Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blotanical is on Sabbatical

Now we know what is happening with Blotanical and we are all looking forward to it's return. Bless Stuart's heart for taking care of the new improvements for Blotanical so that we all can visit and enjoy the community even more. It's a big undertaking, what Stuart is doing, and I know we all hope everything goes smoothly for him.

Until then we are all visiting around and enjoying seeing what's happening in blogland. There are lots of wonderful gardens and gardeners out there. There are lots of wonderful people out there who don't garden but cook, bake, craft, raise families, work, read, listen to music, etc. We all are sharing bits and pieces of our lives.

We, DH and I, are busy here working on projects, like fence repair, screened room, I tore down a falling down arched arbor, a new one is in the thought process, tree stumps dug up, all sorts of stuff that wears us out, but gives us joy at the same time.

Below are some pictures of bloomers in our cottage gardens. It's going to be a gorgeous day and I'm going to be at work, of course. The past few days have been cold here, cold to us anyway. Today it's supposed to be up in the mid 70's.

Have a great weekend.

Remember to click on pictures for larger view.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Floridagirl said...

I so love your old roses!!!! Beautiful! Cottage garden in Florida...gotta love it! I'm very much looking forward to this weekend's weather. Headed over to work on my son's property today. Have a great weekend!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Just look at those gorgeous roses. I am so jealous now. LOL! No it is wonderful to enjoy your roses since mine are still sleeping. You have some huge vines too. The reddish orange one is just an eye opener. I love the soft pink one with its petals. So pretty. Enjoy your warm temps.

Kit said...

So lovely! You have me feeling hopeful that spring is just around the corner. Guess what? The lilies that grow along my neighbors house (east side) are up and growing! I can't believe it! Have a great weekend!

Sandra said...

Gorgeous flowers, as always :)

I hope you have a great weekend, we have rain here today but the temps are in the higher 70's, so it feels good :)

I'm just going to putter around the house, craft, watch some movies and read. :)

Tracy said...

Your flowers are gorgeous!

Noelle said...

Your climbing roses are so beautiful. I hope you are enjoying your nice weekend. By the way...Blotanical is up and running as of this morning :^)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your roses are just gorgeous! Even though the garden projects can be physically tiring, they are so rewarding when they are finished. Sounds like you have perfect weather there. Enjoy! :)

Cameron said...

Lovely photos of your garden and roses.

Stuart makes heroic efforts for the Blotanical system. I just hope he makes some income from his ads because the programming that it takes to design, code and support that system would be a full-time job.


Susan said...

Your roses are beautiful, and so perfect for your charming cottage.

LeSan said...

I know we are all rooting for Stuart. It is a big undertaking and he did such a fantastic job before I'm sure this effort will be wonderful.

If our weather up here in the damp Northwest keeps up with this early spring I'll be competing with your lovely roses pretty soon. At this rate I may even have tulips to show with them. LOL

Have a wonderful day/weekend my friend!

trish said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!!
:o) Tricia

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Good morning! I got up early, went downstairs to start cleaning out my pantry, then realized I needed some boxes. So, I made a call to the grocery store, and was able to go in for a bunch of produce boxes. Of course, I had to get some groceries while there. Now, I'm finished eating breakfast and need to drag myself back downstairs. Maybe it's good it's not warm here. We are excited to have highs above freezing the last few days. I hope the snow melts.

Your roses are so pretty, and with your words, are a nice way to start the day. I hope your weekend is fun and productive.