Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunlight and blossoms

Good morning Friends ~ Here it is another day. It is a bit chilly out but it is invigorating. There are rain drops on everything from yesterday, and it feels great to be alive. I have much to be thankful for.

Walking outside first thing in the mornings gives me a sense of hope of good things. Being in my gardens brings me peace, and I am thankful to the Great Creator for my blessings big and small. Each day is new for learning, growing, and loving. The past is behind us and today is one for living fully in each moment we are blessed with.

The plant kingdom is not concerned with each day's happenings, they just grow, bloom, taking in all that comes their way. When their time is past, they have given joy, beauty, food, scents, and health and well being to all that partake.

Yesterday I went out as the sun was starting to come up over the trees. I just love the way the sunlight interacts with everything, shining on or through. Or with some things in shadow there is just a contrast of being in shade rather than sunlight.

Do click on the pictures for larger view.

Below is Golden Dewdrop, called this because of the golden colored seed pods that develop once the flowers have fallen.

These next few pictures are of Don Juan.
He is growing up and over the arbor into my main garden.

Next is Cocktail.
She is in a huge pot back by my clothesline
and her bright beauty and her sweet scent is a delight.

This is a bromeliad blossom.

May you have sunlight in your soul today,

whether you have it physically or not.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


L. D. Burgus said...

I went out to feed my birds at 5 degrees but we are promised 35 degrees. That will warm my soul too. Your flowers are just beautiful. Have a great day.

Balisha said...

I am always attracted to simple roses. That Cocktail is so pretty.Have a wonderful day...Balisha

sweet bay said...

Such beautiful flowers! Don Juan looks like perfection, especially with the waterdrops. I love Cocktail too -- single, fragrant roses are among my favorites, and the colors are outstanding. The soft violet color of the Golden Dewdrop is heavenly.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Is Don Juan scented? We get lots of them in the store each summer and I'm tempted to buy one. I'm more partial to scented roses than unscented.

Enjoy the weather. It's still cloudy and 34 degrees here. I can feel the sun is trying, but there's a lot to burn off.

CIELO said...

How lovely... your pictures give me hope.. hope of new life among so much white, in this part of my world... thank YOU! Yes, spring will arrive here too some day.... ;)


Bren said...

Your images are on FIRE!
I moved my blog - I hope you will come visit me at my new location.

gld said...

You have such a positive attitude. May you live forever!

My son and I were just discussing his grandmother/my MIL who is 92. I describe her as being in denial about her son who has terminal cancer. My son said no, she is just positive; that is why she has lived healthy so long. Maybe he is right.

That should be my goal for 2010; Be Positive! I will visit your Blog for reinforcement.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Oh, how beautiful. Sunshine and water drops are so pretty and only enhance an already beautiful rose.

Becca's Dirt said...

It is so good to see your beauties blooming there. Your Don Juan is awesome.

Happy gardening.

LeSan said...

LOL It must be mild weather for you. I laugh because I know just how much weather can influence my own mood. It makes me so happy to know that you are enjoying your Florida winter spring. Your garden is so lovely and all the blooms are fabulous. What a wonderful time it must be there right now. The heat and heavy humidity gone for the time and your flowers all showing their lovely faces for you. Gld said "may you live forever" I know that you will.

FlowerLady said...

I sure do love your comments. Thanks for stopping to read and post your thoughts.

L.D. ~ I can't imagine 5 degree weather. I just wouldn't be able to stand it. I'm sure the birds appreciated your gift of seeds. Hope you got the warmer temp as the day progressed.

Balisha ~ I love the simple roses also. They look happy. I have three of them, I think.

SweetBay ~ I loved the raindrops on Don Juan too. We had had rain the night before and everything had raindrops sitting here and there or hanging from them. Yes the color of the Golden Dewdrop is heavenly, and the flowers smell like licorice to me.

Tom ~ Yes, Don Juan is scented. I had to go pick it to be sure as it was about 8' high. Inside I can really smell the scent. I'm really partial to scented roses too. The day has been beautiful so I'm enjoying it while we have it. Summer's heat and humidity will start before too much longer.

Cielo ~ Yes you will be out in your beautiful rose filled gardens once again. For now though you live in your indoor lovely enchanted world. Your snow scenes are wonderful.

Bren ~ How do I follow your new blog? I've got your older blog, but this new one is different in the set up.

Gld ~ I am a positive person by nature, but I do have my down days.
Thank you for the live forever blessing.

Hocking Hills Gardener ~ Glad you liked. I want to say I love your header, beautiful photography of your roses.

Becca's Dirt ~ Yes he is awesome, one of my favorites.

LeSan ~ It certainly is mild weather, truly gorgeous, we wish it was this way all year long. Having beautiful weather sure puts one in a different frame of mind. The heat and humidity are miserable and we do NOT look forward to that which will be here before we know it. Thank you for being the dear friend that you are.

Hang in there everybody, spring will be there where you are before long.