Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer is here

Where is the time going these days? Here it is Wednesday already and my last post in this blog was over a week ago.

Summer is here, as it is hot and humid already and hurricane season will start June first. The predictions do not sound great, but I don't want to live in fear of 'what if' just because of the 'hype' that the news media put out. We've both lived here since we were kids, DH might have gone through one when he was young, I don't remember any, and since we've been married, almost 41 years, we've had David, Francis, Jeanne and Wilma, the last three being bad, Wilma the worst of those three. Fear is the mind killer, may I live in peace not in fear.

Confederate Jasmine is about to reach it's peak and I sure have enjoyed their scent. Grand Duke Jasmine is full of fat buds and some have opened fully and their scent is wonderful too, one of my very favorites. I stuck some cuttings from this plant into pots and they are all budding too.

I have an avocado seed/pit that has sprouted and it about 3" tall, little seedlings of plum tomatoes and basil are up too. This morning I picked some blanket flower seed heads before I turned the sprinkler on. Last week I weeded my shed's garden and planted rooted begonias, French tarragon, and scented geraniums. It is really nice to get plants for free from your own garden.

Here are some pics of what is blooming around here.

The next couple of pictures are
Golden Sun. A small little rose in bloom size,
but cheery looking. Not much scent either. :-(

Here are the first blooms on my Dessert Cassia
grown from seed last year.

The next two pictures are of our Walking Iris.
I just love this plant,especially the ease in which it makes new plants.

Red hibiscus.

Orange hibiscus.

This is a great plant that spreads itself easily also.
It is called Firecracker plant.

Below is White Dwarf Orchid tree.
We have two of these grown from seed last year.
This is the larger tree, about 3' tall.

The last two photos are of Cocktail, a sweet little scented rose.

That's it for now. It's about time for lunch, the bread machine made a nice loaf of coconut milk bread while we were working outside this morning. It smells yummy in here.

Enjoy each and every day, the best you can.
May you feel love and peace surrounding you.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Ami said...

You are right, we can not live in the fear. I do wish this year will not be a mild hurricane season though... You have lots of beautiful blooms in your garden right now. Especially love the yellow walking iris and the cocktail rose. Is the cocktail rose some kind of knockout rose?

That coconut milk bread sounds real yummy, now I need to go to get my lunch :)

Becca's Dirt said...

Cocktail is certainly a fiery little rose. Beautiful. The Golden Sun is awesome too.

How is the etsy shop going?

What time will the bread be ready? I'll be right there and I need some cream cheese please.

Susan said...

More beautiful flowers...your garden is full of them. Yes, summer has arrived but I noticed the humidity has been a little lighter this week. I've never heard of the Grand Duke Jasmine. Is the flower larger?

You're right about not fearing the upcoming hurricane season. Many times the media has made it sound intimidating, only to have uneventful season. Let's hope this year will be as quiet as last. Enjoy your flowers!

NanaK said...

You have a lot of cheery blooms in your garden. Cocktail is beautiful and scented is a plus! I always love seeing your flowers.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Wow, isn't your Cocktail rose a stunner. I have never saw one before. I am in love with your red Hibiscus also.Beautiful. It is a much brighter red than my Lord Baltimore. It is hard to believe you are into so much hot weather already. Ours has been so fickle this spring so far.

ldybug said...

oh, I want that jasmine to last all year! Mine has just passed its peak.