Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have a Wonderful 2010

Hello Blogger Friends,

I hope you've been enjoying this last week of 2009. May you not have many regrets from this year, may you look forward to the new year with expectation of good things. Each day is a gift, may we all find the gems in each one, so that we may live life more fully and meaningfully.

I am thankful for all I have learned this year from you all, whether it be about gardening, designing our inside or outside spaces, cooking, homecaring, crafting, computer or blogging tips, or thoughts about living life to the fullest regardless of the economy. Blogging has opened up a whole new world and I enjoy it immensely.

I wish you all a wonderful, healthy, love and peace filled 2010.

Now, here are some pictures taken on the 28th and today, so these are current. We had perfectly gorgeous weather here today. It's the kind of weather we wait for during our long hot and humid summers. I will do my best to post pictures here to keep you all from having cabin fever. Hopefully they will tide you over until you can get out to play in your own gardens. Click on pictures for a larger view.

A zebra butterfly on salmon colored Porterweed.

Prosperity roses with a beautiful blue sky
and lovely white clouds for a backdrop.

Blue sky and puffy clouds behind Louis Philippe roses.

Here are two different bougainvilleas
growing into our space from one of our neighbors.
They are beautiful.


Double yellow datura grown from seeds
from Nell the seed scatterer. Thanks Nell.

Thunbergia shrub.

Morning glories.

Louis Phillipe roses.

Caldwell's Pink roses.

Thanks again for a wonderful year of blogging
from Plum Cottage.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Mrs. Mac said...

Aaah, your landscape is beautiful with the color of nature. Mine is white, asleep, making me wonder what God is doing beneath the mantle of snow ... composting the flora and fauna in His perfect way:) I can't complain ... we've had only a dusting compared with the last two winters of record breaking snow showers. Enjoy your sunshine ... how about bottling up some and shipping it to the North Woods ;)

azplantlady said...

Hello FlowerLady,

Your beautiful pictures show why so many people love Florida. I have not had the pleasure of visiting yet....But, I would love to soon. I wish you and your husband a very Happy New Year.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Please do keep posting these pretty pictures! Our yard is pretty sparse looking now and seeing flowers blooming currently is a mood lifter.
Happy and healthy new year to you too!

Tracy said...

Love seeing photos from your garden. So pretty! :)

sweet bay said...

Wonderful pictures! They look like summer, without the heat.

Nell Jean said...

Happy New Year, Flower Lady and Mr. Flower, too.ingshe

Sandra said...

You just have the most gorgeous flowers, so pretty :)

Have a wonderful 2010!

Christine B. said...

Too bad computers can't deliver the smell of the flowers we are seeing and reading about. Those roses look divine!

Christine in Alaska

Autumn Belle said...

Your garden looks so bright, cheerful and beautiful. Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year 2010!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

The photos of the lovely blooms sure do brighten our winter mornings!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be filled with love, peace, joy and flowers.


gld said...

Yes, please do keep posting the pictures of your beautiful flowers.
All we now have is dead, droopy partially snow-covered things. Only the nandina is still looking very pretty with the red berries.

Darcie said...


Little did I know that you had more than one blog. I got onto the one I follow to thank you for your comments this past week. You may not know it, but your comments always lift my spirits. I see so much wisdom in those that have walked before me and treasure your thoughts.

I can't tell you too how many times I have gotten onto your quote blog to just listen to your relaxes me so much.

Have a very beautiful New Year Flowerlady!

Amy said...

Very pretty post! I love your Datura. Hope you have a wonderful new year!

LeSan said...

Your friendship has been like a bright star in my world. It has made 2009 a more wonderful and hope filled place to live. I am glad we met along the road and look forward to continuing our journey together.
Happy New Year!

lemonverbenalady said...

Beautiful flowers and that butterfly! I was so excited when we visited to see them all around. We only have them at our Phipps Conservatory here. Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful 2010 dear friend!

Rambling Tart said...

Your pictures made my heart so happy today. :-) Thank you for your encouragement - it means a great deal to me. :-)

FlowerLady said...

Good morning everyone. I want to thank all of you for your kinds words and thoughts for DH and I for the new year. I'm glad my little blog of pictures, etc. brightens your days, especially during the winter weather so many of you are going through.

Thanks again for visiting and all of your comments. My heart is touched.


Gayle said...

The flowers around your home are amazing. I only wish I had an ounce of your growing talent and knowledge. Amazing stuff. Happy New Year!

Kudzu said...

gorgeous blooms!

Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Rainey! Your blog is a breath of fresh air as all we are looking at is snow. Which is so pretty, but too cold to enjoy! The music is lovely too!


YayaOrchid said...

You have an absolutely beautiful garden.....what an absolute blessing to enjoy all those blooms! And I thought Florida was as hot as south Texas, but I do believe you'll enjoy more temperate weather.

tina said...

And a very happy new year to you too! Life is indeed a gift and it is so terrific to live it. Your flowers are simply stunning. That double yellow-WOW!

Joanne said...

Happy New Year to you too and how lovely to see the summery photos something to look forward to from a snowy day here in Surrey. UK

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Ashley, my daughter and I went looking at apartments for her the Monday after Christmas, and since then, I've been spending lots of time helping her move and clean out her old place. Last Sunday, we finally got the rest of her things out, and tomorrow, will do the little bit of cleaning left to do, and will leave the keys for the landlord. I am hoping he returns the deposit money. It's ours. The previous landlord had purchased the building while she lived there, and even though we left the apartment in better condition than when she moved in, he tried to keep all the money. After getting a phone number that turned out to be his mother, he ended up giving her less than half of the money.

Anyway, I haven't been blogging as much as usual. I enjoyed looking at all your photos. What a fun way to start the new year. May God bless your 2010!