I'm looking for something specific because I don't like clutter and I know I'll find something to bring home. God bless!

sweetbay said...

The bread looks good! Enjoy your guests tomorrow.

Nina Suria said...

Your bread sounds sooo yummy and temps me to bake one :D

p/s yah! I want to sit, relax n be myself. Thanx Flower Lady, have a great day


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what you have been up too! Glad you had a nice visit. You are so right about stuff.

L. D. Burgus said...

Hot bread from the machine sounds like a great thing to do tomorrow. We are so severely cold right now. The heat bill is going to destroy us. Take care and enjoy that wonderful looking bread.

Karen said...

Oh, I feel the same way. Our house is so small and there's just too much stuff. The hard part is whittling it down because of all the memories. And being married to a packrat has it's downsides too...but we're working on it. I was feeling downright panic-stricken before Christmas because I didn't have the energy to clean everything to the nth degree before company came, but well, it was what it was. Progress not perfection.

Thank you for the inspiration to simplify!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

That bread with the Parmesan and black pepper must smell divine. I have too much stuff too, but continue to shop. Sometimes I think I need my head examined.

Jillayne said...

I love how you call it homecaring! What a much better word for it than any other I have heard - like "Housework" - ick! I think you are smart about not going to garage sales or flea markets. To me they are just like a sale at the local store: it only is a deal if it's something you need anyway. Otherwise, it's just more stuff!

Gayle said...

My house is a disaster zone at all times and borders on uninhabitable filth. I just can't win the clean war so I think I've given up! :) I don't want stuff either. I don't even want the stuff with memories attached. None of my kids could care less about hearing the history and when I die they'll get rid of it all so I might as well do it now. Less is better.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I have a couple garbage sacks and a couple boxes of things I've decided to get rid of. One of them is VHS tapes. Some are from when we first went into Iraq, and the reporters were in such awe of what was going on. They said that no one was opposing us. I remember telling the TV they were just regrouping, and not to assume there wasn't going to be a fight. Anyway, I have been tempted to dig through and take some back out, but have resisted so far. I think I better get them out of the house soon.

I have been avoiding garage sales and such, too.

In my cleaning, I have to touch everything, and have my memories, then decide whether to keep it or not. It is hard. I figure that now that I can use my main room with clutter to do my workouts, I can slow down, and get rid of more as time and inclination allow.