Thursday, October 28, 2010

More than enough

Good evening Everyone ~ I've got the pictures uploaded,
now I'm going to go start dinner.
Be back in a while.

Ok, here I am, the beef, onion and spices are simmering, and when that is tender, I'll add plain yogurt, since I don't have any sour cream, and creamy horseradish, for 'beef in horseradish sauce'. This is a delicious way to fix beef.

Now, on with my post of 'more than enough'. What I am talking about is all of my garden areas. I'm not digging or planting anymore areas. I may set a few potted plants around, but that is it. I have all I can handle right now.

A while back, I thought, Oh, I'd love to have acreage so that I could plant to my hearts content. But, let's get real here, I'm not getting any younger, money doesn't grow on trees, and plants don't just automatically show up at your doorstep ready for you to plant. Not to mention having your well poop out on you, pumping sand instead of water. Now we pay for water.

Anyway, I went out a little while ago, to show my garden spots here on our 1/4 acre off a busy 4 lane highway. I didn't take pics from the sidewalk though of the front hedgerow, and the driveway garden beds, although I take care of them too. I was in a hurry, and wasn't quite dressed to go out on the street to take pictures.

For larger views click on the pictures.

This is the secret garden looking east, my shed is fast disappearing underneath, roses, flowering vines, hamelia patens and bougainvillea.

This is looking west. I realized after taking pictures that garden hoses are in several of them. I wasn't planning on doing a garden photo shoot.

This little area is actually at the back northwest corner of the main garden. There is a lattice roof with Phyllis Bide roses growing over it. I'm looking south, into this area. To the left which I'm purposely not showing, is a pile of rusting iron bits and pieces. Part of our stash.

I'm standing in the main garden looking east toward the front patio with a rock bordered bed in the foreground. The front path is to the right of that area. In this bed are big leaved begonias with white flowers, several different aloe plant, ferns, orchids, and a couple of roses, Maggie and Chrysler Imperial, not in bloom at the moment.

This is a bed around the Norfolk pine just opposite the rock bordered bed. All areas need work. :-)

This is looking back to the northwest garden area.

Main garden.

This is the path that leads to main garden. Gateway to street to the left. Different kinds of shrubs line both sides of this path, from flowering to non-flowering, with ferns, etc. ground level.

This is the start of that front path, from the entry patio. Off to the left front is the mailbox area, we can get our mail without having to go out on the street, since the mailbox has two doors.

This is front entry patio, looking west. Oops, I see weeds, etc. laying on the patio that I didn't clean up yet.

Driveway gate area, looking east. That blue and white vase won't stay there, I had moved it from the new area I just worked on this past weekend, and haven't found a new home for it yet.

This is part of the east patio area, looking south.

This is looking north, toward my shed's garden which has herbs, roses, vinca, ferns, and more. The Queen Crepe Myrtle is in the brick edged square bed.

This is my clothesline garden, potted roses, a potted bay tree,with moses in a basket, and mother of millions, etc.

Last but not least, the back shed garden area, which hides my potting area.

Now, tell me, doesn't that look like more than enough to handle?


A few garden aphorisms from Garden Digest.

Our eyes are bigger than our gardens,
and certainly bigger than our budgets.

A garden recreates itself daily;
we seldom step in the same garden thrice.

A garden speaks no language,
yet many gardeners still listen.

Learning how to garden is learning how to slow down.

Happy Gardening, Happy Living

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


KarenHarveyCox said...

What a magnificent garden, I would call this the garden of abundance for sure. Lovely photographs.

the Goodwife said...

Yes mam, that surely does look like plenty for two folks to handle! Over the past 14 years we've owned places from 38 acres, to 22 acres, down to the 5 we own now. I've got to tell you that for most intents and purposes with my husband working the hours he works, the 5 acres is by FAR the easiest to care for! Having more land was nice, especially when it came to riding my horse, but it is sure a lot of work! Your place is lovely!

Shirley said...

Your garden is incredible! I love it! I think that would be enough to keep me busy for a while and perhaps not long for more to do. Perhaps.

denimflyz said...

Looks like enough to me, FlowerLady. And you want something a little BIGGER* lol My grandmother would tell me my eyes were bigger than my tummy, when I wanted more, I think you have enough to take care of with your so very enchanting garden.
Take care and enjoy dinner, I just fixed Chicken breasts, mashed taters, chicken gravy and green beans and carrots.

Sunita said...

I'd love to wander round your garden someday, FlowerLady. What a lot of interesting plants. Lovely!

gld said...

This is a subject I have been thinking about very seriously. I had two months of some kind of arthritis condition. I couldn't lift my arms above my shoulders and then I couldn't use my left hand. I didn't work outside at all. I am still trying to catch up.

I too will be simplifying my gardening life and eliminating some beds with the mower!

I think you have more than enough to do. I believe when we start thinking we have too much to do, we do!! I support you fully.

I love your gardens, hoses, weeds and all. I would feel right at home there. Of course, I wouldn't know what any of the plants were, but the roses......


NanaK said...

Oh, I love that your shed is disappearing beneath roses, flowering vines and firebush. It is always a favorite view of your garden to me. I had to laugh about the hoses and weed pile in the picture. I do the same thing taking pictures and THEN seeing what others will see. It all looks beautiful and I agree, it is enough. You have created a sweet retreat.

Anonymous said...

Everything is so pretty, I really love how you have things arranged. Great pictures, as usual!

Floridagirl said...

It all looks so wonderful and private. So cool that you can get your mail without walking in the street. My front garden is still so horribly exposed to the world. Know what you mean about eyes being bigger than our gardens and budgets. I have longed my entire life for an expanse of land. We have a measly half acre, shrunk to a much tinier size by a large house, oversized garage, and huge pool area. I want a bigger garden, but we too struggle to maintain this little piece of land.

Heehee...My word verification here is "sheds"--how apropros!

sweetbay said...

Indeed it does! It looks like you have your own private Garden of Eden there.

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...I, too, sometimes wonder why I'm creating more flowerbeds. You have maximized your backyard space...I always love backyards without any grass. Mine is just too large to do that. Your garden is looking great and I love the found objects hanging on your shed.

p.s. If you ever find a tree that grows money, please let me know so I can purchase one, too. :-) Have a great weekend!


Looks like a piece of heaven! I love the yellow flower in the top photo! Beautiful! Praise to the God who made each flower by His Hand!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie

Balisha said...

I think that all of us have so many ideas and plans and one day find out that we just can't keep up the pace. I've often said that when it is my "time" I hope I'm in the garden.It looks like you are taking good care of your little part of the world. Balisha

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful garden, it appears rather large. You have so many plants that I only wish to grow here up North. My Norfolk Island Pine lives indoors and summers outside. Time to bring it in for the winter though.