Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

I sure hope you all are having wonderful weather and a great day wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

We had a really heavy rain in the wee hours of the morning, more is expected this afternoon and the next few afternoons as that is our usual summer weather. The rain was great and I am thankful for it.

I took some pictures this morning after having coffee. Click on them for larger view.

This is at the back of my main garden on the west side.
That is a cane of Phyllis Bide hanging down over the Lady.

The next two pictures are of Phyllis again from different angles.

Here is another cane of Phyllis that I looped over the iron torch holder.

This sweet little rose is La Marne.

Here is the Lady again with Phyllis Bide overhead,
and the picture below this one
shows a close up of her wonderful, colorful patina.

Here we have the delightful Dwarf White Orchid tree,
Bauhinia acuminata.
Grown from seed.
She has so many blooms this year.
I'm thrilled. Her scent is delicate.

Bridal Wreath vine blooms are taking their sweet time in opening.
It's hard to be patient, but that's what we sometimes have to be.


Colour is a lovely thing.
Given to soothe our sight,
Blue for sky, green for grass,
And brown for roads where we folks pass;
Golden sun that shines o'er head,
Silver for moon, for sunset red,
Soft cool black for night!

Author Unknown
Taken from the
'Book of 1,000 Poems'

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

such beautiful blooms from your rose - I like to see the smaller type roses in their clusters on the stems. They are usually the first roses to flower around my neighbours gardens and they bloom profusly. Its very nice to see your lady adorned with the rose behind her. Sculpture in the garden is so interesting to look at as well and even the patina too and all the little lichen and mosses that she hosts. It must be a favourite patch of the garden for you.

As for the bridal wreath vine - I'd never heard of it before - it must be so satifying to know that you grew that from a tiny seed.

Meems said...

Good afternoon, Flower Lady,
Speaking of flowers you have some lovely roses in your garden today. The "lady" is lovely with all her graceful aged patina showing up so nicely to enhance the garden. Enjoy your weekend, too. So thankful for freedom and the lives given to get it and to keep it.
Happy Sunday,

Antique ART Garden said...

I love your vignette of your statue and your beautiful roses. I always enjoy your posts, thanks ! Gina

NellJean said...

Autumn Belle had a Bridal Wreath Vine in her last post that I read. It was some kind of Clerodendron. Is yours the same?

I love patina. Every piece of concrete here gets a buttermilk bath and some clay rubbed on until it starts to age.

Kimberly said...

Absolutely lovely, FL! Your roses are fantastic, but I really love the bridal bouquet. Great photo!

Nina Suria said...

Dear Flower Lady, you make my heart stop.. such a fabolous morning I could say

I wish my back yard will turn to be like yours

pretty pretty pretty

sweet bay said...

Phyllis Bide is so lovely!

NanaK said...

All your blooms are lovely, of course. But the little vignette of your old world lady and Phyllis Bide is a perfect look. Just how "dwarf" is that orchid tree?

Bridal Wreath is keeping us on the edge of our seats isn't she?

Floridagirl said...

So many beautiful flowers! Your roses are lovely, as usual, as is the regal Lady. And I love your Bridal Wreath and White Orchid Tree. Stunning white flowers! My mom has the white orchid tree in her garden. I grew one from seed for my garden, carefully training it as a tree. But it was cut back by freeze and came back from the roots as a crazy, thick bush. I had to remove it as I needed a tree there and not a bush.

gld said...

Glad you are getting the nice rains.

I enjoyed yesterday's pictures and the Lady is looking lovely as usual.

I know you must be impatient for the Bridal Wreath to burst into full bloom; I know I am too.

Ami said...

Flowerlady: You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden. Love that Phyllis Bide Rose! I just checked on the internet, it says the hardness zone is 3 to 9, but it look so healthy and happy in your zone 10 garden. You really have magic hands to grow all those roses.

Love that white orchid tree as well! White is always a pretty color in the garden.

Jeri Landers said...

I am in love with the elegant statue, what a Greek goddess she is! She would look real nice alongside my headless Venus....
Oh, and the flowers aren't to shabby either!

Lyn said...

Your garden looks so peaceful, FlowerLady. Also, one of your instrumental songs made me cry, but I often cry with instrumental music, don't know why - I guess it's cathartic.