Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My terrasoles

First of all, I do NOT work for this company. I never even heard of these shoes until yesterday when we found them at SAM's. I need wider shoes after going barefoot much of my life, plus I hate having my feet scrunched into uncomfortable, tight shoes. I needed new shoes besides sandals for working and going out in, and DH spied these at SAM's when we were there yesterday.

I hate to shop for clothes and shoes. When I first tried these on, I was in love with the style and the comfort of them. We bought the black ones yesterday. I came home and did research on them and read a lot of great reviews, and saw that I had gotten them for half price. So, DH said let's go back and get another pair in a different color and we did that this morning.

Shoes are not all made equal when it comes to size. I usually wear a 7-7 1/2, but had to get these in an 8.

Comfort ~ To make physically comfortable
Comfortable ~ comfortable applies to anything that encourages serenity, well-being, or complacency as well as physical ease

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Rebecca said...

These are LOVELY looking and if they are as comfortable as you say, I just may have to go out and get me a Sam's Club membership!

(I don't like shopping for shoes and clothes either - in fact, I'm not a shopper PERIOD!)

Rosey said...

They look cute AND comfortable. I need some of these. My feet are wide too.

E. Charlotte said...

They look adorable on your! My sister has two pairs of this company's shoes and just loves them! :)

Sandy said...

I've heard of Terrasoles for
a long while. They are a good
shoe, well made, usually costly
if I remember correctly. Yours
are darling. I like both,maybe
the brown a bit more. Enjoy and
wear them in health!

Karen said...

Oh, Flowerlady, those shoes look great! and the fact they are comfortable, too, makes them AWESOME! Your DH sounds just like mine, he's always saying when I find something that fits I should go and get another two or more because when I need new ones, there won't be any to buy. Congratulations on your new shoes!

lemonverbenalady said...

I loved these, but alas I have narrow feet and walk right out of these! Glad you can enjoy them!

Morning's Minion said...

I will be on the lookout for some of these to try on. I have narrow feet but now have thickened joints on both big toes [bunions?] which can be aggravated by some shoes.

Jeri Landers said...

Darn cute! Especially the brown ones!

gld said...

I like the shoes!

For me, Aerosoles are very comfortable and aren't terribly expensive.

We have a new Sam's but it is an hour across town. I have never been in one in my life...

Your husband was smart to insist you get the second pair. Usually when you go back, they are gone and you never see them again!

Enjoy them.

Susan said...

I like your new shoes...not only are they comfortable, but great looking, too. It's always nice to find shoes that actually are comfortable...and that's not as easy task.

Kit said...

Very very nice! Love the brown ones the best. Enjoy! Kit

Nina Suria said...

I love both of your shoes. It looks much much comfortable and very sweet. I got problem to find my size, too. Before mine was 8 but now my feet seems getting bigger *big sigh*

Nina Suria

the Goodwife said...

I'm so happy you found shoes that are cute and comfortable! I have a terrible time finding shoes to fit. I've got short really wide (4E) feet and almost always have to wear mens shoes. I discovered Blundstone boots several years ago (and blogged about them, I love them so) and that is pretty much what I wear every day! :)