Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A new day

Good morning Folks ~ Here it is another middle of the work week day, Wednesday. I hope you all have a good day today whatever you do, wherever you are.

I hate to even say what I might do today as plans can be changed at the blink of an eye, any given day. I 'was' going to do laundry yesterday, and realized I didn't have any detergent, so I came back inside, got out my supplies and went to work. The Zote soap smells so good. Grating it is tiring work, but now I have enough to keep me going for awhile. I didn't get to do laundry, because we had a few sprinkles, and later a good ole' downpour. Hurray, we needed that. There's a chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon, so I better get out early so I can hang up the wash and hope it dries before the storm comes.

After making up the laundry detergent, I filled 200 caps with powdered dandelion root. I 'hope' to do up another 200 today. That is tedious, but so rewarding, as herbs are great for our health and well-being.

Here is a picture of those two projects.

Here is Kathleen, one of my favorite single roses. Her scent is wonderful too. I really need to see if I can get cuttings of her to root, I've tried a couple of times and had no luck so far.

Here is my next bird for embroidering. I've still go to put the drawing to the material, and get started, but I am intimidated with each new work. Maybe I'll get started with that today, we'll see. I also want to 'maybe' do one of the rose above, time will tell. :-)

Last night I started a new blog, can you believe it. What is my problem? Anyway, this one is called FlowerLady's Favorites, and will be a music blog.

Thanks again for visiting and all of your comments.

Do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are.
Theodore Roosevelt

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Antique ART Garden said...

I just love your posts ! Good luck with your new music blog, I forgot to tell you that once when I turned to your blog, I was reading...and heard this noise coming from my computer...could not figure it out, thought something was wrong, was looking all around...and then realized you had some type of slow dripping rain sound on. I thought my computer was going to konk out ! Funny ! take care, Gina

sweet bay said...

I need to get some of the Zote soap.

The new little bird drawing is so cute!

Lovely picture of Kathleen. She was the first rose I noticed suffering from RRD.

NanaK said...

You are one busy lady. I bet your laundry smells wonderful after being air dried.

Kathleen is a very pretty rose. I'm starting to appreciate the single roses much more. If there is scent so much the better!

Sandra said...

Hello! Wow, you are amazing, you know that?! I had never heard of making your detergent. Too many times we are all in a rush rush and when we (ok, I) sit down and enjoy each and every blog, I truly learn new things. Ms Flowerlady, thank you for sharing with us about Zote soap, I'm gonna look for it.
Have a wonderful day! Love your music!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Loved this and your ideas-and loved the Teddy Roosevelt wisdom.

Thanks for sharing. I need Zote soap!



Nina Suria said...

Hello Flower Lady.
Ur new bird looks so cute. Could I copy?

And thanks for sharing the potatoe bread recipe :)


Rebecca said...

I know about the Zote soap (I grate Fels Naptha since I can find that more easily). But I'm terribly curious about the dandelion caps! How, what, why?

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Sometimes I leave your blog open in the background just for the music. It's wonderful.

The gardenias are going to the PO in a few minutes. I didn't have any boxes yesterday, so I had to stop by and pick them up on the way to work. By the time I finished, it was too late to take them by. Let me know when you receive them. I can't wait to see when they bloom in your climate. I'm betting March.

FlowerLady said...

Hi Everyone ~ Hope you all are having a great day. Thanks for stopping in and leaving your kind comments.

Gina ~ Glad it was just my raindrop selection of music and not your computer malfunctioning. :-)

SweetBay ~ If you have any Hispanic Grocery stores near you, or a Big Lots, you should be able to find Zote soap. I've gotten it at Big Lots and also at a new Spanish/Mexican grocery that just opened. It's around $1.25 for a 14 oz. bar. I love the smell of the pink. ~ I'm sorry your Kathleen got RRD. Did you lose her or any others?

NanaK ~ I do love the smell of air dried laundry. Just brought this mornings load in. Rain clouds do seem to be gathering. I love roses more if they have a scent too.

Sandra ~ I think you should be able to find it where you live. I found the recipe on line a few years ago and have been making it now for a couple of years. Glad you like the music.

Sharon ~ I think you could find Zote in CA. I read this morning where you are on the road heading to your sweet place up north. Enjoy the journey and have a wonderful summer. I can picture watercolors of your porch there.

Nina ~ Yes you may copy the bird. Glad you liked the bread recipe.

Rebecca ~ I'll have to do a post on dandelion and other herbs we take. I don't think I've done any yet. I've seen the Fels Naptha, but haven't tried it yet.

Tom ~ I think it is so neat that you and others leave my blog open so you can listen to the music. ~ I will let you know when the gardenias get here and I hope they thrive for me. Like I said their scent is one of my earliest memories of FL. Thank you again for sharing with me. I really appreciate it.


Lyn said...

FlowerLady, you are one busy and productive lady. I love to read about the things you are doing.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Sounds like you kept yourself busy today. I've never heard of Zote soap. I wish it would be dry enough to hang laundry out here, but our clothes would be forever damp most of the year if I did.
The bird is cute and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Linda said...

I grated my soap in the food processor. It did leave my processor kind of white. I've washed it a couple of times. I made something in it today and it didn't taste soapy. I really like my homemade products so far. Linda

Sandra said...

I have yet to make my own laundry detergent but I really want to.

Love your pictures as always :)