Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another little beaded embroidery project

Good afternoon. Hope you all have had a restful day today after a busy week this past week.

I just finished another little project and I can see where I might get addicted to this. :-) I was inspired by a great book I checked out at the library. The book is 'Beaded Dimensional Embroidery' by Helan Pearce. Her work is lovely and inspiring.

The first picture is my little work space in our library/office.

My computer is to the left. Books surround me on two walls, and I have a nice view out the window onto the patio garden.

Click on pictures for larger view.

Finished needlework, now I have to figure out what to do with it. I do want to sell this in my Etsy shop. The shop isn't open yet, but I hope to do so, the beginning of 2010. I'm such a procrastinator.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Gayle said...

I love this! You learned this from a book??? Can't wait to see what else you create!

Kanak7 said...

That's so pretty!! Your patience is admirable!!

All the best for 2010....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Kiki said...

Truly beautiful...I love your work..very talenetd! Gorgeous!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

It is just beautiful! It looks like it can be very fun to do and would become habit forming ;-)
Happy New Year.

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful work. I love it.

sweet bay said...

That is lovely!

gld said...

I love when you post pictures of your office. I think I have told you before what a perfectly charming spot it is.

The beaded embroidery is beautiful. Something I have never seen before.

You crafty people are making me feel totally inadequate.

Nell Jean said...

Pretty, pretty. Embroidery takes patience; I never get started.

You asked about the Blog List. Go into the Layout, Edit blog list.

Uncheck Icon and check Thumbnail.

LeSan said...

This is a marvelous piece! It must have been so much fun to create. I love it. Your color choices really sing. It's beautiful. :-)

FlowerLady said...

Good morning folks. Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.

Gayle ~ I got this particular pattern from a book and now am working on another piece that I used a iron on transfer for. These particular patterns are old and I happened to come across them when trying to get all this stuff together. I LOVE doing this, even with the occasional pin prick, teeny tiny beads, and a bent back. Each piece takes many hours to complete, so I just work on it a couple or three hours at a time.

Kanak ~ Patience while doing this and I need to get up and do some home caring, like folding and putting away clean laundry, more dusting and vacuuming, etc. :-)

Kiki ~ Thanks. It is fun.

Hocking Hills Gardener ~ It definitely is addicting. I started working on my latest piece before I even got coffee going this morning, while my computer was cranking up for the day.

Becca and Sweet Bay ~ Thank you.

Glenda ~ I love my little tiny work space. It's a good thing I work on small projects for the most part. I crochet on afghans in the living room. ~ Dear Heart you are not totally inadequate. Look at all the wonderful things you can do around that lovely farm of yours. Your posts always inspire me. We all have different gifts/talents.

Nell ~ It does take patience. Yesterday I sat here working on my latest piece while listening to the music from my blog. Thanks for the tip about my sidebar. Now I just need to update the blogs as some have left the blog world.

LeSan ~ thank you. Coming from an artist of many mediums I'm touched. I can only imagine how many hours you must have put into that dress you beaded.

Thanks again everyone. Your words encourage me to keep on working with thread.