Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seven days before Spring

Hope you all have a lovely day. It is gorgeous here.
I have to get ready to leave for work, so will edit later with explanations of flowers.

Later ~ This first little flower is a weed, that I just love seeing when it comes up and blooms every spring. I'll have to take a picture of the whole plant to get an id.

This is a Vanda terete,
Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim orchid
that just grows like crazy outside.

These little orchids are reed-stemmed Epidendrums.

Spicy Jatropha.

Spanish Needles ~ a native that DH hates. You can't get rid of them and the Ruddy Daggerwings love them. The little needles stick to your clothes or fur if you're an animal and drop off. These things grow too easy.

This is Popcorn Cassia. The blooms should be opening in a day or so. When your brush against the foliage, it smells just like fresh popped popcorn.


Perennial morning glories.

Unknown hibiscus.

Golden dewdrop and friend.

The next two pictures are of Cape Honeysuckle.

The first a soft apricot color and the second a bright orange.

Dahlberg Daisies ~ These just come up every spring between the cracks of the sidewalk in this area. I need to collect some seeds.

This is Bon Silene.

A begonia that has huge ruffled leaves, I don't know what kind.

Thanks to Nell, I know that this is George Tabor azalea.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


sweet bay said...

Beautiful! I love those orchids. Wonderful shot of the begonia. The clear light we have this time of year is just wonderful isn't it?

NellJean said...

That last blossom looks like 'George Tabor' azalea. I can hardly wait until mine bloom. Some work we did affected some plants and I am going to try to make George a tree-form.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

What a beautiful array of blooms. So nice to have flowers blooming almost year around. The Hibiscus is such a beauty.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sandra said...

What beautiful pictures! I wish I could grow flowers like that.

Kiki said...

Wonderfully inspiring post..such beauty and light in all your flowers!

aims said...

I've been wondering where you live to be able to have such a glorious garden at this time of the year.

I am sitting here listening to your wonderful selection of music and watching it snow outside.

I think there is a clue at the bottom of each of your posts but I'm not sure.

FlowerLady said...

Hi Everyone ~ Wonderful day here today.

SweetBay ~ Yes the lighting is so nice at this time of year. Before long the sun will be directly over head and blasting us. Too much for plants, animals and humans. I love the begonias before they open.

Nell ~ Thanks for the name of that azalea, I will try to remember that. I only have the one kind so it should be too hard. :-) Making yours into a tree form would be lovely.

Lona ~ Yes it is nice to be able to grow plants year round. It's just that sometimes I wish my gardens would take a break like all of yours do. But alas, that's the way it is down here.

Sandra ~ I'm sure you could grow some beauties, just check out your neighborhood to see what others are growing and go for it.

Kiki ~ Thanks. The sun was shining this morning, so different that yesterday. From rain kissed to sun kissed.

Aims ~ S.E. Fla is where we are. 365 days of gardening is possible, we just try to stay indoors during the hot and miserable summer months.

Thanks again everyone for visiting and your kind comments.


Jenny wren's nest said...

Your blog is like my favorite dream come true, if only it would stop raining and warm up, I could do aomething outside.

lemonverbenalady said...

Beautiful flowers as always Flower Lady. Your first weed flower is either English daisy or oxeye daisy, I think. I would like to see the entire plant though. The petals are edible. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sandra said...

So gorgeous, I never tire of your beautiful flowers :)

I actually picked up some Spanish Lavender and some Jasmine plants today, I hope I can keep them alive LOL

azplantlady said...

Oh to be able to grow orchids outdoors....I do have two beautiful ones by my kitchen window though ;^)

Floridagirl said...

Wonderful blooms! You are so lucky to be in Zone 10! My jatrophas are fried, and I'm waiting for their return from the roots. My plumerias never bloom in winters like these, thanks to tip damage. They should live though.

RE: The spiderwort in your banner: I just intentionally planted some in my garden. Do you think it was a mistake? Will I regret it? Will it jump into my neighbors' lawns so that they hate me? I really loved seeing it on my son's property, and it seemed so tough. -Desperate for Advice.

Kimberly said...

Ohhhh! The apricot bloom is gorgeous! I love it! And your plumeria is blooming already?!?!?! NICE! I think the hibiscus is a Presidential, but don't quote me on it. I have the same one. And I love the little "weeds"...your little daisy weed is sweet. I used to pick them when I was little.